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💗 FREE WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT 💗 Friends, I am offering a two-day free workshop in Cairo, Egypt. This is an extension of my "It's Personal" workshop series - exploring your intimate relationship with photography as a documentary tool. This opportunity is for photographers of any level to spend two intense days with me in a group setting understanding what it is you want to express with your images. This workshop is open for all, however priority will be given to Egyptian participants. Location: Cairo, Egypt Date: August 10 & 11, 2018 Limited to 10 participants only To apply, pls send an intro to yourself, a portfolio of 10 photographs and a brief text about your work to [email protected] Deadline to apply is July 28, 2018. اعلان ورشة عمل مجانية: الاصدقاء, اقدم لكم ورشة عمل مجانية لمدة يومين في القاهرة, مصر. هذا امتداد لسلسلة حلقات العمل الخاصة ب "انها شخصية" استكشاف علاقتك الحميمة مع التصوير الفوتوغرافي كاداة وثائقية. هذه الفرصة للمصورين من اي مستوى لتقضي يومين مكثفة معي في مجموعة تحدد ما تريد ان تعبر عنه بصورتك. وهذه حلقة العمل مفتوحة للجميع, بيد ان الاولوية سوف تعطى للمشاركين المصريين. المكان: القاهرة, مصر التاريخ: اب / اغسطس 10 و 11, 2018 محدود الى 10 مشارك فقط لتقديم طلب, يرجى ارسال مقدمة الى نفسك, وهي حافظة من 10 صورة ونص موجز عن عملك الى [email protected] الموعد النهائي لتطبيقها هو 28 يوليو 2018. at Cairo, Egypt


Thoughts that Come .. Then They Go - Menorca, Spain 14/7/2018 #AllSaidAndDone at Ciudadela, Islas Baleares, Spain


On My Way to be at One with the Sea - Skies Between Madrid and Menorca, Spain 13/7/2018 at Menorca Airport


A Star in the Sea .. A Short Story - written in Madrid, Spain 11/7/2018 Last year I came down this road looking for an old friend. I didn't realize at the time that this surprise visit would mean more than what I had in mind. I walked up and down the street more times than I recall. From the main street to my hotel, I turned right onto the pathway along the river, then straight through the town's tulip garden. My stomach was warped in anticipation of the look in my friend's eyes. I walked until my feet could no longer carry me. I spotted the red door. It was my landmark. Night had replaced day when I saw my friend standing in the window. My heart melted. I wondered how we drifted apart. Above us dangled a golden diamond from the sky. Across the way I saw a twinkle in the sea. A boat, a guiding light, a dream or a star in the sea? It must be a sign. My friend and I, we had a telepathic connection. We often joked that at birth our souls were joint cosmically ... poetically ... serendipitously. There I was. Brave and impulsive. Scared. Happy yet apprehensive. I didn’t know where to go with my feelings. I lingered knee deep in memories. Is it going to be the same? I mustered some strength and walked gently up the three steps I spent my childhood running over. One time I broke an ankle, another I fractured an arm. I rang the door bell. Once ... Twice ... Five times. My heart sank to my knees. I looked up at the window one more time. My friend was no longer there. The lights were off, the red door had turned blue, the bright star drowned in the sea. There was silence. Half way down the road I heard a long lost voice say to me: “Did you see the star in the sea?” I smiled. That was the day I understood if it’s meant to be, it will be. The End. by Laura El-Tantawy #KeepLookingForward at Madrid, Spain


FROM MY ARCHIVE 🌟 Boy in the Fountain, early London work from the series “Four Seasons in One Day”. #SentimentalTuesday #LauraElTantawyArchive at London, United Kingdom


The Last Trip We Took .. A Floating Memory - Jurassic Coast, UK 8/7/2018 #AllSaidAndDone at West Bay, Jurrasic Coast


As We Drift Apart - London, UK 7/7/2018 #AllSaidAndDone at London, United Kingdom


After Our Last Goodbye .. Now What of Tomorrow? - London, UK 6/7/2018 #AllSaidandDone at London, United Kingdom


When It’s Over, One Feels Disarray .. A Deep Darkness With A Shimmering Light - London, UK 5/7/2018 #AllSaidandDone at London, United Kingdom


FROM MY ARCHIVE 🌟 Beyond Here Is Nothing | self published in 2017 in edition of 500 | Photography & texts: Laura El-Tantawy | Design & book concept: -SYB- | Lithography Colour & Books | Hand Bound by FopmaWier boekbinderij | ISBN: 978-0-9932876-1-9 Sybren Kuiper (-SYB-) on Design & Book Concept: "There are many photo books produced about the world around us. Books about the physical world we live in. About buildings in Sao Paulo, gay marriages in Amsterdam, food cults in Italy, an upcoming neighbourhood in New York City, sex trafficking in Thailand, a revolution on a famous square in Cairo. Books about “things” that reflect light and therefore can be photographed. There are far fewer books about our inner world. Books about the absence of something, because well… how do you photograph that? When Laura asked me to design the book for her new project “Beyond Here Is Nothing”, I was intruiged. The project was, except for the quality of photography, totally different from “In the Shadow of the Pyramids”. In a way, it was a book about absence. The absence of belonging, the absence of home. The emotional vacuum of being in transit all the time. Being somewhere but never completely. About the mind franticly trying to fill the hole in ourself with impressions but never quite succeeding. In my mind the avalanche of images Laura sent me for her new book should be just that. Very present but illusive at the same time. Non linear. Chaotic. Multi-dimensional. Multi-interpretable. Images making new connections with other images all the time, without ever revealing what they are really about, because they slip away in every direction possible but never the same. In that sense it is a lonely and emotional book not withstanding the staggering amount of stunning pictures. A Pandora's Box. Open it up and all the demons of loneliness are set loose to haunt the reader, confronting him or her with their own feelings of not belonging, but also with the beauty of it." #selfpublishing #bookart #lookingback #sentimental #lauraeltantawyarchive at London, United Kingdom


Pigeons Light the Sky - Duke Riley’s “Fly by Night” - Thamesmead, London, UK 22/6/2018 #meditativeart #beautiful at Thamesmead East Bexley, London


Sunny Day Swim - Brighton, UK 16/6/2018. at Brighton Palace Pier


Leaves in Suspension .. A Minimal Observation - Brussels, Belgium 14/6/2018 at Place du Jeu de Balle


Contemplation in Green & Red - Between Paris, France & Brussels, Belgium 13/6/2017 at Picardie, France


Oil & Water Street Abstract - Paris, France 11/6/2018 at Pigalle


Clouds on Fire - Skies Over Lima, Peru 27/4/2018 #thankful at Lima, Peru


Giza Pyramids from Above - Skies Over Cairo, Egypt 12/4/2018 at Cairo, Egypt


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