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Be Kind | You can go through life calm, happy, anxious, sad, angry or without a care in the world. Whatever you are, always remember to be kind. Something to think about ahead of World Kindness Day tomorrow. Leave a 💛 if you agree.


To Melbourne With Love | Thinking of the people and the city of Melbourne in the aftermath of yesterday’s terror attack. The years I spent in this city were some of the best in my life. Melbourne, you gave me so much kindness, inspiration and strength. In the face of such senseless violence, I hope you stay brave and stay kind. Leave a ❤️ if you agree.


United Colours of Democracy | As Americans consider the results of their mid-term election, my dear sister-in-law living in the U.S. shared her favourite election stories. For the first time there are over 100 congresswomen. The first two Native American women were elected to Congress. The first two Muslim women were elected to Congress. And the first openly gay governor was elected. If these results make you feel a little more hope for our world, leave a ❤️.


Broken Horse Blues | During today’s ‘Race that stops a nation’, a horse broke its shoulder and had to be put down on the racetrack. Over 119 horses were pronounced dead on Australian racetracks in the last year. I hope one day the value we place on the lives of horses will be worth than their value in racing for money. Leave a 💙 if you agree.


For Peace | I wish there was more peace in the world. The truth however is that if people are not at peace with themselves how can they be at peace with each other? Leave a 💛 if you agree.


Waiting For Mondays Like... | There are many ways to approach the beginning of your week. You can wait till it hits you or you can go chase it. You can see it as the day you have to face your to-do-list and your problems or the day you get to get things done. The truth is you can only hide from Monday for so long, and a positive perspective can make all the difference. Leave a 💙 if you agree. Happy Monday.


Not All Superheroes Wear Capes | Yesterday I said farewell to a dear friend, @qkenihan. He loved Superman but he also believed that not all superheroes wear capes. Last year I created this minifigure to celebrate his fighting spirit, but when I gave it to him he told me to keep it and continue legojacking with it. I took this photo at yesterday’s memorial service because I know he would have wanted it. I have written a tribute for him at @theembassyofkindness. Please take the time to read it if you can. Saying goodbye to a friend is always difficult. So take the time to tell those close to you how much they mean to you and how extraordinary they are. Leave a ❤️ if you agree.


Dead to the World | Some people go through life dead to the world because it is easier. They just turn a blind eye to anything or anyone that makes them uncomfortable. Why are we afraid to be kinder to each other? I believe the kinder we are, the more human we become. Leave a 💛 if you agree.


This Fragile World | When things appear to be fragile, when the world appears to be breaking apart, be brave, be kind and be open. That is what will help you through. Leave a 💛 if you agree.


Facing Injustice | You can close your eyes to the injustice in the world and choose to say nothing. But all that does, is make it easier for injustice to find its way into your world. If only more people believed that standing against injustice could make a difference. Leave a 💚 if you agree.


Illegal Alien | When a refugee is called an illegal alien, they are stripped of their humanity. Reducing someone to a negative stereotype makes it easier for others to treat them badly. But we need to change that. We can choose to see all people as equal and deserving of our protection and care, regardless of where they are from. Leave a 💚 if you agree.


Pushing Through | Sometimes when faced with an overwhelming challenge, you simply need to hear someone tell you that ‘you will get through it. Things will get better. It’s going to be alright.’ Hearing someone else say those words to you has a power and can change everything. Maybe reading these words might make a difference in your life. Leave a 💛 if you agree.

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