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Equine photographer & writer. Canon 5DIV, 5DIII, 7DII, 70-200 & 100-400. Follow: @wildhorsephotographycollective #wildhorsepc Raw_Community_Member Similar users

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This Salt River wild horse was enjoying eating the tiny leaves on this tree. And being just a bit coy with me as I framed my shot. ❤️ #keepwildhorseswild at Tonto National Forest


Happy President’s Day! Hopefully you had the day off and were out photographing the wild ones. But if not, I hope you have a great night watching the #pyeongchang2018 #winterolympics. And drinking wine. Followed up by chocolate. 😉 at Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest


When I was at the Onaqui HMA in October 2017, I focused on photographing this colt and his momma. His markings were subtle and beautiful; his gestures and expressions adorable. His momma was obviously experienced at motherhood. Their bond was strong. I may have missed some “big moments” happening in the herd around them as I watched this pair but sometimes I find there’s more magic in the small moments. at Utah


Post-Valentine’s Day nuzzles. at Beaufort, North Carolina


Customer Service Announcement: Fuzzy baby animals may cause excessive happiness and an overload of giggles. #squee at Phon D Sutton Recreation Area


“Pose like this?Tail up? Or down? Is my mane ok? What about my back legs? Maybe we need to move the wind machine...” [The way I imagine a wild horse fashion shoot would go 😂] at Tonto National Forest


Depending on the time of year, you may or may not find the Salt River wild horses actually hanging out in the Salt River. When I was there last month, the river’s water level was pretty low, and forage was available elsewhere. The horses were mainly hanging out in the forest. Now, this could be a major disappointment to you if your goal was primarily to photograph the wild ones in the river. IMO, the Tonto National Forest is a gorgeous backdrop. As a photographer, you need to be careful that you don’t compose with tree branches or saguaro arms awkwardly sticking out of your horses’ heads of course! A larger aperture can help with that, making the forest look soft dreamy. Add in a pair of silly juvenile horses and you’re good to go! at Tonto National Forest


Peekaboo! This shy girl peeked at me through the bushes while I photographed her. I really enjoyed playing with the shapes the branches formed on her sweet face. at Tonto National Forest


It’s a white out here in Chicagoland today so here’s some Spring color for you, and a loving moment to go along with it. 💜💜💜 at Sable Island National Park Reserve


Dear Fellow Photographers: Horses, dogs, cats, birds etc. all have feet. Please don't cut off their sweet feet in your photographs. I'm having nightmares about all of these beautiful yet footless animals running around on their ankle bones. Thank you in advance. From: A Sleepless Animal Lover in Chicago. • • • #pleasedontcutoffmyfeetinyourphotographs at Dugway, Utah


When you were a little kid, did you ever have one of those moments where you were joking around with your friends, having an awesome afternoon and then suddenly your dad just lost it and chased you all out of the house? That is what this picture reminds me of. This stallion had absolutely had enough and he was letting these two youngsters know it! Parenting is the same across all species apparently... at Dugway, Utah


And I’m back to editing in black & white today. This one is a little grittier and harder-edged, not so dreamy as the last one. What intrigued me were the deep shadows on the sides of the hills by the waterhole, and the triangular pool of light that forms the horses’ path. Do you sense the same mystery that I do? at Dugway, Utah


I’m back to playing around with black & white images. I’m striving for more silvery tones and a dreamy feel. So...what do you think? at Dugway, Utah


I made this image in Sable Island last summer. You can see the blur of purple iris flowers that had just bloomed before I visited. I’m not gonna lie, there wasn’t any amazing light during the days I was on the island but the beautiful manes of the horses - blowing in the wind - still made for some incredible opportunities. What do you think about this stallion’s profile? at Sable Island National Park Reserve


I was going to share another new black and white image tonight but then this little guy peeked out at me while I was reviewing images in Lightroom and you know, I couldn’t say No to him 😉 at Tonto National Forest


I haven’t been doing a ton of black and white images lately but I’m working on a new series. This is an image I made this fall, in the late afternoon sun, in the high mountain desert area of Utah about two hours from SLC. What do you think? at Dugway, Utah


This sweet mare just could not figure out why we pulled up behind her in the boat and watched her for 15 minutes. It was a warm December day with beautiful light and frankly, what else would you expect a bunch of photographers to do on a Saturday morning? at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge


Hey, are we friends on Facebook? Or do you follow my Facebook photography page? Would you please go there, read the article I posted today and donate to help our wild horses? Beautiful families like this Onaqui mare and foal shouldn’t be endangered. at Dugway, Utah

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