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I felt really small standing on the edge of Preikestolen. Anybody been visiting it this summer? at Preikestolen Lysefjorden


at Molladalen


One of Geiranger’s many places to sit down and enjoy a spectacular view! at Geiranger Fjord


We just put the kayaks back on the van. Hoping for yet another awesome kayak season 😍Maybe we will try some white water kayaking this year as well 😅 This picture is from one of my best moments last year. I went out alone in the middle of the night in Reinefjorden and got perfect conditions! at Lofoten Islands, Norway


Hiking to Senja’s tallest mountain. The view from the top was insane! 🙌 @pal_and is not a fan of heights, but somehow he made it up there! Maybe it is possible to get used to heights through exposure? at Senja


Watching the northern lights, listening to the ocean with the girl you love in your arms... Perfection! at Senja


After a a rainy and stormy day, we got a golden moment just as the sun set. at Lofoten Islands, Norway


Loenvatnet. One of the most secluded places in Norway. at Loen


Djupfjorden is the perfect place to start your journeys in Lofoten. 5 minutes after driving of the ferry you'll find this wonderfull spot on your left. at Reine, Lofoten Islands


This Monday "Turistforeningen" (the Norwegian tourism association) had their 150 years anniversary. A huge thank you to everyone who volunteers maintaining the cabins making it possible to hike and travel in the Norwegian nature. This picture is from a trip me and @henrikkeoh made in connection with the 150 year anniversary book from DNT. We lived two days all alone in this cabin far up in the mountains. You can read the whole story about this place in the book. Check "my story" for a preview. at Cottage in the mountains of wester Norway


During winter, Olstinden in Reine is one of the first mountains that gets hit by the sunrise. It really makes for some good color contrast, which is always important when taking landscapes photos. at Reine, Lofoten Islands


One of the world's best feelings? Skiing down a mountain side in fresh powder. at Norway


The ramp at Bergsbotn. A perfect place to start your journeys in Senja. at Senja


Utakleiv is one of the nicest beaches in Lofoten for northern lights photography. By walking into the water you can get the waves crushing in over the rocks in the foreground and the mountains in the back. at Haukland/Utakleiv


Geiranger during summer is usually filled up by tourist. However, by driving a few minutes away from the fjord, you can get campsites like this. at Geiranger Fjord


Trollstigen. One of the most magical places in Norway. I always try to make it through here when traveling North. at Trollstigen


The snow is finally back in the mountains. Looking forward to more days like this. at Narvik


Working hard on a micro documentary from our paddle trip from Ramberg to Værøy in Lofoten. Can't wait to share the finished results ☺ anybody know which beach this is? at Moskenesøya

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