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Truck It | If you ever find yourself in a heavy situation, feeling overwhelmed and alone, don’t be afraid to reach out to those around you. There will always be good people to support you, to help lighten the load and drive you forward. And maybe one day, you might return the favour and lift someone else in need. Leave a πŸ’› if you agree.


Life’s a Beach | Some people want to coast through life 🏝. Others want to make waves πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ. Which one are you?


Unplugged | Technology can make our lives easier but it can also prevent us from being authentic. Taking time out from things like Social Media to reconnect with the actual world around you can do something even more meaningful. It can restore you. Leave a πŸ’š if you agree.


Lift Off | I have always believed we are only ever one idea or one act away from reaching the stars. Leave a πŸš€ if you agree.


Year of the Dog πŸ• | Today marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog. There are 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar: - Monkey πŸ’ Dog πŸ• Tiger πŸ… Horse 🐎 Ox πŸ‚ Pig πŸ– Sheep πŸ‘ Rat πŸ€ Rabbit πŸ‡ Rooster πŸ“ Snake 🐍 Dragon πŸ‰ - If you had to be one of these animals, which one would you be?


Hero | During yesterday’s school shooting, a coach and former security guard used his body to shield his students from a hail of bullets. He has been called a hero but later died from his injuries. Thinking of all those affected by this tragedy and those who showed courage and kindness in the face of such senseless violence. πŸ–€


From The Empire With Love | Love shouldn’t be sought out and celebrated just once a year. Everyone deserves love, every day. Leave a 🌹 if you agree.


Bloom | A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms. - Some good advice when chasing your dreams. Leave a 🌷if you believe this.


LπŸ’”VE | Love can leave you in pieces and love can put you back together again. Leave a ❀️ if you agree.


A Leg Up | When you give someone a leg up, you help them achieve something they may not have done by themselves. You don’t do it for reward or recognition, you do it because helping them reach their dream is a wonderful thing. Leave a 🧑 if you agree.


Lost Your Head | It is very easy to lose your head in a situation where you have no control. If you accept you have no control, you decide that nothing will affect you. And then, the most magical thing happens. You realise you are in complete control. Leave a πŸ™ƒ if you agree.


Hope | Hope is a powerful thing. It can lift you up. It can help you fly. It can make you feel invincible. Leave a ❀️ if you believe this.

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