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For those of you who are curious about The hottest trend in skincare right now the jade or quartz roller; here are a couple videos that go over the benefits and how to use it! Comment below if you have any questions or some of your favorite ways to use these amazing rollers! at Verity & Victoria Naturals


This is after my 3rd microdermabrasion treatment. That bad boy is almost gone! Here are some of the major benefits of microderm: ▪️Removes through exfoliation the dead and dull surface layers of the skin ▪️Stimulates increased collagen production & rejuvenation ▪️No harsh/toxic chemicals needed ▪️Dramatically improves the tone, texture, and color of treated areas after just one treatment. (significant changes with continued treatment) ▪️Can also improve oily or dull skin. at Verity & Victoria Naturals


I am so thankful that I got to be a part of this collaboration! This style of makeup is one of my favorites! My goal was to make it look like she really had nothing on and just enhance her features. No heavy contouring or insta makeup here. Just strategically placed makeup. I didn’t even use foundation all over. For me that is true artistry. Again thank you too @gallantglam for opening the door to this collab and for the amazing hair! Also thank you to @jannabrowndesign and @drapergray this dreamy gown is by @carolhannahbridal and @baileymccrackin for being our beautiful model! I cannot wait to share more of the beautiful images! at Alys Beach


I have been getting a lot of questions recently about one of my favorite procedures so here are a few facts about dermaplaning: It won’t make your hair grow back thicker or darker Why? Because you are not just shaving, you are removing both dead skin and hair. The hair is removed below the layer of dead skin so it takes longer to grow back. What are the benefits? It’s a great exfoliation to do before any type of skin care service. It allows for better product penetration and for your products to be more effective since they don’t have to fight through the layer of dead skin Your makeup also goes on like butter! Seriously you get such a smooth makeup application! This helps with uneven tone and texture to the skin as well ensuring you will have the glowing skin we are all craving! Book your appointment with me @veritynvictoria (link in bio) and see for yourself what a game changer dermaplaning is!


Just me living my best life captured in a beautiful photo! Since I was 18 I knew I wanted to be a makeup artist. Instead of being brave and following my heart then I took the safe route. I got into banking and became successful in that field but I was never happy and it wasn’t my passion. After almost 8 years I prayed for change and it quickly happened. I was presented the opportunity to work at Sephora and with out a second thought jumped at it. Following my passion and making this my career hasn’t been easy and there is so much behind the scene work and hours spent to be where I am today. I’m so thankful for my support system that has stood by my side while I grew my business. Especially my husband who continues to push me to grow and become the best I can be. Photo: @loveanneliesephoto at Destin, Florida


💜Starting today @veritynvictoria is running a special on our @eyelashextensionssupplies vegan classic set lashes and fills💜 ✨Link is in bio to book yours✨ at Verity & Victoria Naturals


🥂 to a life filled with this much love💜 Photo: @loveanneliesephoto Makeup: @ktkusmua Hair: @gallantglam Videographer: @milestonesfilms at Henderson Beach State Park


It’s all in the little details! Part of my bridal process is spending a good amount of time studying and critiquing my photos from the trial. I am a perfectionist and I want to offer up the best that I can to my brides. She was no exception! I want my looks to be 100% what my brides envisioned. We developed a level of comfort where my brides feel comfortable enough to ask for more of one thing or maybe a little less of something else. It’s important to stay humble and understand that I am there to make them feel like the bride they have always dreamed of. I can’t say enough thank you @rabacah for choosing me to work with you and to all my brides past and present. It means so much to be a part of your special day. Photo: @loveanneliesephoto at Destin, Florida


Today’s Hybrid lashes! This was my first attempt at volume with my new #ilevellab vegan lashes. This picture does not do them justice!! Seriously turned out so beautiful and I absolutely love this brand. Starting Monday we are running a special for lashes! Full set of classic lashes $99! Link in bio to book yours!! Thank you @coastalcowgirlfl for letting me do your lashes today! at Verity & Victoria Naturals


The stunning bride @rabacah I am always and forever so thankful for my brides who ask me to be apart of their big day. I love the moment the see themselves and say now I feel like a bride! Congratulations Rebecca this is just the beginning 💜 Photo: @loveanneliesephoto Hair: @gallantglam Makeup: @ktkusmua at Destin, Florida


Just got these beauties in the mail! I’m so excited to try them out and share with you my results! Comment below with 🧖🏼‍♀️ if you’ve tried them and a 🤔 if you have no clue what these are or how to use them! #ilevellab


Today’s bridal trial 😍 swoon!! @rabacah I’m sooo excited for you big day Thursday! at Destin, Florida


I know this is not a makeup or skincare post but something I am super passionate about. Any of my friends will tell you I have been a long time advocate for taking care of these tiny friends. Here is an easy way you can give them a helping hand! #savethebees #beesarefriends #beeaware #🐝


Here is the results from my second microdermabrasion treatment! Like I said in my last post regarding hyper-pigmentation and deep discoloration it will take 6-8 treatments before it’s completely gone. But I’m so pleased with the results already! at Verity & Victoria Naturals


Reactions like this is why I love what I do! This mother of the bride felt so beautiful! I am also so thankful for the photographers who let me use their beautiful pictures on my page! They capture these moments so much better then I ever could! Photo courtesy of @memoryshotksk Hair by @barbieortiz Makeup by me Working with team @destinmobilemakeupbox


#tbt to one of the first weddings I did outside of Sephora. I love when I make a connection with a bride that lasts for years! Photo @annacalhoon


This was my first microdermabrasion treatment on my scar. For my first treatment I used a D200 tip. For scaring and hyper-pigmentation it will take about 8-10 visit to completely diminish the discoloration. But even after one treatment you can see at the top there is already a change in the depth of pigment. at Verity & Victoria Naturals


I don’t post a lot about my personal life on this feed. Today though is the day that changed and redefined me as a woman. Today my sweet little girl turned 4. She is my biggest inspiration and my driving force behind all I do. She helped me to realize that following my passion and what I love is most important. She has helped me grow and develop my obsession with skincare. She has over come so much already and is strong and determined. I love that she is often right beside me with many of my endeavors. Photo courtesy of @ashley_izquierdo

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