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I promised myself that I wouldn’t travel this year in November and December so I’m home, working, getting ready for the holidays, giving my kitties way more attention (ahem, treats) than they need and editing my 2018 images. There are still 7,000 images in my LR Quick Collection which is where I dump the images that make it through my ultra quick “first cut.” The next review takes a bit longer. And then the processing is a breeze ‘cuz if it’s not a decent image at this point in the review process, I’m no longer considering it. This image is from my trip to England in April. Every time I scrolled by it, this pony’s expression pulled me right in. I’m not sure if you can see it in the tiny Instagram version but this mare has a ton of cheeky personality. I hope she brightens up your Sunday like she does mine. • #themagicofwild at Dartmoor National Park


I’m making buttermilk waffles and bacon for dinner. With fruit and whipped cream. And um, prosecco. Because if you’re going to have brunch for a weeknight dinner, you may as well go all the way, right? I basically exist on PB&J when I’m out on the horse range so it’s nice to splurge when I’m home. Cheers!🥂 • #themagicofwild at Utah


I have this probably not so secret place I look for the Salt River wild horses at dawn. I’ve been pretty lucky finding them there about 50% of the time. That might seem like a low percentage but the foliage in this area is amazing and at dawn, as blue hour shifts to golden hour, it’s magical if the horses happen to amble by. You can imagine my excitement as this stallion lead his band towards and past us... Also, this perfectly describes a new hashtag I’ve created #nobuttsand4hooves please feel free to use that hashtag as your own!! 🙃 • #themagicofwild at Arizona


I think they’re discussing what to do for the weekend. I’m going to see The Girl in the Spider’s Web tonight, plus a sushi dinner, then tomorrow I’m having a dinner party. Apparently my plans are more fun than whatever theses stallions are discussing... What are you all up to? And hey, did you get any snow? I’m in shock. Winter wonderland over here. • #themagicofwild at Utah


The skies feel bluer to me than they did yesterday. Maybe not as blue as they could be but still. A lovely shade of blue. • #themagicofwild at Utah


Please go vote today. I’d like our world to settle gently back into a land of rainbows and unicorns (ahem, wild horses). Make your vote count🌈🦄 • #themagicofwild at Utah


One fine day I was photographing the wild ones in Utah when they stampeded because of a nearby helicopter. We looked at each other in frustration as we watched the herd disappear over a distant ridge at a rapid pace. Damn helicopters! But then another photographer (and new friend) said Hey, follow me. I think I know where they’re going. We hopped into our jeeps, drove a bit, parked and had just exited our vehicles when we heard the helicopters again. Ugh! This was shaping up to be a tricky day for wild horse photography. Seconds later we heard horses’ hooves. Loud. Thundering. Hooves. The herd crested the ridge just in front of us. Their surprised expressions matched ours as they ran toward us. We raised our cameras, shooting like crazy, and then, just before they reached us, the horses streamed right and left. Hearts pounding we looked at each other in silent awe. • #themagicofwild at Utah


I can’t remember if this stallion tête-à-tête over the cactus was a serious discussion or a greeting in passing but when I found it this morning, I swooned just the littlest bit. Two backlit grey stallions at dawn in the desert? Be still my heart! ❤️ Also: it’s fun to review images you shot months ago and have forgotten all about! at Arizona


I’m having a little bit of a love affair with the Salt River wild horses at the moment. I’ve just visited there of course but I’m also on a mission to review and edit images. I’ve finally finished 2017 so now I’m working on January 2018 and guess where I was? Yep. Arizona. Aren’t the winter colors gorgeous? at Arizona


I want to be this guy for Halloween. I’m guessing he’ll get more treats than tricks. What are you going to be? 🧡🎃🧡 at Arizona


Most of the images I see coming out of Arizona of the Salt River wild horses are of the horses on the river. Naturally. But -spoiler alert- the Tonto National Forest is a big beautiful place and the horses enjoy all of it. I love that at dawn I can photograph the horses surrounded by saguaros, at noon I can find them napping on a grassy ridge and at sunset back again in the river. So many photo opportunities; so little time... at Arizona


Well this Salt River stallion was a sexy beast, don’t you think???! at Arizona


My friend @pjkaszas thinks that these two matched white mares look like carriage horses so now that’s what I call them, “the white carriage horses.” When they move, even with the band’s baby snugged in between them, it is pure poetry. When you can get sunlight streaming through their manes too... Well, It’s like Nobel-prize-winning-poetry ☀️☀️☀️ at Utah


I imagine this foal is saying, “Mom. Mom. Mooooommm. Mom. MOM!” She had literally just settled in for a nap when her baby started pestering her for a snack. I know you moms of human and fur children alike have experienced this exactly! My other thoughts on this image are this: when you’re out shooting, don’t follow the crowd. These horses were in a huge herd surrounding a rather ugly rocky waterhole. There were more than 10 other photogs there and guess where they all were? Lined up in front of the waterhole. Some of them were on a tour and their guide probably wouldn’t let them move off on their own but if you’re out there photographing wild horses, walk away from the “obvious” location and look for that special moment that no one else can capture. I’ve seen a foal bugging his momma like this before but never with a clean background or without other horses half blocking what was happening. You could say I was “lucky” to capture this. Or you could say I was on a mission. Dedicated. Focused. Working it! Alrighty. Lecture over. Happy Sunday. Go take a nap and ignore the kids when they bug you 😊 at Utah


Tonight I’m reflecting on how different this week at home has been from last week in Utah. Last week I was covered head to toe in dust (or mud!) and bouncing around the desert in a Jeep looking for and photographing the wild ones. This week I’m covered in cat fur (lol), spinning in my desk chair, catching up on dozens of emails and cuddling my kitties nonstop. What can I say? #lifeisgood 👩🏼‍💻🐈 at Utah


Last week I was in Utah. Good stuff happened. Wild horses are amazing. What else can I say? at Utah


Let’s talk about Instagram. I use Instagram to share my work. I love to chat and see all of your work too. It’s a fun platform. I do NOT use it to evaluate the success of my work based on likes and follows but that’s a whole different discussion. Today I want to talk about this Follow/Unfollow thing. What’s the point of that? Really...I need to know. I’ve recently begun to track this. I follow everyone who follows me unless it’s a private account in which case I honor that privacy. I do my best to interact after following but hey, Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t show me some of my closest friends’ work so it’s likely I may be a “ghost” to you. Here’s the big question... what exactly is the value of following an account only to unfollow it as soon as they follow you back? Is this really about attracting advertising money? Is having 20K in followers and only following back 100 people the goal? Explain this to me. #inquiringmindswanttoknow at Utah


Clearly she thinks he has a snack worth stealing! at Tonto National Forest

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