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This is one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen when photographing wild horses. This stallion was persistent. The mare was not interested. Then suddenly the whole family was racing across the desert together. The stallion continued his quest. The mare continued her evasion. The kids were probably very confused... at Utah


Apparently in the month of May all of the purple flowers bloom across the moors of Devon. I can only guess how spectacular that is. Well. I know it’s amazing because last year when I went to Sable Island, some areas were blanketed in lovely purple blooms. It’s pretty special to see landscapes change with the seasons. I’ll have to go back to Dartmoor in May some year to see the landscape shift to brilliant purple. Luckily, this April when I was there, the typically dull-colored gorse was blooming. Gorse flowers are a bright, vivid yellow - like a farm fresh egg yolk. The ponies eat these tiny blooms and hide behind the bushes making for some lovely equine photo opportunities (if I dare say so myself). How coy is this sweet white mare peeking out from behind the gorse? at Dartmoor National Park


Here’s another chapter from the day of #poniesbehavingbadly in Dartmoor. I think this pony gave independence a good ol’ college try but eventually joined the herd on the other side of the creek... at Dartmoor National Park


One lucky day in Dartmoor I came across this group of #poniesbehavingbadly. There was a pinto hill pony stallion maniacally rounding up what looked like two groups (or bands) of ponies. Almost every pony had been gathered to the “correct” side of the river but this gorgeous grey was a holdout for a long time. He finally crossed - with the pinto hot on his heels - and joined the rest of the ponies. I think it started to rain again at this point and I ran for the car. We’ll never know if this grey mutinied against that pinto later in the day or not. 😉 at Dartmoor National Park


I’ve just come back from the #sombreroranches #greatamericanhorsedrive in Craig, CO so I might get a touch spammy with all the photos. I apologize in advance! This is an image from Day 1. A group of us photogs were standing in the corral that is a starting point for the drive itself. The horses were being collected into this corral in preparation for the 60+ mile drive to start. Now, since we paid sort of a lot for full access to photograph “the drive” most of us were standing just out of the horses path, so we could capture the most amazing images. My goals were to capture action (of course) but in a way that made sense. Layers of horses can be pretty visually confusing. I decided that, in as many cases as possible, I was going to rely on a strong triangular composition, to help clarify what was happening, while still capturing the craziness of 500 horses running in the dust. So here’s my first image for you. Many more to come. Enjoy! at Sombrero Ranches


This Dartmoor pony, galloping along the moor on a lovely spring day, fills me with such gratitude and happiness. ❤️ at Dartmoor National Park


I am crazy crabby 🦀 this morning because I am going to be sitting in airports all day trying to get to Colorado for a horse shoot. I’m trying to be thankful that I didn’t have to sleep in O’Hare last night like so many people did. These stallions were having a crabby morning when I photographed them so I thought it was a good image to share..: at Utah


Adorable Salt River colt eating a tree, image #3. at Tonto National Forest


Adorable Salt River colt eating a tree, image #2. at Tonto National Forest


Adorable Salt River colt eating a tree, image #1. at Tonto National Forest


This sweet Dartmoor foal - that I was obsessed with - was pretty brave, running around everywhere but on this day he hid behind his momma and chewed her tail. 💕💕💕 at Dartmoor National Park


When I was in Dartmoor National Park last week, I had this tiny problem- all of the ponies came right up to me to say hello. This is a problem because first, these ponies live as tho wild. They could startle, bite or kick very easily. It’s recommended to keep your distance. The ponies obviously hadn’t been told the rules because more than one came right into my chest for a snuggle...! Second, my lens won’t focus at closer than 1.2 meters. When the ponies came too close to me, I was unable to shoot. Sort of a trade off then... magical pony snuggles on one hand versus no images on the other! In this case, I was sitting on the river’s edge at Bellever Forest. I was poised to shoot the crossing each pony was making to the other side of the river. This pony was the stallion and he stood a few feet from me, staring, for several long minutes. I was able to take this shot before he stepped in too close and stared at me some more. He was a handsome fellow, and apparently quite friendly. I stayed very still so I didn’t startle him tho, and was planning my exit route, just in case. What do you do when wild or free-roaming horses and ponies come too close? at Dartmoor National Park


Is there anything sweeter than springtime babies? Well, maybe photographing springtime babies in beautiful Dartmoor. ❤️❤️❤️ at Dartmoor National Park


So I’ve been “on a break” while I was off photographing the beautiful free roaming ponies of Dartmoor National Park in Devon in England and this is my first post in weeks. It is - you guessed it - an adorable Dartmoor pony out on the moors. I’m so glad to be home - I really missed my furry little love @downtoncatty - but oh my! Dartmoor is an amazing place. Have you been? Do you love it as much as I do? at Dartmoor National Park


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Remember our two roans from yesterday? This is the moment that caused the mock fight. I tell you... stay away from gossip and fake news. No good will come of it. It even makes horses fight. 😉 at Utah


These two colts remind me a lot of my two cats rough housing. Only a lot bigger. And with hooves. In the wild. 😂 at Utah


Easy like Sunday morning 🎶❤️🎶 at Utah

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