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The only organized part of the studio. (Like a tornado hit in here.. 😳🤦‍♀️)


Pan con tomate for breakfast, but couldn’t rub the tomatoes, cause too pretty sliced. • (On Friday, 4 days ago, I posted the first 4 tomatoes harvested from our garden. I’m sure Scott got some over the weekend (I was away for work) and then yesterday I harvested 16 more, and today 10 more. We are in tomatoes. And cucumbers. Already chock full of cukes too. And it’s just getting started. ✨)


The summer veggie garden is starting to produce. A slow trickle now, but abundance is coming.


In LA on set with one of my favorite clients but secrets! So many shoots lately that I can’t share. at Line 204


So here’s a fun story: These two plants on the left are 7” cuttings of a massive fig tree in my great uncle’s backyard that I wrapped in wet paper towels and brought back from the east coast two months ago. That fig tree came to Massachusetts via boat, from Portugal, in the hands of one of my great grandparents, somewhere around the 1920s. About a hundred years later, I’ve been deligently watering these little sticks with tiny wisps of adventitious roots. And they are sprouting (the one in the middle just starting, up from under the soil). And they will become trees someday. And it makes me feel all the feels.


Catching up on home life today.


Rearranged this @floyddetroit table and these @orishibori pillows into the living room and feeling this set up. Anyone else shuffle new things around to a bunch of different spaces to try them out? Always changing things little by little over here.


I lunch it like that.


Some things I made with some things others have made. Avocado dyed napkins and hand dipped beeswax tapers. Playing around on days between shoots.


Turned on the oven this morning to make this left over grilled veg tart and now gonna eat this all week and never turn on indoor heating elements ever again. #feelslike100


Waking up to birthday treasures. 💗 (And left over cake and a perfectly ripe melon.)


Pre birthday-get together-grill-hangs table sitch.


Morning vibes.


Finally made it over the The Line’s LA location and yes please wow gorgeous. Inspiration. at The Apartment by The Line - Los Angeles


Having a leisurely Sunday morning. (But need to motivate and get over to the studio soon.) #workingontheweekend


My smattering of stuffs.


Packing up props and headed on a road trip with @sunsetmag. Oregon coast here I come.


There’s an interview with me over on the @LisbonByLight blog today where I ramble on about heritage, living abroad, and some favorite Lisbon spots. And hi! This is me on a train from Lisbon to Cascais, snapped by @scott__rounds. Link in profile! (Scroll down for English.)

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