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•Licensed Esthetician• •Verity & Victoria spa• 🦄iLevel Lab brand ambassador• “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful, that will be my life”

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Katherine’s sweet momma 💜 Makeup: @ktkusmua Hair: @caroline_gallantglam Coordinated by: @gallantglam at Alys Beach Florida


My bride from yesterday. She is just stunning! I love when someone embraces their freckles. Katherine was such a natural beauty. I am so thankful it we were able to work together. Also who else is in love with her hair 🙋🏼‍♀️ Makeup: @ktkusmua Coordinated by: @gallantglam Hair: @caroline_gallantglam at Alys Beach Florida


Good morning! Got my hair freshened up yesterday and feeling like a new woman! Thanks @lorengledford with @cestlaviesalon1 for my brightened blonde and my blunt bob 💇🏼‍♀️


The spa will be back open next week! I will be available Wednesday-Friday for walk ins and appointments. Thanks @loveanneliesephoto for capturing me in my happy place! Taking care of my clients and helping them to love their skin! at Verity & Victoria Naturals


Thanks @lethallyblondee for letting me try out some new techniques I learned at the @makeupbymario @themasterclass on you yesterday!! I have always shied away from using a lot of setting powder cause it can easily make the skin look dry but I tried out how Mario does and it looked flawless. Allison is very dry to begin with and had a lot of redness on her cheeks. I used the complementary @katvondbeauty #lockitfoundation I got from @influenster on her along with the concealer! I am so happy with the results!!


To say today was amazing would be an understatement! @makeupbymario gave us a glimpse into his thought processing and techniques that are timeless and applicable to all clients. He didn’t rush the process and took time to answer everyone’s questions. Our class ended up going over by 2 hours and I cannot express enough how much I appreciate him for taking the time to explain what he was doing and answering everyone’s questions instead of rushing through to stay on time. You can feel his passion for what he does and even after such a long day for him he still smiled and embraced each one of us with kindness as we got to take our picture with him. If you ever get the opportunity to attend one of his @themasterclass do it! I will forever be changed as an artist after this. Again thank you Mario 💜


I am beyond excited to be in Miami this weekend. Tomorrow I will be attending the @makeupbymario @themasterclass and I cannot wait to share what I will learn with my clients! at Komodo Miami


Today’s lovely ladies! Hair: @barbieortiz Makeup: @ktkusmua Working as part of team @destinmobilemakeupbox at Ariel Dunes Miramar Beach, Fl


This is after my 4th treatment. I will be doing my 5th today after taking a month off. I should only need a couple more treatments before this scare is completely gone 🙌🏼 When you are wanting lasting results you need to view skincare as a marathon not a sprint. Just like hiring a personal trainer or hair stylist to get the results you want; that’s what an Esthetician is for! Find someone you trust and work together to give you the skin you want. at Verity & Victoria Naturals


Happy anniversary week @rebeccaerinsnapp 💜 Photo: @jblanchphoto at Margaritaville Beach Hotel


That post dermaplaning glow 🙌🏼. One of my favorite treatments with I N S T A N T results is dermaplaning. It’s a service I offer @vnvnaturals as either an enhancement to any one of our facials or as a stand alone express service! Is this something you’ve been curious about? Go check out my previous post “Curious About Dermaplaning” at Verity & Victoria Naturals


“I found the one my soul loves” - Song of Sol. 3:4 Makeup: @ktkusmua Photo: @olovesz


If you can guess why I used this song comment below ⬇️ This is a clip of me preforming microdermabrasion on one of my clients for the second time. What this treatment does: •treats light scarring •Brightens your skin •Smoother makeup aplication •Helps with sun damage •Can be used on stretch marks. •Aids in better product absorbsion •Minimizes pores at Verity & Victoria Naturals


The only way I get kisses anymore is if I’m wearing lipgloss so she can steal it 😂 my little future makeup artist 💜 at Southern Grounds & Co.


Loved working with the sweet momma on her wedding day. What a beautiful moment captured by @sarahandpaulphotography Makeup: @ktkusmua Hair: @gallantglam at Destin, Florida


I’ve had some new followers so I wanted to take moment to first off say thank you! Second give a little introduction. Hi! My name is Katie Kus. I’m a Licensed Esthetician and Profession Makeup Artist. I have a deep passion for helping women feeling their best. I believe that beauty starts from with in and radiates outward. I grew up in Oregon where my love of all things natural and hippie started. For the last 6 years I have called Florida home and I say this really is where I discovered what makes me the happiest professionally. On a personal side my husband and I love traveling and going on adventures with our sweet little girl. My favorite places to visit now are Istanbul(where he grew up) and Oregon. I have a huge list though of other places I want to explore. If you’ve made it this far in the post again thanks! Now it’s your turn shoot me a hello in the comments, and what makes you feel radiant!! Xo Katie


This really is my go to eye look! I got the inspiration from Kristen Cavallari who is often seen rocking a bronzed smokey eye. To do both of my eyes took me only 3 minutes total. I really don’t like to spend a ton of time on my makeup in my day to day life. So this is perfect when you have a busy morning before work or running the kiddos off to school! Comment below if you want details on the exact shades I used or what products I used on my complexion. @tartecosmetics


“There are friendships imprinted in our hearts that will never be diminished by time and distance”-Dodinsky Makeup: @ktkusmua Hair: @destinmobilemakeupbox Photo: @amandasuannephotography

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