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Spotted Recycling Boutique

#TBT to another amazing fashion field trip over at our friends @groceriesapparel! Did you know that in the 1960s, almost 95% of clothing was #madeinUSA? Now in 2018, there is only about 3% of clothing that is still made in the US. Crazy, right? Groceries Apparel not only manufactures in Los Angeles, they also make clothes with the most amazing, softest fabrics ever - eucalyptus, hemp, and organic cotton just to name a few! #sustainablefashion #fashion #sustainable #madeintheus #shoplocal #groceriesapparel #ecofashion #manufacturing #throwback #latergram #factory #fabfabrics #fabrics #whatsinmytee #beyondthelabe


Bali is essentially fur free and offer many sustainable fashion options. Some made by locals and some brought here to sell to tourists. Here are a few recycled and recyclable fashion items I found in my first day of walking around Ubud. #recycledtires #recycledbags #recycled #recycledfashion #recyclableshoes


Sustainable Sunday is here! We're all about Fur-Free at Beyond the Label. Many harsh chemicals can go into both fur and faux fur options though so be sure to do your research and read labels! We love this #FurFreeFur from @stellamccartney🐰🦊🌱


WOW! #TBT to @tarynhipwell's amazing talk at @latextile inspiring designers and buyers to think about clothing from a sustainability perspective. Love spreading our knowledge about what's in your tee (and fabrics in general), because education is key! Thinking about the amount of chemicals that goes into the conventional fabric dyeing process can be terrifying, but the more you know, the more educated your purchases can be! What's your favorite fact about fabrics? #sustainablefashion #throwback #speech #latextiles #textiles #fabric #facts #sustainable #ecofashion #fashion #dtla #latergram #whatsinmytee #education #lectur


It's Sustainable Sunday! This week we're talking about Fashion Field Trips and manufacturing! This past fall the team visited @groceriesapparel - aka one of the raddest California-made sustainable factories there is! We learned all about their dying, sewing, and cutting manufacturing methods that make their products much more sustainable than your average brand. Next time you're on the hunt for some super soft basics and casual wear, be sure to check these guys out!👚🌎🌿


This Shoutout Saturday we're circling back to our discussion form Monday: 'What vegan, alternative leathers do you wear?' One of our favorite kinds is Piñatex, a leading fabric manufacturer for vegan leather! 🍍✨ Rockstar brand @thehfscollective uses Pinatex as a leather substitute for their bags! (Which are totally adorable, btw). Vegan fashion is important because it, among other things, reduces toxic chemicals from neighboring water systems. The less animal-based products you buy, the more you'll help our our furry friends. Check out the How to Shop for Shi(f)t guidebook for more vegan vixen inspiration. ✨ . #pinatex #pineappleleather #ethicalfashion #veganfashion #veganism #govegan #goingvegan #cueltyfree #cueltyfreefashion #veganleather #labeyondthelabel #howtoshopforshift


#TBT 2017 was the year of events, events, and events! @shechangeseverything was an amazing event that brought together sustainability, health, and ethically minded women. You may have heard founder @tarynhipwell talking, or stopped by our booth to learn more about #whatsinmytee! Were you at SHE Day? Comment below with your favorite memory! #latergram #shechangeseverything #sustainable #sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion #health #changecheerleaders #sheday #throwback #fabrics #fashion #sustainability #events


ARE YOU A SUSTAINABLE FASHION BRAND IN LA, an EXPERT or an ORGANIZATION THAT MAKES SHIFT HAPPEN? We’d like to consider putting you in the guidebook! Come meet the team. Shoppers we’d like to give you an opportunity to meet the experts and contributors. Join us and experience a day of conscious shopping at GALERIE.LA, an ethical shop with killer vintage and sustainable brands... Meet and mingle with the incredible people that made How to Shop for Shi(f)t possible along with bloggers at our mixer.... and so much more! When Sunday, March 11 12:00-3:00 Where GALERIE.LA at ROW DTLA 777 S. Alameda St Suite 192 Who We have invited each of our experts, style icons, brands and bloggers that contributed to the guidebook here today as a special thank you! Don’t miss out: Mimosas, networking, in-store raffles to win special GALERIE.LA giveaways, and 20% off all vintage. Guests will receive 20% of the How to Shop for Shi(f)t guidebook! Please RSVP at for yourself and a guest. We look forward to seeing you. Thank you again for your contribution and making shift happen! at ROW DTLA


PEEPS MAKING SHIFT HAPPEN: This Spring, Renew is teaming up with some friends to bring you the best pieces from their clothing take back program. Please join us at our one day pop-up sale in partnership with Reformation to shop affordable EILEEN FISHER design and to support a future without waste. Eileen Fisher Renew Pop-up @ Ref Vintage Fair March 10 | 10am- 5pm 8810 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90232 What is EILEEN FISHER Renew? Renew is the embodiment of EILEEN FISHER’s commitment to a future without waste. Every day, two company-owned recycling centers in Seattle, WA and Irvington, NY take back roughly 800 items of used EILEEN FISHER clothing. The team checks the quality and condition of each piece, and then gives it a good-as-new cleaning. Clothes that are still in perfect condition are resold—and given a second life. Clothes that are damaged are dyed, mended, resewn or even completely regenerated. Net profits from the sale of renewed clothes go to programs that support positive change for women, girls and the environment. #renew #eileenfisher #reformation at The Last Reformation Los Angeles


Monday Motivation by Christina Sewell, a leader at the campaigns division at PETA! We're so happy to include her wisdom in the How to Shop for Shi(f)t guidebook. There's lots of chemicals in the fast fashion industry, especially through the manufacturing of animal skins. Formaldehyde is used to keep the skins from decomposing, which in turn effect our own health by wearing them. This week we're especially motivated to seek out ethically-produced vegan fashion brands. What vegan and alternative leathers do you wear? . #veganfashion #veganism #goingvegan #crueltyfreefashion #crueltyfree #cleanfashion #nontoxicfashion #veganleather #PETA


Woohoo it's Sustainable Sunday!🌱♻️ This week's theme is "Why? Because we give a 'F'!" - starting with, why do you choose to purchase the items that you do? Is it cost, style, convenience, or do you choose items based off of ethics or sustainability? The reason WE GIVE A "F" is because your purchases can effect your health (hello chemicals and toxins!!), the health and well-being of the manufacturers and laborers, and the environment. What's your "why?"


On Monday we brought up and interesting thought: Where do clothing pieces go when they're not sold at secondhand shops? 🤔 Taryn explains how the export of secondhand clothes used to be a viable business, but that's not the case anymore. The clothes are sorted by quality then some clothes are re-sold in stores and at markets, some made into rags, some incinerated, while others pile up in landfills ouside the US. Country by country, Africa is refusing to continue being a fast fashion landfill for the US and Europe alike. Rwanda, Kenya, amd Tanzania are each in the process of banning imported secondhand clothing altogether in order to boost their own domestic clothing production. It's a complex issue that we at BtL want to address. What would the world be like if more people bought less clothing and opted for thrift shopping? 🌏 To reduce your fashion impact, we encourage you to shop secondhand to reuse fabrics and keep thrift store shops recyclin'. Today we wanna shine a spotlight on @thredUP, an awesome online resale shop. You can sell your clothing to thredUP too! Check out our guidebook for more examples of thrift stores and secondhand apps. Link in bio! . #thriftshop #thriftedfashion #secondhandfashion #slowfashion #ethicalfashion #fashionrev #socialjustice #goinggreen #gogreen #recycledfashion #upcycledfashion


It's #TBT time - we had so much fun going on a #fashionfieldtrip to the @reformation factory! There is so much to learn about sustainable fashion, and getting an insider's look was just too cool. Seeing what they do with deadstock/waste fabric give us an idea of how stylish and chic fabric recyling can be! Do you love Reformation? Comment below if you do! #throwback #reformation #fashion #sustainablefashion #sustainable #chic #ethicalfashion #fashionrevolution #fashrev #whomademyclothes #beyondthelabel #latergram


We're starting Motivation Monday off right with vegan avo toast and a light read. 👀 This week we are focusing on secondhand fashion and how we can empower ourselves to embrace thrifted finds and wear them with CONFIDENCE! 👑 Resale shops are doing their best to reduce mass amounts of textile waste. Did you know, on average, only 13% of clothes donated to thrift stores are sold? It makes us think: where does the other 87% go? In How to Shop for Shi(f)t we discuss this question, and we'll address this concept Saturday, so stay tuned! In the meantime, let's promote the recycled clothing revolution. ♻️ We want to hear from you: What's your favorite thrifted gem? . #secondhandfashion #thriftedfashion #prelovedfashion #howtoshopforshift #htsfs #fashionrevolution #breakfastofchampions #motivationmonday #foodforthought #recycledfashion at Los Angeles, California


Emma Watson has opened the eyes of the fashion elite to incredible transparent brilliant sustainable designers through her press tours and now the cover of Vogue Australia. There was also an article that stated “2017 was the year that sustainable fashion got sexy!” Woo hoo! Designers that design for a better future have a better chance of having a future given a global shift in apathetic shopping habits. Miss Emma Watson you are a 🌟 #emmawatson #vogue #australianvogue #vogueaustralia #fashionfutures2016 #futurefashionista #futurefashionista #futurefashiondesigner at Australia


Fast fashion has been in the radar for some time now. The concept of slow fashion was best executed before the 80s. Well made clothes were a requirement 80 years ago. If you were poor your clothes needed to last. You may only have 3-4 outfits and a good coat. If you were rich tailoring was examined by peers. Let’s get back to that. Wools linens and thinking #fabricfirst were imperative for survival and style. at Copenhagen, Denmark

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