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A group based out of Las Vegas, Nevada that's all about rotary engines, Mazdas, imports, car culture and love for that sweet, sweet brap-brap! Similar users

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Now this is what we like to see! Rotaries from near and far converged at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana for SevenStock, and the highlight of the event was definitely the lap around the track. Alex was kind enough to hook up our actioncam to give the internet a first-person view! at Auto Club Speedway


What's better than one RX-8? Two! The second gen brought a fair amount of changes, and as my third 8, they were welcome. Three oil injectors? Better gearing? A fuel pump that doesn't shit itself? Yes please! at Henderson, Nevada


Oh I see you Suijin! My second RX-8 had a very cool look with the Knightsports front bumper, and it kept my love for the 8 going strong. Hope to see it at RotorCon! at Las Vegas, Nevada


The one that started it all! Mazda's first mass market rotary vehicle, the Cosmo, has looks that showcase what a car company can do when they think outside of the box. This is why SevenStock is THE place for rotary heads! at Auto Club Speedway


Rotary engines are only as good as those that work on them, and @officialdnagarage is top notch! For the Vegas locals, they even offer a promotion where they'll have your car towed down for service, and fly you to OC to pick it up. Talk about courtesy! We'll see you in a few months for RotorCon at DNA Garage


We feeble humans ask for a lot. There's a lot around us to be thankful for! Food, oxygen, and the spinny insanity that is the Wankel. It was sent from above! at Las Vegas, Nevada


It's coming up soon! RotorCon 2018 is gonna be bigger, better and brappier than last year, with new vendors and a streamlined schedule. Save the date, weekend of April 14th. Bring your rotaries and enjoy the weekend with us! at Orleans Arena - Las Vegas


It's tonight! Our monthly Second Saturday meet is at 8PM at Miller's Ale House in Town Square. And we have a special guest attending, @brapbox ! If you have a rotary or like them and are in Vegas, we'd love to see you tonight. #lasvegas #nevada #vegaslocals #townsquare #vegas #millersalehouse #brapbox #carmeet #carevent #rx7 #rx8 #rotary #rotaryengine #mazda #mazdaflow #mazdamovement #saturday #getready #monthly #mazdalife #mazdafamily #rotarylovers #13b at Miller's Ale House


We see you Samuel! Even though this 8 isn't brapping like it used to, we love seeing some personality in people's builds. And what's more unique than the itasha style? Keep it up! at Auto Club Speedway


When On pulls in, everybody knows! The track-focused FD is loud, brash, stripped, and we wouldn't have it any other way. at Tenaya Creek Brewery


Decades between them, but so much in common! Lightweight, rotary powered and focused on the driving experience. Great to see a few snapshots in the half century of rotary history. at Silverton Casino


The thing we heard the most from our SevenStock booth was "damn!". This FD was the ichiban here in Vegas, and even though it was sold (for a lot of money lol) it's gonna be back brappier than ever! at Auto Club Speedway


SevenStock is the place for those that want to see the serious side of rotary engineering! These classics made Mazda known worldwide for their racing prowess, and we can't get enough. at Auto Club Speedway


It's common knowledge Yoda gives great advice. Who are we to argue with him? The RX-7 is, to us, the epitome of motoring greatness. If you have one and live near Vegas, join the group! at Las Vegas, Nevada


Talk about unique! @lemdoy has put together a great-looking S2. Add in some Knightsports and Auto Exe parts and you have this red-on-black sexiness... at Buena Park, California


When the Utah rotary heads come down, they come correct! Gorgeous FDs, a Slick 8 and even a Suzuki RE5 because why not? Add a little sunset and you get this 🤤 at Orleans Arena - Las Vegas


Lucky 7 is known near and far for their rotary builds, and this FC was no different! SevenStock was the place to be got those of us that dream of spinning triangles. at Auto Club Speedway


It's polarizing, it's not common, and it's definitely unique! Ben's RX-8 was looking sharp at RotorCon 2017, and 2018's is shaping up to have more unique rotaries of all generations. at Orleans Arena - Las Vegas

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