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PRESS CONFERENCE before tonight’s BEST OF 3 PING PONG MATCH! Watch at 7pm on WONK’S YOUTUBE! @wonk.incorporated


Life rules. Enjoy every waking moment as best you can. Spread happiness and laughter to those within ur reach. Happy 2K19 y’all. Let’s do our part to make it a nice journey round the sun this year.


This is going down on Tuesday. Live-streaming at @wonk.incorporated HQ for y’all to bet on with yer friends. I’m gonna win. Guaranteed.


Happy NEW YEARS Y’ALL! Tomorrow afternoon we will be streaming a FREEEE @fadeupfadeoutbyebye show on YouTube. Gonna be loose, gonna be tight, gonna be (maybe) taking requests. Basically you should tune in on any device and let us help to nurse the last of the hangover. We’re gonna start around 3pm. LINK IN BIO TO SET REMINDER ON YOUTUBE SO YOU ARE NOTIFIED WHEN THE SHOW STARTS. #wonklivestreamconcert #fadeupfadeoutbyebye


NEW YEARS DAY 1/1/19 @fadeupfadeoutbyebye LIVESTREAM JAM! Set a reminder by going to the LINK in my BIO! #fadeupfadeoutbyebye #wonklivestreamconcert #freeshow #newyearsday


Evening flight.


This vid is 🔥 lol. Listen to @electronichearsay now on streaming services. #Repost @aerialgangsta ・・・ Had so much fun working with director @anjelavega on this mini teaser with song "midnight" by @electronichearsay Label: @fademusicco Full music video out in December! . . . #womendirectors #whoruntheworld #girls #fire #fuego #burner #pyro #flow #firedance #dance #aerialgangsta #aerialbutterflies #fireup #lightupyourlife


Allow me to introduce you to @dumbbitcheswinternet these guys are tops when it comes to rapping into microphones 🎙 They’re doing a livestream on 12/18/18 so tune in. @wonk.incorporated


Framing tip - a Dutch angle doesn’t ONLY represent an emotional state, it can also be used if you simply need more space to tell your story.




We evacuated at 430 this morning, taking our 3 dogs and 4 reptiles to safety. This was taken at 330 when we were lucky enough to go back and grab most of our original canvas paintings, guitars and pictures. So thankful to be out safe - My heart extends to those still trying to evacuate, please get out safely. Much love ❤️ #woolseyfire #woolsey #california


We did it! You should too.

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