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'Dancing with flowers to the Moon & back' Repost with credit @kukkasielu®


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Good things take time...🍃 . About 5 years ago I planted Hellebore in my garden. Next spring I anxiously waited its apperance but all that finally appeared were a few leaves. And same continues year after year - no buds, no flowers until this spring it finally happened! . Here you are looking magnificently beautiful in my garden. It really was worth waiting for all these years. At the moment she looks to me a bit shy facing down as if she would not be ready yet to show her beautiful face...There is no need to rush. I have learned to be patient with her. When the day comes when she is ready to lift her face up towards the Sun, I will be here waiting for her 💜 Have you fallen in love with hellebores too?


"Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers 'grow, grow'..." ~talmud . These are flowers too although seldom noticed. This grass is known as mountain melick and they are starting to bloom now. When I saw them for the first time years ago I can still remember how I was deeply moved by their delicacy. They do not have that wow effect, but they do wow you anyways. It was one of those moments when something quite ordinary suddenly turns out be something very extraordinary. .. I love how it dances in the wind, how it bends with its tiny flowers. You may say that it's just a grass. Well may be, may be not. Sending you much love where ever you are💚🌾 #nuokkuhelmikkä


"Our soul is like a soft and gentle flower. It needs to be nurtured, cared for, tended to, with sufficient sunlight, fresh air and freedom to bloom into its most precious and beautiful form..." ~Miya Yamanouchi . This is wild Field Scabiosa belonging to Honeysuckle family. I love all Scabiosa flowers. Their delicate beauty is also well noticed by all butterflies, bumblebees, flower flies and many other insects. . I wish you all a beautiful week ahead. Take care💜 . Me kuvittelemme olevamme niin erilaisia mutta loppujen lopuksi me olemme hyvin samanlaisia.... iki-ihana ruusuruoho, joka kukkii loppukesällä, mutta nyt jo huomaan että odotan sen kukintaa. Se on myös ihana perhoskasvi. Mukavaa viikon alkua💜


"Decorate my soul with Spring. Fill its depth with lovely things..." 🍃 ~ Angie Weiland . In the land of anemones💚 Anemones are now everywhere. The forest grounds are carpeted with these wild beauties. Spring has definetely sprung! The long waited time is finally here and my heart is singing 🎶 Happy Full Moon Day my friends! 😊 . Valkovuokkoja on metsässä nyt niin paljon, että oli melkein mahdoton kävellä. Ei voinut muuta kuin istahtaa kannon nokkaan ihmettelemään kevään ihmettä 🌱Hyvää Täydenkuun päivää kaikille🌕


"If you love a flower, don't pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possesion. Love is about appreciation..." (Osho) . This is one of my favourite spring wild flowers which is abundantly blooming right now here in Finland. I love its name in english 'Alpine Pennycress'. In Finland we call it as 'spring pocketgrass'. . I did some research about this wild beauty and found out that this is a real powerhouse to clean toxic lands especially heavy metals. Can you believe that? This little lovely thing can flourish in places where nothing else grows and along with that it cleans the ground underneath... So please do not pick it up. Let it bloom and spread the love💜 . Löysin yllättävää tietoa taskuruohosta. Tieteellisissä tutkimuksissa on todettu, että taskuruoho kykenee puhdistamaan maata mm. metallijäämistä sen lisäksi,että sillä on voima kukkia siellä, missä mikään muu ei kuki. Miten vähän me tiedämme näistä ihanista villeistä kaunottareista, jotka ovat kukkineet täällä maapallolla jo miljoonien vuosien ajan...


"The beauty of a flower that heals the soul... " ☘️ There are so many new followers, which makes me SO happy! You are all warmly welcome to among the friends of flowers & Kukkasielu! 🌿 Kukkasielu is all about exploring the ever-evolving beauty of flowers and their divine wisdom that is hidden within us all. It is about soul journeying together with flowers, which brings much joy, beauty and harmony to our lives besides enabling us to strengthen our connection to the Earth.🌳As we are all ever evolving, the same applies to this IG account as well. However, flowers will always be the sole and the only source of inspiration here! ☺️ My heart-felt thanks to all followers for all your support, creativity and encouragement! 🍀 Picture: A flower within a flower! It's the magical wild carrot. It is believed that this tiny red flower at the very center is a kind of 'spiritual eye' connected to the cosmos itself... 💚


“Many speak to her but she's looking for the one who knows her souls language.”💜 ~Nikki Rowe . We all have our own favourite flowers, but those that speak the language of our souls, are the most powerful ones in our lives. Our favourite flowers come and go, but the flowers that will stay forever with us, are called as 'Soulflowers'💜 I wish you all a beautiful weekend! Aurinkoista viikonloppua!


"Be still and the Earth will speak to you...🌿" ~ Navajo proverb . The mother Earth has so much to teach us if we just listen to her. Every flower that you are drawn to, has a story to tell about you. This communication beyond spoken words is a strange thing, which our minds can never understand, but in our hearts all make so much sense💚 . Happy Earth Day to all my friends around the globe!🌍 There are so many of you! Thank you so much for all your support! Be well. Stay safe my friend💚


"Where flowers bloom, so does hope..." . A pic from yesterday. My very first Alpine Pennycress of this Spring. Have a lovely Sunday💚 . "Missä kukat kukkivat, siellä on toivoa..." Voiko olla suloisempaa näkyä? Iki-ihana Kevättaskuruoho, joka valloittaa sydämet kokonaan. Mukavaa sunnuntaita💚


"The wind breathes lonely, longing to be seen. Sometimes the soul has days like these too.🍃" ~Angie Weiland-Crosby I have been feeling a lot like this lately. I guess you have too💚 These deep lonely feelings that we are all experiencing now more or less, are just there to help us to find back to our roots, to strengten our connection to our true selves; the beautiful mother earth within us... . Yesterday, I found the first wood anemone of this Spring. She was all alone in a large forest, but did not look lonely at all. She was full of deep connectedness to the mother Earth. She carried the whole universe within herself! . Wood anemones gently remind us that we are all connected to each other and to everything. We are the sun, the moon, the sky and the earth. We are part of it's infinite beauty and it will never leave us...When the wind breathes lonely in our hearts, only then may it know that there is so much more in life... . Anemones uplifts our souls by their joyful playfulness. They support us to be more grounded and connected to everything and everybody 💚 I wish you all my friends a beautiful Easter time🐣🙏


"In difficult times always keep something beautiful in your heart..." 💚 . There is so much hope and beauty in a little Snowdrop flower. She is a symbol of a pure heart, resilience, renewal and courage. She gently remind us that despite these challenges we are all facing today, there is still so much beauty in our lives to cherish and rejoice. How timely is her message💚 . I wish to you all beautiful souls a hopeful and joyful weekend🌿 Toiveikasta viikonloppua ystävät🌿


"Love is the flower you've got to let grow..." If there was ever a time we needed flowers to our lives... It's NOW💜 . . . Quote by John Lennon