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2019 Goal: Wear more color! 💃🏼🧡🎉🦎🌎 . Small wardrobe | Big style . The Clean List of 900+ sustainable brands drops 2/14! Sign up free! ⤵️ Similar users See full size profile picture

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My 2019 goal is to wear more color, and since I frequently recommend taking selfies to my styling clients, I'm going to take my own advice! . I’m wearing Newport News shorts swapped from my MIL, an @anntaylor cami that I dyed orange with onion skins and then cropped, @ninewest kicks from @thredup, and a @kotn sweatshirt. @Kotn works with Egyptian cotton farmers to help them transition to organic farming! . About selfies >> I love outfit selfies because looking at a photo gives you a different perspective from looking in the mirror. Looking in the mirror, we get hung up on little details, like that weird part of my leg that doesn't tan (not pictured). Looking at a selfie lets you check out the outfit as a whole and be more objective! And if you save them into favorites, it's easy to keep track of your lewks. at Miami Beach, Florida


THIS HAT IS GARBAGE!♻️The brim is made from recycled ocean plastic, and the fabric is deadstock organic cotton. So cool, right? Thank you,!! . GUYS, I have been working my buns off, assembling a Clean List of the 900+ ethical & sustainable brands, like Topiku, that I have discovered so far. The Clean List drops on Feb 14, my Valentine's day gift to you! Sign up for your free copy - link in my bio!! . Ok, back to the hat! I nearly always wear a cap outdoors bc my mom raised me to have a healthy fear of the sun (her opinions are summed up excellently in Ali Wong's first Netflix special), and bc caps are superb ponytail anchors. Topiku nails it on both of my main criteria, and I can tell this will be a new favorite. 😍 at Old Station Cafe _ Calle Ocho


GOOGLY EYES ARE THE NEW BLACK, PT 2: Renting has made me realize the joy of statement neutrals: a plaid coat that matches as many outfits as my black one, a googly eyed purse that I didn't take off until I returned it, rainbow chandelier earrings that made my want to trade out my diamond studs for the first time in weeks! . Having a leaner wardrobe doesn't have to mean wearing only neutrals - unless you want it to. :) . I'm wearing the Amalie top from @gai_lisva_brand, and @apieceapart apart skirt and @anyahindmarch bag from @renttherunway at Miami Beach, Florida


We're living in a golden age of denim. Do you remember any other time when wide leg, skinny, flare, boyfriend, or mom jeans were all considered stylish? I love how personal style is becoming the new trend. . Thanks @boyishjeans for sending me these cute boyfriend jeans with the waist detail! Boyish uses sustainable materials, including recycled cotton! . About recycling: Each time a fiber is recycled (broken all the way down & then built back up into new threads), the fiber gets a little shorter. Wood fibers can be recycled once. Cotton fibers can be recycled 3-4 times!! So don't throw out your groady tees! Recycle them!! Sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals, via @therealreal, and the cami is the old @anntaylor one that I dyed pink with beets over xmas. at Miami Beach, Florida


Thanks for teaching me to skate backwards. :) at Basement Miami


I found a natural sunscreen that doesn’t make me look like a ghost! Exciting news bc I wear sunscreen almost every day, thanks to my mom stoking a healthy fear of the sun into me. (Her views on sun are summed up perfectly in Ali Wong’s first Netflix special.) Holla @beautycounter for always having my back & for not killing reefs. Link in highlights! Happy Friday!! at Miami Beach, Florida


I’m digging how velvet feels so right now, but it's also retro, and sometimes it also seems futuristic? As a kid, I always thought velvet clothes would be better "the other way", fuzzy side in. But this vegan bomber from @legendsandvibes changed my mind!! The inside is even silkier than the outside. Shop L&V at @veganscene! at Miami Beach, Florida


Fran lives entirely in verbs: leaping, licking, noshing, bounding, snoozing. I love this delightful little creature.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I'm wearing the Sima organic cotton shorts and Nikita organic cotton top, gifted by @gai_lisva_brand, which brings a whole new meaning to day-to-night, since it’s meant to be a pj top, but it’s so soft that I’ve paired it with jeans and worn it out!! It has renewed my faith that buttondowns can be fun & cozy.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #gailisvabrand #gailisvamoment at Miami Beach, Florida


Googly eyes are the new black; change my mind! . . I'm wearing the wool & viscose Amalie top gifted by @gai_lisva_brand (Denmark, ships to EU). Wool is the original baselayer, naturally warm & wicking! FYI, the Amalie runs small! This is a medium & I usually wear US 4. . Paired with an @apieceapart wrap skirt and @anyahindmarch bag from @renttherunway. I don't think I took this bag off for at least 4 days straight through. Googly eyes are so versatile. . #gailisvabrand #gailisvamoment at South Beach, Miami


It’s the last day of fall, and the last 10 brands of #FALLintoSUSTAINABILITY!! . @leftedit is the new collection from @kestrelee, that made me realize that design could be a feminist statement - that clothing can liberate and empower you. More on that later! . @marahoffman's prints feel alive, and Mara herself is so charming and down to earth on her Instagram. . makes gorgeous eveningwear and earned the Butterfly Mark from . @whatlydiamade has been one of my favorite Insta accounts to follow for several months. Lydia designs and produces beautiful, size inclusive lingerie, up to a 38J or 52D. . @gennyofficial makes cute rompers and dresses for everyday! . @ullajohnson makes dreamy, romantic boho dresses and separates. . @foeanddear makes stunning jewelry. I've barely even touched on jewelry so far, and it's a field I LOVE! . @wearfranc makes comfy tees and tee shirt dresses right outside Toronto. . @groceriesapparel makes comfy basics in LA. . Last, but definitely not least, @officialjpl makes stunning white shirts inspired by moments in history when women were powerful! . GUYS. I still have so many great brands that I want to share - and even more so, I want to share brands that aren't perfect, but that are paying fair wages and producing some sustainable garments. . Think about it! If you go vegetarian, you don't stop going to your favorite Italian restaurant. You just ask the chef to make you an eggplant parm. Mmmm... eggplant parm. . It's the same with sustainability. If we support brands that are paying a fair wage, and we cherry-pick the natural fiber and recycled fiber garments, brands will be incentivized to produce more natural and recycled options next season. And slowly we can change the world. :) at Miami Beach, Florida


@findlayco just launched on kickstarter, and their veggie-tanned leather bags are absolutely beautiful. I'm really looking forward to using mine regularly and watching the patina develop over time. Kickstarter link in stories! . @allbirds are cozy Kiwi sneakers made from wool and natural materials. . @eileenfisherny is one of the heavy hitters in sustainability, and delightfully, also carries plus and petites. . @banjanan makes dreamy boho resort wear. . @stellamccartney helped make sustainability and veganism mainstream! . @efbridal makes gorgeous vintage style bridal gowns right in New York City. Did she set out to be a sustainable designer? Probably not, but it just happens that she uses all natural materials and fair labor practices to create her ethereal designs. . @araksofficial makes bold swimwear and slightly kooky but charming lingerie. . is the newbie that's shaking up the cashmere market! Their direct to consumer model keeps prices low, wages fair, and goats happy and healthy. . @misha.nonoo makes luxury garments to order, which means they are the perfect fit for you, and there's no inventory or waste. One of the themes at @remode was that made-to-order or just-in-time manufacturing will be one of the major fashion innovations in the near future. . @vettacapsule designs capsule wardrobes of items that transform. So the dress in the photo can be worn as a dress, as a blazer, or the sleeves can be removed and it can be worn as a shift or a vest. The clothes are really cute on their own merits, and can be purchased individually, or as 5-item capsules designed to go together. It's genius. . Brands 81-90/100 of #FALLintoSUSTAINABILITY at Miami Beach, Florida


I finally made it to @Antidotesworld, and it’s a millennial pink paradise of sustainable fashion! . (1) I am wearing @carleen_us jeans made in NY. (They run small FYI – I’m wearing a size 8 and I’m usually a 4 or a 26/27.) . (2) @Wylde works only in recycled fibers – and according to the buzz at @Remode, recycling could be the future of fashion! Example: Viscose fabric is made from wood pulp. It can ALSO be made from old cotton, and there’s actually enough “waste cotton” (stained old t shirts) in circulation to make all the viscose the US needs for a year, and save 150 million trees! #thegoodnews . (3) Does anyone else LOVE a raffia bag?? @A.a.k.s . (4) @colorant_official uses natural dyes and fibers to make deliciously soft velvet pieces that will keep you warm on New Years Eve (heck yes, sleeves!). . (5) @EliGritaOfficial and Antidote collaborated on a line of deadstock leather handbags, made in Paris, inspired by the vibrant heartbeat of Wynwood, Miami. . (6) @hatori_newyork veggie tanned leather bags are made in NY, inspired by the Arms and Armor exhibit at the Met! .(7) @kayudesign sculptural shell bags are made from straw in the Philippines. If this feels like a lot of straw and raffia for December, I want to show that if you don’t want to carry leather, there are plenty of biodegradable fabric, wood, raffia, etc. alternatives that aren’t vegan leather (plastic). . (8) @luzcollection makes organic cotton swimwear. Which I realize, takes a minute to dry. Now – please don’t panic –there was buzz at @remode that fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles release a toxin when they are warmed up next to your body. I have not been able to find supporting research, and I’m not purging my wardrobe, but I am being cautious about acquiring new recycled plastic items. Natural fibers will be my first choice. . (9) @MaggieMarilyn is an awesome NZ-based ethical streetwear brand. . (10) @susistudio, gorgeous shoes in recycled denim! Brands 71-80/100 of #fallintosustainability at Antidote


I nominate my friend, hair stylist, agent, and my own fairy godmother, @kendragassner to be #fairygodmothered by @renttherunway and @jvn, and receive a year of RTR Unlimited! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Kendra is one of the hardest-working people I know, managing her salon as well as a full time job doing on set hair and makeup for a major retailer, and never missing a dance recital, track meet, or PTA meeting for her beautiful kids. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Kendra also launched my career as an on set tailor and stylist, changing the course of my life, and I am forever grateful. She deserves a beautiful endless wardrobe to match her gracious heart.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Who is someone that you would love to #FairyGodmother?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For every nomination, Rent the Runway is making a donation to @dressforsuccess to help more women thrive in work and life!!


MEN'S DENIM GUIDE, NOW LIVE & SHOPPABLE! Lurk on it in my stories or my highlights! . Guys, this took a ton of work and I'm so proud of it. I cherry picked my favorite styles from sustainable and ethical men's denim brands all over the globe, and then ordered them from Skinny >> Slim >> Straight >> because your girl is nothing if not Type A. . Swipe through to see just a couple of the styles on the guide, and head over to my stories to see the full thing! . Womens and kids guides are coming reallllly soon! What other shoppable guides do you want to see? Party outfits? Sweaters? Winter outerwear? . Wearing @lifeafterdeathdenim and an old @anntaylor shell that's wayyy past 30 wears. at Miami Beach, Florida


**GIVEAWAY CLOSED** Congratulations @malloryannb21!! EARRING GIVEAWAY because @thelunary_ is live!! .(USA only) To celebrate, The Lunary is donating 3% of profits to the humane society AND you can have 20% off orders with HBDLUNARY. So SO GOOD!! . Back to the giveaway! These giveaways are so fun, I love sharing my favorite goodies with you guys! . @thelunary_ and I are teaming up to give away a pair of these multicolored acetate earrings by @shopmachete. They're the perfect statement neutral, and you can either keep them for yourself, or give them to somebody with really really good taste for the holidays. . I love these earrings because they are made of acetate, with is light and durable like plastic, but is actually made from wood pulp. They are environmentally friendly and will biodegrade in the future. . To enter, follow @thelunary_ (you probably want to go check out their new site anyway, right??) and comment below. Comment the name of your first pet! Or your favorite game growing up (anyone else obsessed with Skip-It)! Or the last time you went Rollerblading! Or you can tag a friend if you are feeling generous. Each comment is one entry. . Giveaway closes on Thursday Dec 13 at midnight Miami time. I guess I'm supposed to say that this giveaway is not being presented by Instagram? But you already know that. It's being presented by me and @thelunary_ because we love you, care about you, and want you to have cool acetate earrings. And because we want to hear fun stories about your childhood pets and toys. at Miami Beach, Florida


Another amazing Basel in the books! Thank you so much @lisaaviva for dressing my friend & art advisor, @tracykinnally, for the fairs - we never miss Untitled, NADA, a quick visit to the Perez, and of course the big fair. . Lisa designs a line of luxury skirts, dresses, and stunning jackets for women size 10+. I couldn't resist accepting this fun opportunity to be able to work with her clothes firsthand. . The reason I love styling is that there's always a moment when someone puts on the outfit that make them feel beautiful and confident, turns to the mirror, and realizes they look great. And their glow finishes the outfit. No styling trick can fake true confidence. Thanks, Lisa, for absolutely nailing it. . First look - Tracy in the A Line dress. . Second - Requisite boomerang of champagne at the opening of the @untitledartfair. . Third - Tracy glamming it up on the patio of #untitledartfair in the Boatneck Top and A Line skirt. . Fourth - Me selfie-ing with a piece made from upcycled jeans, inspired by how jeans are both a great equalizer and also an indicator of status. Piece from @galeria.rosa.santos of Valencia, Spain. . Fifth - Tracy in the Boatneck Top & Midi Skirt before heading to the fairs. . Sixth - Me camouflaging in with the art, at @nadamiami fair, my favorite. @newartdealers . Seventh - Tracy in the Round Neck Perfect Tee and High Waisted Skirt. Tracy loved this tee so much that she called me after her fitting with Lisa to rave about the fabric. . Eighth - A delightfully sassy sculpture, again at #nadamiami, by @przezwa, represented by @dawid_radziszewski_gallery of Warsaw. I was in love with all of her pieces! . Ninth - Tracy checking out works by @hannahperryhannahperry at @galerie.kandlhofer's booth. . Tenth - Tracy and @hannahperryhannahperry, discussing the inspiration for Hannah's work. at Miami Beach, Florida


This is me realizing I've gotten a little behind sharing 100 sustainable brands with you this fall, and there's less than 2 weeks left until winter!! Swipe to meet brands 62-70/100 of #FALLintoSUSTAINABILITY . @hotelvetements was one of my earliest discoveries! They transform vintage hotel linens and curtains into gorgeous jackets and shirts. . @kilnapparel tailors carefully, and works in sustainable fabrics in LA. Also, their mascot seems to be a rooster, which is also our mascot. It's a story for a later date. . @prolongscotland upcycles jeans, paragliding material, and other fabrics into totes and drybags. They are beautiful, and I can always use another drybag!! . @yatay makes sneakers from natural and waste products! . @mila.vert makes work-to-night essentials that are easy to mix and match. . - Romantic, mostly tea length vintage style dresses made in London. . @lessublimes - Essentials that are way cooler because they're French. I want to live inside their editorials. . @moktaani - Gorgeous Mexican-made statement jewelry and textiles, fair trade of course. . @vkarellas makes knitwear that borders on art. And when you think about it - knitwear is inherently very low waste! at Miami Beach, Florida


This fanny pack (by @thehfscollective) is made from pineapples! . I was thinking about how it used to be such a treat when a great boutique moved into my neighborhood - it's such an effortless way to discover new brands! . When @thelunary_ reached out to me about the launch of their web shop, which mixed brands I know and love (@dl1961denim, @thehfscollective) with new-to-me brands that I liked right away (@shopmachete, @sloanejewelrydesign, @laucausaclothing), I jumped on board! . @thelunary_ launches next Monday, December 10! Head over to their IG so that you will be the first to know. :) . And if you'd like to read me rambling about how we are entering a new era of sustainable fashion, wherein curation will help us discover brands that fit our respective aesthetics - head to my bio to read my latest article! . @theHFScollective and @mate_the_label are #fallintosustainability brands 60-61/100! at Miami Beach, Florida

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