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A group based out of Las Vegas, Nevada that's all about rotary engines, Mazdas, imports, car culture and love for that sweet, sweet brap-brap! Similar users

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Daily fix of rotary goodness..

With weather as nice as we've had recently, it's always nice to drop the top and brap it up! And what better way than with a mm mm. at Orleans Arena - Las Vegas


We're not ones to cast judgement, but maybe think twice before saying blasphemous things about the beloved rotary engine. Hallowed be thy brap!


It's a toy come to life! @legends702 went from having a stock FD to a bonafide SEMA show car modeled after a diecast car. Very cool transformation! at Las Vegas, Nevada


R.I.P, Suijin! She was a standout car here in Vegas and I was lucky to own her for a bit before her next owner saw her untimely demise. Now her aftermarket bits are in many other Vegas 8's. at Las Vegas, Nevada


Jonathan shows up the right way with the red FD! We love being able to check out the craftsmanship in person when it shows up at the car shows here in Vegas, and it's always a little better than the last time. at Silverton Casino


As they say, don't judge a book by its cover! Our little rotaries don't displace a whole lot, but damnit do they like some boost. Builds like this really show off the potential of the wacky wankel. Lots more RotorCon 2018 content coming up! at Orleans Arena - Las Vegas


This was a few years ago when I still had my first RX-8, and it had some grey friends! DNA Garage has always been my go-to for my rotary needs, even after I moved to Vegas. at DNA Garage


Mazda was the little car brand that could, and the first gen RX-7 had the little engine that could! I always like checking out the classic lines of these cars, and RotorCon 2018 had a lot of them on display. at Orleans Arena - Las Vegas


I don't know what she's talking about, it's music to our ears! That pulsing, brapping symphony is something the rotary community knows to appreciate, and we want to hear MORE BRAPS. at Las Vegas, Nevada


It won for a reason! @justinrx7 has been working on this FC for what seems like forever, and every time we see it we can see the love and dedication to the brap life. Congratulations on the RotorCon 2018 trophy! at Orleans Arena - Las Vegas


@socalallrotary was definitely representing at RotorCon 2018 this year! @parismatasomething brought out the always-recognizable 8, and it caught the attention of attendees and photographers. at Orleans Arena - Las Vegas


The desert makes for some great car shots, and while Vegas has the bright lights and the big city, scenery like this is a little drive away! at Las Vegas, Nevada


The RX-7 wouldn't be what it is without the successes of the previous gens! The RX-4 is a gorgeous Japanese pony car, with Pete working hard to make it better and better. Brappiest at RotorCon 2018? Yep! at Orleans Arena - Las Vegas


Wanted to show some love to one of the @socalallrotary organizers, Mr. @lemdoy ! His S2 RX8 may as well be a special edition that Mazda was too foolish not to make amazing machine. Thank you for bringing it to RotorCon 2018!


Look ma, I made it! @epitroch was gracious enough to fly in for RotorCon 2018, and with the release of his S2 sohn kit, he was able to use my R3 as his display car. Can't wait to install the kit! at Orleans Arena - Las Vegas


Every gearhead should have the experience once in their lives! The culmination of the RX-7 lineage came with the FD, and many (like us) count it among the best vehicles ever built. at Las Vegas, Nevada


We're a little partial, but the last of the RX-7s was arguably the best JDM of all time. Light, quick, weirdly powered, boosted and GORGEOUS. And what's better than an unmodified example? at Orleans Arena - Las Vegas


Lowered? Check. Aftermarket wheels? Check. Great paint? Check. Rotary engine? Check. Looks like all the things we like when we think of our favorite vehicles! at Orleans Arena - Las Vegas

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