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New York Institute of Photography CL:2015 @nikoneurope Contest Winner Multi awarded Pro Photographer International Wedding & Portrait Photographer Similar users See full size profile picture

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Yes, it might be too much for some one. But my brides didn’t hire me for the “normal”. They waiting something unique and that’s is my goal. Improve my style and give them the results that they looking for. The bride : @dimitrabouri at Greece


We create our own paths, decisions - luck - skills will define our success. #true or #not ? at Iceland


I wouldn’t be surprised if @taso_mikroulis will playing a leading part of Netflix TV series or be a Movie star.Recently I understood what is the definition of a talented actor. Stay tuned guys for the short film created by @giannis_michelopoulos & @peter.hadjipateras at New York, New York


@gabriella_nita are you ready for this ? Iceland became my favorite place to go during winter time! at Reykjavík, Iceland


@alina_frolova described the mood📷. Thank you : @tasosflp & @stavie_ker .…...................... There is a clip of that photoshoot created by @giannis_michelopoulos .. did you watched it ? at Manhattan, New York


New York! A Priceless Brand @flynyon at Manhattan, New York


I was looking for one more Black and White.. @demikarali 🖤 at Greece


100% Ice . Should I go back to Iceland or you have any suggestions for other interesting locations ? 📷 at Iceland


Yeah , it’s me. at Manhattan, New York


It’s great when you have a director for a friend! Thank you @giannis_michelopoulos for that! @alina_frolova what do you think? @tasosflp and @stavie_ker thank you guys ! at Manhattan, New York


Manhattan is the perfect background! 📷 Model: @alina_frolova 👏🏻 at New York, New York


And is was easy ... with @demikarali for @marlena_dupelle_jewelry 🖤📷 at Greece


Might I have to find a hashtag .. any suggestions ? -Iceland 🇮🇸 is so cold , but I prefer the winter in iceland with 0 humidity from the winter season in Greek islands🙄 at Iceland


Good morning 😃 !! As you know I’m a wedding photographer but my portofolio has a decent amount of portraits, like this ☝️ 🖤. Model : @alina_frolova at Manhattan, New York


I love Helicopters! I really do ! One day I will learn to fly.. I flew 3 times with open door helicopter, and this time was the coldest for sure 😨🖤 Would you dare ? Thank you again for the safe flight @flynyon at Manhattan, New York


It’s totally my style ! #wedding Amazing bride : @dimitrabouri at Greece


More white and less black .. this time I’m over my style haha 🖤🙏🏻🙌🏻 #portrait with @anastasia_tsilimpiou at Greece


I know , I know .. black and white again ... 🙌🏻📷 Bride : @dimitrabouri

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