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Sunset stroll in the Pryors... #horselivesmatter #stoptheroundups at Pryor Mountains


How many of you horse photogs out there mistakenly type “horse liver” every time you type the hashtag #horselover ? Eww, right? I’m not the only accidental #HannibalLecter out there, am I? at Utah


This fuzzy foal and his momma were so sweet. Hard to believe this was almost four months ago... at Dartmoor


My last trip to the Salt River was in January and on my last day there I saw this wonderful band of horses, right off Bush Highway. So curious! at Tonto National Forest


These two McCullough Peaks mustangs were very curious about me and my friend and, since a light ray pierced the cloudy sky as they were watching me approach, I was delighted! #posers at McCullough Peaks


On my last trip out west I had a chance to spend time photographing the McCullough Peaks mustangs. The roads were bad and the horses were elusive so I didn’t spend as much time with them as I’d like but meeting this bachelor stallion was a highlight. He was curious and majestic and, as you can see, very beautiful. at McCullough Peaks


If it ever stops raining here in Chicagoland I’ll be able to go outside and play too but in the meantime I’m just going to enjoy remembering these Pryor Mountains bachelor stallions playing in the wild flowers... at Pryor Mountains


I thought you all might be going through lupine withdrawal so... here you go. More of the beautiful Pryor Mountain wild horses on their wildflower-filled range. 🌼🌸🌼 at Pryor Mountains


Here’s that gorgeous grey mare again - the one who starred in yesterday’s post. She’s still gorgeous and she’s still being pursued by several rather determined young stallions...! at Utah


This beautiful grey Onaqui mare was just gorgeous and all the young stallions thought so too... at Utah


Well hello! I’m just ambling through these beautiful wildflowers on the top of the mountain... 🌸🌼🌸 at Pryor Mountains


Did somebody say the lupines were blooming?! 💕💕💕 at Pryor Mountains


These three Pryor Mountains bachelor stallions, aka “teenagers” were having a blast roughhousing in the wildflowers on the mountain last week. at Pryor Mountains


I’m still reviewing and processing images from my trip to Utah and Nevada last October (if you can believe it...I’m 6 trips behind!) but, my curiosity has gotten the best of me so I’ve been jumping around a bit, reviewing and processing my images from last week’s Pryor Mountains trip. While crowded due to the 4th of July holiday, the mountain was incredibly beautiful. These two young ‘uns were really fun to photograph. More to come... at Pryor Mountains


This lovely wild one crested the ridge and headed straight toward me last week in the Pryor Mountains. It was a chilly weekend but the gorgeous light, cloud-filled skies and fields of wildflowers along with this special herd of horses made for excellent photography. (If I do say so myself... 😉) #wildhorses at Pryor Mountains


I am sitting in a plane on the tarmac in #Denver. Boarding has been stopped. It appears the plane might be #broken. I’m trying to distract myself from yet another delay by posting to Instagram and thinking about my beloved wild horses. This one is from Utah a few weeks ago. One of my most favorite herds. Hopefully I get home soon so I can celebrate the holiday with my family. What are you all up to today? at Utah


The amazing 5th annual #outofchicago conference is over, I’ve had a day to recover and I’m off to Wyoming and Montana to photograph more of my beloved wild ones. Well... if United manages to get me there anyway. I’m looking at a 3 hour delay in O’Hare which has created a 6 hour layover in Denver. #UGH. I’ll be happy once I’m there tho, right?! Thanks to everyone who attended, volunteered for or instructed at the conference. Truly an amazing weekend. 💕💕💕 at Utah


Run baby run! at Utah

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