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🎆Fun Crystal and Jewelry Sales 📿Owner of @KQ_jewelrydesigns 🔮Payment via Etsy or PayPal only 🌎WORLDWIDE SHIPPING🌍

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FLASH SALE TODAY !! I am actually getting ready to post a few early bird specials, but I just wanted to post the shipping costs here so I don’t need to write them out for each post. SHIPPING- $6 DOMESTIC $11 CANADA $13 INTERNATIONAL These will be the shipping charges unless otherwise stated. 🔮Please only claim an item if you’re able to pay IN FULL when invoice is sent. 🔮Items claimed and not paid for within 24 hours may result in being blocked from participating in future sales. It messes up everyone’s chance of claiming an item if you don’t pay your invoice. 🔮The purpose of these sales is to clear out my inventory while offering you all killer deals on well made, quality jewelry. 🔮All sales are final, so please make sure you double check your ring size if there is any question. 🔮🔮🔮ONE MORE THING- if I post something you love and it isn’t your size, you can message me about a custom, however, please don’t expect to get the sale price on a made to order/custom, . These pieces are only marked down bc they’ve been hanging out in my studio for a long time. Having to make something special becomes a regular transaction and is separate from the sale. 🔮Thank you all in advance for joining this page and for your continued support!! Baby Q is coming and we are trying to get ready for him! 💙😜 • • #rosequartzflames #rosequartz #succulentsandcrystals #crystalsandsucculents #flashsales #handcraftedwithlove #crystaladdict #crystalvibes #healingcrystals #magicalcrystals


Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for joining me on this page!! I am currently working on putting together a flash sale for y'all which will be a mix of crystals and jewelry, mostly the latter ☺️💎📿🔮⚒🌈 I have built up quite the inventory and I just haven't listed it for whatever reason 💜🤷🏻‍♀️💜 And that's where you come in! Maybe you need some cute gifts for some ladies in your life, or maybe you're long overdue for a splurge for yourself, you can score a quality piece of jewelry or a new crystal baby for your altar space! 💎🖤🔮✨ I will keep you all updated on sales via this AND my business account @kq_jewelrydesigns If this sales go well, I will do them more often ! Or at least until I run out of ready to ship jewelry 😆 I am going to try to throw up some stuff tomorrow! Keep an eye out for times 💗 (my time zone is Eastern Standard Time) Goodnight moonbeams 🌙🌟🖤


Me at the Grand Canyon! Turn on post notifications for my sale Monday!! So I normally don't ask this, but I'm not sure what time I'll be able to post stuff. (I'm on the road, so time depends on the bumpiness and ease of video taking!) It'll probably start around noon and it will be spaced out throughout the day, hence the notifications 💖🙃 Sending you all endless amounts of love and good vibes!! KQJEWELRYDESIGNS.ETSY.COM #shophandmade #handmadejewelry #handmadeisbetter #electroformed #copperjewelry #etsy #freespirit #magical #bohojewelry #bohemian #crystaljewelry #crystaladdict #statementjewelry #madewithlove at Grand Canyon National Park


Follow along on this fun flash sale adventure! 😍😍😍 I will post a mixture of crystals, destash gems for makers, and of course, jewelry!! Flash sales will be announced on my main business page. You’ll have the option to check out PayPal or Etsy, please be ready to pay for claimed items right away. Everything will be first come first serve