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Highly recommend treating yourself to all-day sweatpants and a bacon grilled cheese delivered. Using my @WellsFargo Propel® Card earns me 3X points whether I'm eating out or ordering in from my favorite restaurants. #ad #LifeWithPropel at West Hollywood, California


Beauty in the breakdown, or something. at Los Angeles, California


Green Christmas? at West Hollywood, California


Yesterday we made it out to the new home of @foliacollective in Eagle Rock. Highly recommend if you have a green thumb or wannabe on your holiday list, or to treat yourself. 🌱 at Folia Collective


Color palette of teal and cream and aged brown wood.


A highlight of my 2018 for sure: visiting Switzerland’s #engstligenalp in early June. Six thousand-plus feet above sea level. For scale, spot the two tiny backpackers hiking up the left side. 🌲🏔🌲🌲 #adelboden #visitswitzerland at Engstligen Falls


XXXV today. Grateful for my family, my two little critters and the best guy, who have kept me loved and afloat along the way. 🥰 at West Hollywood, California


Sometimes I miss the seasons in Southern California. Other times it's November and I'm sitting outside in the sun, drinking a beer in shorts and a t-shirt, and then I don't. #sponsored by @goldenroadbrew #goldenroadbrewing #CAbeer


Sweat 😅: Eating spicy Thai noodles and drinking a roasted poblano tequila cocktail. No sweat 😎: Earning 3X points for paying the bill with a @WellsFargo Propel® Card. #ad #LifeWithPropel


Rarely do I feel like I “nailed it” on a shot; this is a nice exception. It’s PIGEON! 🐦 I was /very/ hesitant to get another dog for our family, and to be honest the experience so far has had all of the adjustment ups and downs that I maybe feared. It’s also been entirely normal, I think. Now, just a few days shy of the lil bird’s two-month Adoptiversary, as if on cue, she and Ninja are beginning to play and enjoy one another’s company. It’s like I snapped my fingers and all the extra work became worth it. Her silly personality is coming out more and more, and I’m getting more confident myself in that “feeling” I had when we first met: Not that we needed another dog, but that this specific dog belonged with us. ♥️ #adoptdontshop #apupnamedpigeon @apurposefulrescue at Santa Barbara, California


The truth is I’m not sure what I’m doing in this Instagram space anymore. I haven’t known for awhile. What makes something worth going on my feed versus only sharing on my Story? Is this space for me or am I sharing to reach an (increasingly smaller) audience, and why? I don’t know. Does it matter and should I even care? I don’t know. I feel tired. It’s fine. at Santa Barbara, California


Every day is a winding... at Santa Barbara, California

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