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A group based out of Las Vegas, Nevada that's all about rotary engines, Mazdas, imports, car culture and love for that sweet, sweet brap-brap! Similar users

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Word is this 8's gonna look different come SevenStock, so let's just check out the gorgeous blueness of it before the transformation arrives. Never get tired of this unique s1!


Video is pretty blurry but you can see a decent view of Mr. Burla's stock FD doing what it does best! He beat all other stock cars that day, and with that 13b-rew, it's no wonder pistons couldn't top his time. at Silverton Casino


No school like the old school! Lito's Savannah was looking slick and sitting pretty at this month's Second Saturday. In a sea of modern and modified vehicles, a stock classic JDM is refreshing! at Silverton Casino


You gotta know what you're getting into when you pick up a rotary, and while proper maintenance keeps them going for a long time, you should always know the costs when the worst happens. Don't get caught unaware! at Las Vegas, Nevada


2011 saw the last year of the RX-8, and the R3 was the most performance-focused version of it. In the last year, only 132 examples were produced in the US and only in that gorgeous red. Thanks to @pjdmedia_ for the gorgeous photography! at Henderson, Nevada


What are the Las Vegas All Rotary gearheads up to? Check it out! From engine rebuilds and swaps to upgrades and repairs, the guys and girls are staying busy to hopefully bring out the brappy beasts to the upcoming SevenStock. Keep at it, LVAR peeps! at Las Vegas, Nevada


Mr. Burla kicked many asses at the autocross event happening next to this month's Second Saturday venue, beating many modified cars with a stock car from decades ago! The FD had a few hiccups on the track, so the LVAR guys descended on it to make sure she was alright. A rebuild could be around the corner! at Silverton Casino


Have a love for the rotary, but need a truck to take things around? The REPU was the solution! Mazda didn't even have these back home in Japan, and they get great attention when they show up. This REPU was sold a few years ago, and we hope the owner is having as much fun driving it as we had checking it out. at Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel & Casino


Jonathan is competing in Tuner Battlegrounds with his 1994 FD a.k.a. the brappy Bella! He needs our support so please copy the URL below and vote for him by clicking the yellow star (one vote per day). We're rooting for you, Mr. Togans! at Las Vegas, Nevada


Babes and braps, the first Rotorcon had both in spades! This s2 RX-8 from SoCal looked fantastic all by itself, but add in some Vegas magic with the showgirls and it got that much better. at Orleans Arena - Las Vegas


Mr. Luong's FD is a great example of an unmolested RX-7, and we're glad to see it when he brings it out! Recently a company offered to make his car a showcar with all the mods and add-ons if he paints or wraps the car white. Yay or nay? Stock or modded? DECISIONS. at Las Vegas, Nevada


We gotta have a little patience with our rotary vehicles, they have...quirks. But a redline a day keeps the mechanic away! And half an ounce of premix per gallon of fuel is good practice. Don't incur the wrath of Vader. Don't sell that rotary! at Las Vegas, Nevada


Things don't get much better than a right hand drive RX-7 that's older than the first US model. The Savannah was showing off its brappy self at this month's Second Saturday meet, and getting all the attention! at Silverton Casino


This Samurai is not like other Samurai....this one has trained in the art of the brap! A great swap with attention to detail, and a blast to cruise in. Let's see if it shows up at today's monthly meet! at Las Vegas, Nevada


The G.O.A.T., the legend, the epitome of 90s Japanese motoring, the FD RX-7. Stock or modded, it's a car that never goes out of style. SevenStock is coming up, and we can't wait to see more FDs from all over! at Auto Club Speedway


Our monthly event, Second Saturday, is happening Saturday evening and we're attending the Elite Tuner showcase at the Silverton Casino! To the locals and people that are in town, meet up with us and enjoy a car-filled evenings. Tickets are $15 pre (, $20 at the door. See you there! #lasvegasallrotary #lasvegas #nevada #carmeet #carevent #silverton #rx7 #rx8 #elitetuner #slammedenuff #vegas #saturday #weekend #carshow #event #allrotary #seeyouthere #jdm #carscene #meetup #fun #rotarypower #car #cars #rx at Silverton Casino


It's classic, it's brappy, it's the RX-3! This was many years ago at one of the WHiV events here in Vegas, and we're always glad to see the rotaries that stared our current obsessions. at Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel & Casino


Our Tuesday is looking pretty teal with Mr. Mataiumu's gorgeously wrapped s1 RX-8! We caught up with him and Jess at the SCAR bbq and it's nice to see them, the 8, even her tastefully modded miata. at Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

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