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Oh that little house on the hill.. it always makes me pause and consider my beliefs (it’s a church) . I was chatting with @peterb.yogi yesterday about coming back to my yoga and Pilates practice full strength post Ironman training and how it’s feels tough but I am relishing the opportunity to start all over again. . I put to him I that I think just because I am re learning something and it feels harder doesn’t mean I am not as good as I was, it just means I am learning it better second time around. . When you try something a different way it might be tougher to start but if the end result is better then it’s the stronger path.. for that I will take the more lengthy process any day 👊🏻 at Tiburon, California


I spent a few hours inside Josephine today, cramped up in crazy positions trying to do things inside cupboards etc . There were a few choice words starting to creep out of my mouth and I was feeling less than happy with the situation and the heat so I sat and took a second to think how amazingly lucky I am to own her . The heat didn’t go away, school holidays didn’t end to give me back some time to breathe, the maturity issues I am having with the kids didn’t stop, we are still needing to move apartments in a few weeks, the re planning of our road trip is still mid research because of the fires, I still need to find a more permanent solution as to where to put Josephine and Marcus is still working far too hard but I finished my chores and went back inside my apartment to hem curtains in suitably contented way.. . Life is never easy peasey but if you manage to take a breath and realize it’s not all that bad either it works wonders 💕


I arrived in the USA 2 years ago as a former athlete and newly failed mother, on anxiety meds and 12kgs heavier than I had ever been outside pregnancy. . I was introduced to @richroll and his podcast, 6 years of episodes later and I have listened to them all. . I turned plant based, came off my medication, am the lightest and strongest I have ever been and am back running Ultra’s and Ironman’s. For that I have to thank Rich and his amazing guests. . From the education they offered I have read books they wrote, subscribed to other podcasts to further my knowledge and cried myself happy with amazing stories that give you the grace to see you have it pretty darn good even when life is serving you up a turdish kind of week . These days Marcus and I are trying to be conscious in letting people know when they make our lives a better place and this is one of those posts ❤️


I am proud of us... we rocked up for the SF Marathon off the back of injuries (I haven’t run in 6 weeks😝), neither of us have had time to train and Marcus came off his meds only a month ago. . A marathon is never easy and often takes more mental strength than physical. . We checked our egos at the start line and raced anyway. It wasn’t our fastest but it was our toughest. . I love doing these challenges with this dude, I always know he will tough it out until the end and that means I do the same. . San Francisco Marathon. DONE ✅ I may or may not be needing help to sit down tomorrow 😝 at The SF Marathon


Worst thing about having kids? Having to cook for them when you are on a juice cleanse 😝 . Oh and coming home first day of cleanse to your daughter sitting on the sofa drinking the most calorific tasty one you have for that day 😳 . Pizza is my go to easy peasey crowd pleaser in this house.. what’s yours?


So I started my Vedic Meditation Course today. . On my life, I have never managed more than 10 minutes before.. . Today? Sets of well over 20 minutes and I felt so chilled I was all sleepy looking after 😝.. walked around like I do after yoga for at least an hour each time . Almost can’t wait for the morning to do it again! 🧘‍♀️


After yesterday’s pick up of @josephinetheairstream being not quite as magical as we had dreamed we were feeling a tad defeated but today was a new day. . 24hrs later we have hung out in Malibu, run up San Dunes, climbed rocks and just chilled as a family listening to the waves. . We are camped literally on the beach and just finished the day with S’mores by the fire at sunset. . Still feeling defeated? Tired yes but also pretty bloody amazing. at Point Mugu, California


Kitty turns 11 tomorrow and we are into our 3rd year of gifting experiences as main gifts for all celebratory moments.. . I asked her what her dream place would be to visit and she said Africa on a Safari 😝 (I had been meaning locally but clearly lost in translation 😂) . So you can imagine my surprise when I look into Safari Parks to find we have an amazing conservation site just an hour away! . She had no idea, it was a totally amazing surprise and so begins the weekend festivities of Miss Kitty 🐱 at Safari West


My vegan version of Oreo’s.. Raw Oreos at that.. all nuts and fruit. . School Holidays are a killer for me in a small apartment as the place gets messy so fast but of late so have learnt that cooking for my family makes me feel good so each day I try and find something new to create. . As long as I get exercise, feed them all something nutritious, get the kids active and the house is clean I can go to bed feeling like the day was a success 😝


Did you see my new buddy over on @josephinetheairstream? We have named him Wyatt. . Wyatt Earp was married to Josephine AND she hailed from San Francisco so it had to be. . I have always dreamt of owning a muscle truck but never thought I would have an excuse😝


Um WoW.. such lovely messages about yesterday’s post and also so many questions about @josephinetheairstream and what led us to buy her.. . So firstly regarding yesterday’s post about body image. My further thoughts are that it’s all an aging thing and we need to look forwards not backwards, to be present in who we are now not who we were. . And now Josephine. I have never been more confident that Marcus and I are finding our true selves and starting to realise he life we want to lead and how to get there. . We both love luxury items like branded clothes and designer pieces, we have owned many in the past but we don’t need them to be happy and would rather spend our money elsewhere these days. . We take such pride in raising our kids well and it gives us such joy when it is all working out that we are consciously focusing on projecting upon them the best versions of ourselves that we can and showing them the way rather than demanding it. . We have been through the ringer with our mental health and self worth. All of our issues were from chasing more, from trying to keep up with others and live up to others expectations. . We are done with that and Josephine is a part of this. She embodies freedom, family time, romance and simplicity at Mill Valley, California


My self esteem and link to how my body presents is the most messed up thing in my life 😜 . Years of modeling ensured I actually have a genuine awareness that I have been blessed in the genetic pool and have no need to be shy about being blessed with such. . I can rejections on the chin and not take it to heart and my years of competitive sports have taught me how strong I am and to be proud of that not ashamed of those muscles 💪🏻 . On the flip side the fact that I spent so many years with my shape being linked to my wage has ensured I have an issue with allowing weight to creep on even during holidays AND the fact I know how strong my body can be means that when injured or in a time when training is not so available I feel frustrated and fearful which totally screws with my head 😏 . Who made our brains so complex?!


So we are back home and I can finally reveal our little secret.. it’s super exciting for us and probably not at all for you guys 🤣. . We have bought this beauty and we collect her on Kitty’s B Day weekend. . It has always been a dream to own an Airstream and with all the amazing National Parks here in the USA we decided to take the plunge with Josephine. . You can follow her travels with us and those that rent her over at @josephinetheairstream, it’s going to be fun!


Yesterday my 💜 lost beats and my breath was stolen many a time. It was a blissful day of everything I love. No agenda just stopping at every spot that made us sigh. . From hand picking 💐 to buying organic fruit 🍒 direct from the growers. We sat by the river and all its power and hiked with our heads firmly turned right mesmerized by Mount ⛰ Hood. . We want to come back but who knows if we will have time given how many much more of the USA we want to see so I am just soaking it in and being grateful for the memories and the images to prompt them all over again 🙏🏻 at Mount Hood, Oregon


Travelling with Maggie has presented some road blocks (she can’t come jet skiing 🤣 or the the 🎥) but the rewards are worth it. . Hiking with dogs increases the enjoyment factor ten fold, I am sure that should be a statistic, and falling asleep with them makes the cutest pictures and melts Mums ❤️ ‘s at Kennewick, Washington


Idaho lake life had my kids going nuts.. nearly all the houses had pontoons and jet ski’s were beside paddle boards as the standard method of transport 😝. . We hiked, jet ski’d and rock climbed, sat by rivers in the blazing heat and laughed at be fact that half the houses had RV Garages that were as big as the owners ‘actual’ house 🤣 . Other than a few too many ‘make America great again’ T Shirts Idaho rocked 👊🏻 at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


They bond, they fight, they talk, they shout at the end of the day you ask them who their best friend is and they still know it’s each other forever. . When we travel I always try and include an outing each day that involves a food treat, because we are a family that loves to eat 😝, and something that they can get active on, because kids and energy.. you know the combo 🤣 . Yesterday was Freeway Park in Seattle it used to be a grungy underpass that was becoming far too populated with the homeless and becoming under utilized as a result so the city council turned it into this amazing waterfall with little winding passages, tables and chairs, book carts and buskers.. the kids went nuts parkouring around the levels and it was the perfect time out 👌🏻 at Freeway Park


Oh my word Seattle you are beautiful.. these are JUST the town and then we ventured further out. . Pikes Public Market with all its hustle and bustle alongside the freshest of food and that Gum Wall that has us all gagging at the thought 😝 . The old part of town with all its lane ways and amazing signage. . Then the touristy bits are surrounded by water and even the freeways have gardens. It reminds us so much of Sydney except there is even more residential on the water with real estate that is affordable 👊🏻 . Not sure I would love Winter but hey Vancouver is up he road for skiing?! at Seattle, Washington

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