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The Sustainable Apparel Coalition is leading the way to a environmentally-friendly fashion industry! ✊ By creating the Higg Index, @apparelcoalition measures environmental and social & labor impacts across the supply chain! With this data, the industry can address inefficiencies, resolve damaging practices, and achieve the environmental and social transparency consumers are demanding. Heck yea to that!! 💯 Check em out! Photo & source: ✅♻️


We want to give a Sunday shoutout to @fairclothsupply! They are an amazing sustainable brand with passion to end the global gender gap. 🌏🌿 Founder Pheobe Dahl prioritizes sustainability and empowerment of global communities in her brand! The brand has beautifully tailored pieces that offer women a sharp yet relaxed look and feel (like the model styled here!). 🙌 Without compromising on style, Faircloth + Supply keeps their production clean and fair. Check them out! What ecobrands are you loving? #makeshifthappen #howtoshopforshift at Los Angeles, California


We'd like to shout out @kirstenbrodde of Greenpeace who shared her expert knowledge in our guidebook! Dr. Kirsten Brodde is a senior campaigner for Greenpeace International. Among her many roles, Kirsten is in charge of the “Detox my fashion” campaign. Greenpeace’s Detox Campaign combines peaceful protest, creative communication, and eye-opening research on the chemicals used in the fashion industry. 🛢 We loved this image in ‘Toxic Threads: Putting Pollution on Parade’ which includes photos of fashion models juxtaposed in gnarly hazardous environments where textile many factories reside. How ironic is it to have a fashionable garment posed by waste waster disasters it ultimately produces? 🤔 Huge kudos for these stunningly thought-provoking captures! Check out @Greenpeace for more. ✊ Image credit: Qui Bo / Greenpeace #detox #detoxmyfashion


#mobileofficemonday #mobileoffice #mobileofficelifestyle #omg #fangirling #fashionrevolution #fashrevusa #sustainablefashion #sustainabledesign #sustainablefabrics #ethicalfashion #ethicalfashionblogger #miamifashion #miamifashionblogger #miamifashionweek There are some women that are created and the mold is broken because there can only be one of them. I took a very very last minute trip down to @miamifashionweek summit, which had 2 of the most incredible speakers on the panel- Sass Brown @clothingethics the author of EcoFashion (flying in from Dubai) and @carrysomers the founder of the global movement Fashion Revolution (flying in from London). Miss @laurenbfay empowered yet another US city to have a sustainable fashion voice And the engaging @gabriellasmith rallied the most incredible Miami-based EcoFashionistas. I am so looking forward to supporting the fashion revolution in Miami soon. In the world of sustainable fashion-who’s the person that makes you geek out and have a fan girl (fan boy) moment? at Miami Florida


I’m so excited to have been interviewed by Inspiring Capital. The interview is about 30 mins. Short and sweet. We covered lots of different subject pertaining to the future of fashion. It’s amazing to know that people outside of the sustainable fashion bubble are eager to learn about what Beyond the Label is up to and how we rally consumers and designers to #MakeShiftHappen. #whomademyclothes #tarynhipwell #whatsinmytee #fashionfiles #ecofashion #ootdfashion #ootd #lafashion #nycfashionblogger #nycfashionweek #lafashionblogger #metawear #laurenfay #pact #boody #greenpeace #detoxcampaign #detoxfashion at New York, New York


Fashion Revolution Week in NYC was amazing. We may simply keep posting pics for days. It’s incredible when the most important people are the coolest, most honest rock stars in the world. Shout out to one of the OG EcoDivas @marcizaroff and one of the new EcoDiva on the block @laurenbfay You both wow me. And you truly #makeshifthappen in an industry screaming for change. To the new peeps I look forward to building friendships with at @stellamccartney @therealreal and @marahoffman The most incredible thing is that there is a wonder cross now between luxury resale and sustainable designers merging to attract sustainably minded fashionistas. #sustainablefashion #veganfashion #vegan #veganfashionblogger #stellamccartney #therealreal #beyondthelabel #labeyondthelabel #metawear #laurenfay #marcizaroff #tarynhipwell #marahoffman #fashionfilms #fashionfilm #howtoshopforshift #whomademyclothes #whatsinmytee #tencel at Stella McCartney


What an incredle way to wrap up Fashion Revolution Week. @fash_revusa @fash_rev @remakeourworld @consciouschatter @triarchy @galeriela Packed house of hungry minds. What are your values? And have you ever thought to relate them to your clothes. For me, Taryn, I’m allergic to chemicals in fabric, which makes me think of how the raw chemicals effect the workers that make my clothes and the unregulated dumping that happens during the making of the clothes I choose to wear. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR GREATEST AH-HA MOMENT DURING FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK? What nugget of information shifted your thinking? Adam from @triarchy always opens my mind about the amount of water and chemicals in the denim making process, which @riverbluethemovie also spends time waking us up to how our jeans can destroy nature. Triarchy’s mission is to heal the environment, clean water and give back. Congrats on your recent awards! And thank you for sharing your knowledge on this panel and transparently on your website. #fashrevusa #galeriela #remake #whomademyclothes #whatsinmytee #makeshifthappen #beyondthelabel #labeyondthelabel #consciouschatter #triarchy #triarchydenim #wearyourvalues at ROW DTLA


We invite you to come meet the Beyond the Label team today at an official @fash_revusa @fash_rev at @galeriela at @therow. We are happy to support the @remakeourworld #wearyourvalues campaign and @Triarchy and @consciouschatter.


Everything is fun and games until somebody gets hurt. 5 years ago in in Bangladesh a clothing making factory fell to the ground killing more than 1,000 skilled working humans. These are the people that we pay to make our clothes. Fashion Revolution recognizes the failures and celebrates the success of the fashion industry. It is amazing how far we’ve come in sharing the message of how important transparency is in know what’s in your clothes and who made them. Please flip through these pics to see some of the powerhouse humans making shift happen. #whatsinmytee #whomademyclothes #makeshifthappen #labeyondthelabel #beyondthelabel #howtoshopforshift at Manhattan, New York


So great to bring LA to BROOKLYN. At the @bkaccelerator with Beyond the Label team member and How to Shop for Shi(f)t Co-author @nicholasjb, super star @benita_robledo and the incredible Amy Default. Kicking of Fashion Revolution Week NYC and gearing up for event #2 Yay! at Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator


Fashion Revolution Week starts NOW. Well, I feel like it’s a fashion revolution everyday. Beyond the Label is so excited to be partnering with some of the most incredible people making shift happen in LA and around the world. @remakeourworld @galeriela @consciouschatter @triarchy and @fash_revusa #fashrevusa #fashionrevolution #fashionrevolution2018 Check out the Fashion Revolution USA website to find events in your city. Today some of the BtL Team will be attending a @bkaccelerator event in NYC. The anticipation is filling me with such joy. Make sure to mark your calendars for April 29th to join the rest of the BtL team in LA at @therow in #DTLA downtown Los Angeles #whatsinmytee #whomademyclothes #wearyourvalues #makeshifthappen at Galerie La


HAPPY EARTH DAY! Beyond the Label had the most awesome opportunity to do an Eco Closet presentation at the Green School in Bali during their annual Sustainable Solutions Week in the middle of a tropical forest. Wow! Taryn was blown away by the curiosity, previous knowledge and openness to learn about the terrible things in fabric. #Earthday #earthdayiseveryday #greenschool @greenschoolbali #whatsinmytee #makeshifthappen #fashionrevolution #healthyfabric #happyearth Green School students trying on and admiring a jacket made from tents ⛺️ collected at #coachella that were left behind as waste. #pact #wearpact #outerknown #kellyslater #kellyslaterprosurfer #groceriesapparel #boody #wearboody #coachella #warnerbros #tencel #modal #organiccotton #recycledcotton #recycledplasticbottles #recycledplastic #bamboofabric #healthyfashion #healthyfabric #sita #sitacouture #jackjohnson at Greenschool Bali


Beyond the Label is so excited to share that we will powerfully be joining forces with some incredible sustainable fashion super stars for Fashion Revolution Week. Please join us April 29th for a day of sustainable fashion pop-ups, a panel and BtL is enthusiastically contributing some short films and sizzles/trailers that educate about healthier fashion options for yourself and your world. This is all in alignment with the RE/MAKE #WEARYOURVALUES campaign. Know what you love, look for it in your fashion, support it with your heart. at ROW DTLA


Love having Eco-dar in far off places. Spotted @repreve fabrics in @quicksilver_surf and #organiccotton and items made in Indonesia at @roxy. Yay! #seminyaksquare in #bali #baliindonesia #sustainablefashion #sustainablesurf #repreve #whatsinyourtee #labeyindthelabel


It's Sustainable Sunday! This week's theme is Fashion Finds focusing on secondhand/thrifted finds to reduce textile waste!👗👖♻️ Beyond the Label Creative Director/Graphic Designer, @allisonsherman4, found this dress for $8 at @goodwillintl! Talk about a secondhand steal! The most sustainable way to shop is to purchase something that already exists rather than buying new. What are some of your favorite thrifted finds or places to shop? Let us know - we'd love to hear about them!👚🌱


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