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Guess Who's Back? Back Again!

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I know I have been inactive, but I have to say something. @brandonjennings basically called out the Knicks which I was pissed off with. He said that he has the same role as he did with the Knicks, but the Wizards 'actually play together. He called out the team he wanted to play for his whole career. I find this completely unnecessary. He completely backstabbed us which I was mad about. Jennings was probably my favorite off-season signing. He was supposed to be the 6th man of the year, JR Smith 2.0, but no. He just shot from the corners and didn't believe in the team he always wanted to play for. Smh can't wait for April!


The Knicks are reportedly going to strongly pursue Jrue Holiday this offseason #Knicks #JrueHoliday


Knicks lose in a heartbreaker 92-91. Gotta gives credit to Courtney Lee and Lance Thomas for the amazing hustle. On to the next one.... #TankSZN #Knicks #NewYorkKnicks


After Brandon Jennings got waived earlier today, I was kinda sad to let him go, but after a report came out saying he wanted to play for a playoff team really changed my mood about this. This is why it really changed my mood. When that report came out, I was pretty mad at Jennings and still am. He said he waned to play for a contending team but I just find it outrageous. I find it outrageous because he basically quit and back stabbed us. Picture it as a race. Picture that the person is struggling in the middle of the race and says "I quit" and stops racing. That is what Jennings pretty much did. He wanted to play for NY and that's where he wanted to spend the rest of his career but no. He showed no loyalty what so ever to us Knick fans. Otherwise, he's a man and he gets to make his choices but he really should've waited until the offseason. Otherwise, I think Chasson will be a better fit and will have s chip on his shoulder! #NY #NYK #NBA #NBAnews #New #York #Knicks #NewYork #NewYorkKnicks #Knickstape #BrandonJennings #ChassonRandle


I am very excited to see Chasson Randle play tonight taking Brandon Jennngs spot. I've wanted him ever since we sent him to our d-league team because he suffered that contusion. If Chasson plays well for the rest of the season, he has to be our backup next season if we draft a PG or sign a PG. He can finally get a chance to prove himself! #Knicks #ChassonRandle


Alright guys, Im back, and boy this day has been a lot already.... The Knicks have waived Brandon Jennings after he requested to be waved to play for a playoff contender. The Knicks will sign Chasson Randle to take his place. Joakim Noah will also miss the rest of the season after likely undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery. The are also a bunch of rumors that the Knicks might also waive Derrick Rose. Thanks, Phil Jackson :/


Whiteside or Melo?


Carmelo Anthony is a front runner for the final ASG spot after Kevin Love got injured. Hassan Whiteside is a close second. This has to go to Melo! UPDATE: MELO IS AN ALL STARRRR


Willy Hernangomez will play in the Rising Stars challenge alongside Kristaps Porzingis! He is an injury replacement for Mudiay. Congrats @willyhernangomez!!


Not Knicks related: I just want to thank Victor Cruz for everything he has done for the Giants organization over these past 7 years. It was a hell of a ride. The Super Bowl, his 90 yard TD on Christmas Eve in 2011, etc. I will really miss cruz and I hope his future is bright. @teamvic thank you for everything!


So a lot of you might've noticed that now I am back to being @knickstape.mania . I know a lot of you will be happy but there is a reason why. When I changed my name to @theknickstank, it sounded like I was negative and I wasn't a true Knicks fan and I only wanted them to lose. No that is not the case. I probably am one of the bigger Knicks fans. I never want to lose, I want to win. Some of you kinda criticized me because I was happy we won, but I just wanted to tank. Some of y'all called me a fake Knicks fan etc.. but now, I am back to my original account. I hope y'all r happy now. Thank you


THE KNICKS WINNNN! YESSSS! The Knicks win against the Spurs 94-90. I am hype because a win against the Spurs could change your whole season. This is why we have to start Willy for now on. He's apart of our future. Also, he scores the most amount of PTS when he starts. He got 12 tonight. He also got 9 REB. We next play on Wednesday in Oklahoma City


Lance Thomas will return today vs the Spurs after suffering a concussion in January. Coach Hornacek is hinting a lineup change. #KnicksTank2017


Knicks vs the Spurs today at 3:30 on ABC! We're probably going to lose but I'm hoping to win. I at least want the Knicks to show some life. KnicksTank2017


RIP Fab MeloπŸ˜­πŸ™πŸΌ he was only 26 smh he has his whole life ahead of him.. my prayers go out to his family πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ


Jeff got them working hard. I'm really hoping this practice helped a bit so maybe they can show some life #KnicksTank2017


The Knicks have been practicing for 3 hours and counting. There is "no end" in sight. Hopefully this practice is about defense #Knickstank2017


Another day, another Knicks loss :( #Knickstank2017

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