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18 • Australia I love to make colourful fanart and original character art! DM me for commission waiting list! Check out Redbubble store for merch!

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Experimental portrait of my character Hasina! Her full design is probably my favourite of all my characters at the moment, especially considering how far her design has come. I want to do more art and I was going to while I'm at home but I left my tablet pen back at uni!! My old tablet is weird with the newer drivers so I'll borrow my boyfriend's so I can do some work lol #art #drawing #characterdesign #originalcharacter #portrait #digitalart #sai


The sketch vs the final painting! It's super helpful to map out how the colours will look in the whole composition, even if it's really rough, bc it means you won't get lost during the painting process. I like doing illustrations like this but they take so long!! and I'm very impatient Going home from uni for a bit over a week tomorrow! #art #drawing #digitalart #originalcharacter #conceptart #sai


I'm painting again! I've been wanting to do more original art recently so I've been sketching my OC's a lot. This is Princess Cahya entering the ancient castle of the Sunset Queen where her powers grow stronger, and she finally gains knowledge about her powers as a dark sorceress. I have,, lots of stuff about all my characters so it's really fun to paint them hehe I'm hoping to properly open commissions again soon!! In the meantime, if you have any art suggestions or ideas, shoot me a DM #originalcharacter #conceptart #oc #drawing #art #digitalart #sai


Time for a fun little redraw! First off thanks for being so patient with me and the fact I barely ever post. Love you guys so so much and your support means everything to me!! This piece is an old one from when I first got my tablet; I think you can tell that I hadn't even got my pen pressure working when I did this one. Obviously the major difference in how I draw now compared to how I used to draw is that I'm not as loyal to the show-accurate art style, which you can see in all my redraws! I've developed my own style while still keeping those characteristic facial features of Adventure Time characters. Another main difference that I think is really interesting is the different composition; you can see in the full pics that I used to do a full-body or half-body character in a big frame with heaps of negative space, whereas now I like to fill up the whole frame with the drawing. It's just an artistic development I notice a lot as I look through my old art. Rude comments without constructive criticism will be deleted, i.e. '2015', or 'old one is better'. #adventuretime #fanart #art #drawing #digitalart #sai #redraw


Just a fun portrait colour study based on a collage I made in class! I haven't been doing much digital art recently, but in class I did some painting portrait work and it was super fun applying some new skills to my digital experiments Thanks for your patience with my slow art guys!! #painting #art #drawing #digitalart #floral #portrait #sai


Super quick 30 minute sketch of my new DnD character! my friends and I just started a campaign. Her name is Ellisar and she's a sexy high elven bard #dungeonsanddragons #dnd #originalcharacter #art #drawing #digitalart #sai


Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posting. I'm having trouble adjusting my art flow to my life stuff, which is okay! I'll get there. I've been doing heaps of sketching in class, so here's a few of my favs from the last few days! They're all OC's lol I hope you guys are doing well!! #art #drawing #sketch #originalcharacter #conceptart


My full Finn redraw from the other day! I'm starting my second week of uni classes tomorrow, which I'm nervous about, but I want to do better than last week (bc I felt like a nervous wreck). My boyfriend came and visited me the last few days which was so lovely!! I want to do more art guys, I just need to get into the swing of things at the moment. Love you all so much! #adventuretime #finnthehuman #fanart #art #drawing #sai #digitalart


Hey guys! Thanks for being patient with me lately, I haven't been able to draw for a few reasons but I'll hopefully be able to do more soon! Here's a fun little redraw of an old piece, I really enjoy the colours and I just feel calm drawing my boy Finn Please no mean comments with no constructive criticism, I'll delete rudeness Love you guys so much!! #adventuretime #redraw #art #drawing #digitalart #sai


Aaravos! I thought he was super pretty in the show, and then I went into the fanbase again and discovered that y'all,, are so goddamn thirsty. you guys see a pretty purple boi and lose your minds Here is a gift for those who love our new favourite sexy purple elf #thedragonprince #aaravos #tdp #fanart #art #drawing #digitalart #sai


A cool DnD character commission I got to do recently for LaviniaSilvermane on Tumblr! I haven't been posting much (or answering emails) because I've just moved into uni and I'm still settling in! I'll be posting again soon hopefully #commission #dungeonsanddragons #art #drawing #digitalart #sai


Super fun commission I got to do for @elizmaoosthuizen! I got to play around with Finn and Jake again; I haven't drawn them in a while. Thanks so much for supporting me you guys! I'll be opening up commissions again as soon as I can. #adventuretime #commission #art #fanart #drawing #digitalart #sai


Hi, it's me! #artvsartist2019 #artvsartist #digitalart


Super fun commission I got to do for @_walkingmystery a little while ago! Really excited about the opportunity to paint a proper scenic background, I'm not usually brave enough haha. Thanks so much for your support! #commission #adventuretime #disney #art #drawing #digitalart #sai


"They say the fire queen is kissed by ice. That her hair is like snow, and that she has a cold look. But her smile counts a different story. Her smile is like fire, like madness in her heart." . . Second part of my piece inspired by beautiful edits by @stormborn.stark and @winds_of_the_winter that draw parallels between Sansa and Daenerys! I had a lot of fun painting this, and the process involved in making these complementary paintings was really meticulous and careful, even if it's not obvious. I'm really proud of how they turned out! I think I'm improving faster than I thought I was, I just wish I was more motivated hahaha. Check out my last post to see my painting of Sansa! #gameofthrones #daenerys #khaleesi #fanart #art #drawing #digitalart #sai #forthethrone


"They say the ice queen is kissed by fire. That her hair is like flames, and that she has a warm smile. But her eyes count a different story. Her eyes are like ice, like wildness in her veins." . . I really love Sansa Stark and I was inspired by really beautiful edits by @stormborn.stark and @winds_of_the_winter which used this quote (it's not from the books) to draw parallels between Daenerys and Sansa. Stay tuned for my Daenerys painting tomorrow!! I had heaps of fun drawing this, it made me super excited bc I am so deeply obsessed with this show/book series at the moment lol #gameofthrones #sansastark #art #drawing #fanart #sai #digitalart #forthethrone


I love doing DnD character commissions! Super fun coloured sketch tiefling commission for @girlwithbat I hope to open commissions again by Valentine's Day! #dungeonsanddragons #commission #art #drawing #digitalart #sai


Commission for @kelsey.porritt.33! I had a lot of fun with this, I'm so lucky to be able to draw such a variety of things! Client work is the most fun; I get to paint so many different interesting subjects and it's improving my art pretty quickly. Thanks so much to everybody who's commissioned me! #commission #art #dnd #drawing #painting #digitalart #sai

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