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Life is better with palm trees - and 80 degrees weather. at Orange County, California


A lazy kind of Sunday. This is all we’ve managed to do, what about you?⁣ 🙈 ⁣ Happy Easter, friends!⁣ 🐰🌸 ⁣ at Orange County, California


Who’s decorating eggs for Easter? Feeling a little ambitious, but let's set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram because we can make 101 delicious dishes with this carton of eggs afterward.⁣ The most liked egg is at 5.3 million likes, but more eggs are better than one egg - yes? 🤗 ⁣ #LikeTheseEggs #MakeAnOmelette at Orange County, California


My heart aches with the French people and all the Catholics. ⁣ ⁣ #notredame ⁣ ⁣ PC: Unknown⁣ ⁣ at Orange County, California


B.E.A.C.H at Cambria, California


What’s the perfect B.E.A.C.H weather for you? at Newport Beach, California


Spring has sprung with flowers blooming everywhere in California makes me very happy. at Huntington Beach, California


Colors of the earth - more specifically, early morning magic. at Orange County, California


Ran 5 miles, cleaned my house, and baked this Danish croissant for breakfast. Just kidding. I’m sitting on my bed drinking coffee and eating the store-bought Danish croissant while working on Lemon Zest Media’s site. So tell me, what imaginary things did you accomplish or actually do for fun this weekend? at Orange County, California


Anyone else counting down to Friday? Good news. We’re 2/5 way there 🙈 @alixtate @savana_jay_ at Balboa Island


This barista was such a great sport. I held the camera up and he gave me this photo that could only come from a well-spirited human with the skill to make a mean cappuccino. 👌 at San Francisco, California


Happiness is the sand in your toes and the sun in your face. Even though I live close to the beach, I have to remind myself not to take it for granted. There is something about the salty air that seems take away all the problems in the world in a magical way. Or maybe it is the vitamin D from the sun that is a natural remedy for happiness. Have a sunny weekend everyone! #californiadreaming #sisters at Newport Beach, California