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“He’s frustrated, obviously,’’ Porzingis said. “He wants to be on the floor. He’s frustrated. It’s completely normal. I understand that. I want to put positive thoughts in his head. With his work and proving in practice he can play, he will earn his minutes. I think every player goes through things like this. It’s not the end of the world. I think what this whole thing this has to give him is more motivation to work. And that’s it. Just come into practice every day angry, and give your everything. And then at some point, you’re going to be so good they can’t ignore you.” - “I know he’s in a tough spot right now where he wants to play and he worked hard all summer,’’ Porzingis said. “He was on the national team and now he obviously he loves basketball, he wants to be on the floor every moment. I’m trying to talk to him to make sure he has his head up and doesn’t focus on the bad things, but focus on the things he can do better. And that way, prove that he needs to be on the floor, and we need him to be on the floor. And that’s it. So, as a close friend, I’m trying to talk to him and make sure he has his spirits up.”


This man just straight up gave up 🤣🤣🤣


“The NBA's two-minute report states that Andre Drummond fouled Kristaps Porzingis before blocking his shot with 39 seconds to play last night and the Knicks down three. Officials didn't rule the play a foul, which the report states as an incorrect no-call because Drummond grabbed Porzingis arm. Porzingis should have been given two free throws. He said afterward that he felt he was fouled on the play. Had he made them, the Knicks would have trailed by one with 39 seconds to go in a game they once led by 21.” - Ian Begley, ESPN


Solid company


What did you take away from last nights game? #KnicksWay leave your thoughts down below - BTW these will usually be done right after the game not the following day lol


"I think in the third quarter I should have been more aggressive from the beginning, getting inside and getting fouled. We settled for jump shots early on and they kept running, getting good shots in transition," Porzingis said after attempting three shots in the third. "If I was more aggressive inside I would have stopped their transition, got fouled or some buckets." - I love how KP was near flawless this whole game and still looks at what he needs to improve & doesn’t dwell over the great performance. Already showing great signs just two games in. Thought it was gonna take some time for him to get used to this role but he’s been embracing it so far. - KP’s highlights from last night coming soon.


“I think I’m not that bad on defense, so it’s trying to make an impact on the team, try to do important things that the team really needs. I feel like I can really score, but we have other good players on offense, like KP, like Tim, so I have to make my impact on defense because on offense we have very many great players.” “That’s why I have to keep pushing my work on defense. It’s not because I’m a bad defender it’s just because the team needs [an] impact.”


On the bright side, the Porzingis era has begun. #PorzinGod


This guy didn’t even get in tonight for Detroit but if he was on our team he would’ve been our most capable PG & played 40 mins lol #goat


GG. Refs did screw us over at the end but all in all we blew a 21 PT lead and that’s our fault, not the refs. - I’ll have another post with a game breakdown or however I decide to do it in a few mins. For now I’m excited to see your comments. Smh lol


OUR SAVIOR! 32 Points For KP


Not having a capable point guard is KILLING us... we literally need Frank hence why we drafted him... Ramon can’t use his body & Ron cant control the ball, neither of ‘em can shoot


Halftime #KnicksWay - KP is killing it - Kanter is a beast inside - Beasley is actually Melo - Ramon is still trash - Hardaway is off but it’s okay because at least he’s good most of the time... unlike some people @ Ramon - There is a rare occurrence of Ron Baker shooting over 25% - Over the summer McDermott went from a duplicate of Kyle Korver to a duplicate of Gerald Wallace - Lee is still the most role playerish role player ever (which might sound bad but it’s good) - O’Quinn is treating the Pistons like toddlers


Do you remember this game last year when Porzingis dropped his career high 35 points against the Pistons in the Garden? - Tonight he has 23 points in the first half, against the Pistons, in the Garden. - Will he beat his career high in the second half? #PorzinGod (Knicks up 64-51 btw)


Mood. #KnicksWay KP has 19 on 7/7 Kanter has 13 on 6/7


And one 2x - Knicks up 28-19 at the end of the 1st 🔥


KP babies Stanley Johnson in the post for the and one 🔥🔥 - Knicks up 11-10, Kanter has all of our points aside from the bucket you see in this video

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