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Big Dre ATL.

Born N Raised In Da ATL. Single Life N Loving It 2 Da Fullest. How U Luv Dat. A True ATLien.

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Game Day. College Football 🏈 UGA N Da Bldg. Ain’t nuttin like young men playing da game of sports. I already took 1 L dis wknd I b damn I take 2. Let’s go Dawgs. Most big programs had cupcakes for da 1st game. Now it’s on playing conference games. #Reppin 4 my city #Self Made


Game Day. Y’all already know what it is. Guess Whose Back. Football season is in full effect. I’m out here reppin 4 my team. Oh yea what better way for da NFL 2 open da season up wit my boyz Dem Falcons. Yea I know we on da rd facing da champs but I like it like dat. Starting da season off on da road it builds character it shows wht we made of. Sleep up on us if u want 2, we coming 2 bring da heat up 2 Philly. Lets go Falcons. I know y’all gonna b rocking in Philly but dem dirty birds came 2 interrupt dat ring ceremony by getting a win. #Football Season is Here #Im baccccccckkkkkkkk #Self Made


Public Service Announcement. This is a PSA Sponsored by me n da good folks of Dre. New Whip Alert 🚨 Allow me 2 reintroduce my new Bey Bay (Camaro) My name is Dre pronounced D to da R to da E. Dats rt Dre not da Dr. but similar n da style no1 can do it better. I check a MF’er like I was Nike. Dis ain’t no movie Dogg dis my real life. Now b4 I finish I didn’t come here 4 da clout, I didn’t come here 4 da Notoriety, I didn’t come here 2 impress y’all. Cus 2 tell u da truth rather it’s a yr from now or 20 y’all gonna remember me. I don’t care what y’all think about me. N I ain’t never lied. Nah Dre ain’t lie. Errytime I ride down da block I look fly. I didn’t event da game I jus perfected it. I walk like a ball playa cus I am a ball playa. I got a Hu$tla’s mentality. So either u Luv me or leave me alone. #Self Made #I got a new boo n my life #Chevy wld b her name


It’s a crazy world out there & Only The Strong Gonna Survive Wit Me. It’s a Jungle out there so Y let em survive. Ain’t No Captain Save A Ho over here. I stay Sucka Free. It’s a cold world son so bundle up Nigga Ha! Keep it 💯 wit me n I’ll keep it 💯 wit U. Dis world is about wht have u done 4 me lately. My motto n life n on IG is U gonna need me way b4 I’ll ever need U. Sit on dat n marinate. So either u rolling wit me or u gonna get ur ass rolled over. I’m about Respect y’all can have dat attention. Respect lasts longer. Laughing 😂😂 @ U hating Niggas. #Self Made #Atlanta Ambassador


Miami Nightlife #Self Made


Still chillin & Still tanning. I got da tan I wanted. I’m now of a darker complexion. I think I picked up sum lbs too. Ohh well gym will see me next wk. For now let me keep eating n adding lbs on #Self Made


Miami Nightlife 1 thing I’m learning errytime I come down here is I really need 2 brush up on my Spanish cus y’all Latina woman is straight up bringing it down here. Y’all Latina ladies is bringing da spice. Ima about 2 b fluent n Spanish Ha! #Self Made


We out here jus enjoying life how it’s supposed 2 treat u. We jus sum OG’s out here living da good life. On our grown Man Shhh... Cuban Cigars n all Cohiba I hear u n da smell it’s on dat Ooohhhhwwweee #My Btothers Keeper


I’m right bac like I never left Miami I’m n da bldg. I’m over here living my life like it’s golden, I’m over here high stepping on u haters like I was Primetime bac n 92 @ da Georgia Dome. I’m over here living my best life. I’m living my life 2 da fullest n luving it a lot. I ain’t gonna let nobody take my joy away Miami I’m here #ATL Finest #Self Made


Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s out there. A young Dre & da infant Lil Dre. Boy it seems so long ago but it still feels like yesterday. Daddy love u Lil Dre. It seems like only yesterday I was holding u in my arms & now look @ u. U all grown up now, taller den ur Father. 😂😂 I know u ain’t a Lil boy anymore but u will always b my Lil man. U can have anything u dream of Lil Dre & hold onto dat dream real tight cause Sky is da Limit #Being a Father #Is da best feeling n da world #I wldnt change it 4 nothing #It made me da man I am today #We will c y’all on top


Whts a Birthday without da dinner celebration. Dis da last year of my 30’s & Ima enjoy it 2 da fullest. Sittin on stuff rt about now #ATL Finest


Gemini season is n da bldg & it’s ur boy Birthday 🎂 Da Good Lord has blessed me to c 39. Good health n wealth. I’m feeling good 2day. I got dat fresh cut n I jus jumped out da message chair. I c a lot through breads is Gemini. Gemini is da most hated sign out there n I luv it. So I wanna give a shoutout 2 my Damn self 4 always keepin it 💯 & it’s my Birthday. #ATL Finest #ATL Ambassador


Sunday Funday wit da family. I’m so competitive I don’t let my son beat me at anything. I talk junk 2 my son n he talks it rt bac. I think he got his trash talking from me. I must admit I took a L in bowling today & I cant believe It. My son let me know da whole way home. Ladies n Gentleman ur lookin @ a proud Father jus cus my son finally cut off his hair (Thank 🙏🏿 God)enough said #Going into his senior year #Fellas u alrdy know wht dat means #Ha!


So dis is how I feel about da game. They mad at me cus I’m outspoken nah I tell it like it is. Look F all dat Happy 2 b here shhh.. y’all want me on. I’m da Big Homie but y’all still trying 2 lil bro me dogg Like I shld fall in line (take sum classes or sumtin pls) Like I shld alert them whn I’m about 2 post sum crazy shh.. n not say I’m da greatest on here Like I’m not da Goat🐐 Ha! Like I shld b less aggressive n pessimistic Like I shld b way mo nervous n less dismissive Like I shld b on my best behavior n not talk my Shh... n do it major. Realizing no1 paved da way 4 me. I paved da way 4 myself. Made my own street n my own lane. Like I didn’t study my 1st pic 2 my last pic n understand I’m not doing it da same I’m doing it better. Like I didn’t make it clear dis year Like I shld feel guilty 4 telling da truth n speaking my mind. I need 2 put a couple mo mirrors n my crib so I can Feel myself. These r usually thoughts I share wit my brother but F it its worth sharing it wit da world. Yea I done made more millionaires den da lotto did but a lot didn’t come up cus dey was n dey feelings #No Holds Barred #ATL Finest #ATL Ambassador


What More can u ask 4. I done bought u quote after quote. I Laid da whole Blueprint down here. Don’t y’all 4get ima trendsetter. Changed da whole game up. I’m going in, F it I’m going in. Don’t Worry about me u can catch me n traffic (on 285 gettin High) Real Niggas do Real Things. So I do wht da F I wanna do. Any1 tryin 2 Assassinate my character ima kill dat. #Believing in My ability n Skill set #It’s called CONFIDENCE #U gotta luv ur boy #Ha!


Friday Nights In da A. U can catch me on da bac porch chillin livin da life of a Bachelor. My Swag so Sickening I got Bird Flu cus Im straight Shittin on the these Industry Niggas. These Niggas Lying n they hatin hard cus they really want my Street Cred n my Swag Ha! Dre they talkin bout u fell off, Ain’t no Horses around here, come on man fell off pls never dat. Well if u ain’t seen me by now it ain’t meant 4 u 2 c. Da Man, Da Myth, Da Legend Andre I’ve been a Star n these streets I was born a Star there’s a difference #ATL Finest #ATL Ambassador


4/20 Day is in da Bldg. Where all my Budda Smokers. Ur looking at da last of a Dying Breed A Real Nigga. A Kat came over 2 me n said Yo we thought we heard of U nah man jokes on u & ur bitting ass crew. I let da Frauds keep frontin cus u know Why? Cus I never do what they do. Ohh y’all bout 2 have me start bragging but I almost forgot I never brag how real I keep it cause it’s da Best Secret. I made it like dat, I bought it like dat, I’m living like dat. Take it in blood #Atl Ambassador #Atl Finest


Ladies dis pic is 4 y’all full length head 2 toe. I ride dirty erryday but still I shine so clean. Wow Show was crazy last night Host did his thang as usual n he still got it. It was like da Apollo in da A last night I was laughin hard till da end. If u come 2 da A u betta bring it cus we will boo ur ass off stage n walk out on ur ass. Now I was kool until I heard Fuck Atlanta I damn near lost it. I guess 1 forgot dis my city. He wasnt gettin nowhere wit dat wrinkled ass outfit on n dry ass jokes #ATL Ambassador #ATL Finest

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