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Love & Respect are not shown in the price tag of gifts that you give or just saying those words, it’s by ensuring you care for someone’s feelings and showing them you understand their needs . A little girl in this car my delivered me a card today for my birthday addressed to her 2nd Mum and using my name to describe me as Terrific, Easygoing, Supercool, Smart and Awesome. . My day was totally made and she got a super squishy hug before Maggie got jealous and dived in between us 😝 . Small actions can mean the world to people and when skipped truly crush their spirits, so step up and make it happen.. it could start a chain reaction ❤️


So it turns out running 🏃🏻‍♀️ for me is a necessity. . I have a stress fracture in my foot so haven’t been allowed to run for the past 7 weeks. . The first few I was fine, no weight changes, I felt happy in mind and body, I still felt fit and strong. . 7 weeks down with maybe a week or two to go. I am up by 5lbs and down a few in lean muscle, my legs look a bit wobbly, my belly has no an definition and my heart rate rises way quicker during moderate exercise. . Most of all I am sad, I feel down and my mindset takes a huge effort to shift. I feel awkward in my own skin and have lost my pride in my body even though I am still doing yoga, Pilates or TRX most days. . I am writing this because it’s pathetic. I am more than that and I should know better but I am also human and sometimes I do a shitty job of reminding myself I am awesome 😝 . Tomorrow I am going to sit on the bike in the gym and get myself sweaty because it’s what I need and injury is no excuse 👊🏻 at San Francisco, California


As I approach another year of officially being one year older I am really noticing the aging process. . I am nursing a stress fracture in my foot, doing yoga to fix 10 years of crippling back pain, weight goes on easily yet is hard to remove🤨, my grey hair is officially in 👊🏻 and my face is a road map of memories past. . Despite this I am at the happiest place in my life. We still have debt and stress just like most other people but Marcus and I have raised two children that show respect and kindness to all. He is successful in his career which at this point in our life allows me the joy of working part time with clients I adore. Our relationship is one of pure honesty and openness, there is never a conversation that can’t be had and the fact that our favourite times are had when we are all together makes my ❤️ sing. . Growing older should be about pride in what you have achieved and a grateful heart for what the future holds. Screw the way you look just be about the way you feel. . All that said I am off to Yoga and a hike because it makes me feel amazing and a lady has gotta stay lookin’ god for her boy even if that includes a few wrinkles these days 😝 at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa


Shack Sunday.. I love following photographers but there are only a few that I truly adore. @kararosenlund lund takes such amazing images and they are not just one type of subject. . Her love for the simple things, the vintage cars and derelict barns are what first drew me to her and then I saw her landscapes and those horses ❤️ . Every time I see a shack I think of her and her little hashtag #sundayshack. Today I wanted to post one because I have loved so many and all because she makes EVERYTHING she photographs look ahmazing!! at Mount Hood, Oregon


There is this thing called oversharing and I think, no, I know I do it too much. I share my personal thoughts and maybe I shouldn’t. . Is it better to speak from the heart and be judged or to blend in and have no one know you or feel solidarity from your words? . After having had a chunk of years where I felt like the only person who possibly understood me was my husband, I now keep the conversation flowing for others that might feel the same. . I try and support as many of the people I love as I can whatever their path and always come from a place of positivity and growth. . I know I won’t always get it perfect but I will keep trying because conversations are important and even when you get it wrong you can learn from the process.


There is this recurring conversation I keep having of late. Sometimes I just witness the fact in person and am validated that my ideas are true. . Respect is love in plain clothes and if you can’t show respect to those around you each and every day then you are not giving them the love they deserve. . What you lack has its own lesson and often one that can bring you more than it’s loss as long as you can own it and learn from it. Rather than pass it on to others or lay blame in someone else’s actions. . A time of hurt or past memories that bring you pain is the universe offering you a chance at wisdom and purposeful understanding, a chance to change your forward path and create comfort and happiness. . Namaste is the most beautiful word I have heard to exchange with one another. It means - I bow to the divine in you - everyone has a divine inside them they just need to exercise the respect to themselves and those around them to show that love. . The past is irrelevant as the future is were we are heading, our now is where we are and to choose respect in every conversation and interaction we have is showing you are the best version of yourself you can be for that moment and that is something to take pride in. . Hope that’s not to heavy but it’s a post that has been brewing for so long and today was the day it had to be said ❤️ at Joshua Tree National Park


Kitty has been playing up two grades in basketball and we could not be prouder but his week we made the call to pull her from the team. . When I was a kid I swam 2 to 3 years above my grade and it made the best swimmer on my own year... Yep I just blew my own trumpet 🎺 . I wasn’t as big on team sports. Maybe it’s because I was selfish and didn’t want to share any glory 😝 or maybe it’s because I have a sick enjoyment of being hard on myself and having no one else to blame for a loss 🤔 . The thing is there comes a stage when your emotional and physically abilities become quite polarized and she had gone from being an strong, vocal and excited player to shy, quiet and a little apprehensive. . She is still playing Soccer and starts try outs for next season with her OWN Grades this month for Basketball. . We learnt a new lesson this past month or so that peer pressure is real and despite it being a compliment that they graded her up, we as parents have to be sure they are mentally ready for the jump too. . Did you ever participate in stuff at a level above your normal? Mine was totally positive but I am curious as to others..


I don’t know if it was time away from TRX or that fact that I told @peterb.yogi that I was willing to face plant in the pursuit of getting stronger last week but the class I just took kicked my butt and I left on ☁️ 9. . How into yourself are you that you can’t step outside of yourself to try something new? . Do you not bother because you are embarrassed to be seen failing by others? . Is it because you think you have nothing more to learn? That you are already THAT knowledgable? . Or are you the person that convinces themselves they can never get stuff right so why bother? . Whatever your internal battle/answer is.. get rid of it and get growing, get uncomfortable. Do what I just did and collapse on your arse in a class full of people because you simply pushed that hard 😝 . Thanks Peter, 2 years of being taught by this dude and it’s still not getting easy 😳 at Pilates ProWorks Mill Valley


I wrote a letter today to someone I love that they would likely never read. . It’s not that they have no way to receive it, it is just that this letter holds a lot of truths that they are just not in a position to hear. Those truths lay heavy in my heart and I could not leave them within my head and allow my soul to be withered with the process. . There are things that just can’t be fixed by you and you alone. It is better to walk away from them and put your efforts towards things that you can have an impact on . I have a gorgeous friend who writes her dreams on paper and then puts them in the fire to bring them to life and puts her worries on ice in the freezer..or is it the other way around I can never remember? . This is my method. Its kind of like a teenagers diary full of secrets but mine are letters of thoughts that make so much more sense when I write them out. . What do you do with your negative thoughts or your worries?


Hey Yogis.. . Do you go home and practice moves on video to see if you can adjust positions better? . I see people do things in class and think.. what tha? Then go home and mimic it myself :) . I will always have a try in class and maybe fall on my face or even my arse but at home is where I can adjust and re adjust until it looks and feels right. . Tell me I am not alone?


I don’t know where our family would be without our little Maggie. . Well thats a lie, I do know as my kids had Tyler and Obi our Boxers from the day they were born. We lost them when they were 13years old and they had an amazing life so I rest easy knowing they passed away totally done with all life had to offer. . After loosing Obi we managed 8 weeks before we rescued Dexter and he was everything and anything you could wish for in a 🐶. Dexter passed early and unexpectedly before his 3rd birthday and it left us in pieces. It still does as I get a big old lump building as I write this. . So here is Maggie, she healed our hearts from Dexter, we rescued her 5 days after Dex passed (yep FIVE days) because we knew wanted to love again, we know we are a family that will never not have a dog and if possible will have as many as we can manage 😝 . That precious rescue dog got a little girl to eat again and lifted her spirits to pull her from sleeping all day. . Animals are healers and today I celebrate the doggy kind to raise money for those beautiful mutts in need from Hurricane Florence. There is a link in my bio to a Fundraiser page and you can support the other fundraisers via #dogsfordogs at JosephinetheAirstream


How often do you change your bedding? I don’t mean changing it weekly and washing it.. I mean buy a new set? . How many sets do you have for that matter? . I am curious.. we only have 2 on rotation and probably buy one new set a year unless the other one gets ruined randomly . I try and buy really good quality but always in the sale so I can actually afford them 😝


Do you live close to your family? . I don’t and I battle with it.. we moved away from parents and siblings back in ‘99 to literally the other side of the world 🌎 . We raised our kids with so little available back up that we have had holidays alone or even more than 48hrs away from them together. . We grew as a small family unit to be very independent and that is a strength we are proud of but I wonder what they have missed. . The gift of being around family the same age, of weekends with Grandparents and huge family get togethers... . Has the gift of travel and living in the best places been worth it for the loss of extended family time? . We will never know so I guess I don’t need to sweat it but I do wonder what other people think as I know I am missing being around to watch my first blood nephew grow like a crazy person... (that’s him above, my sweet little Atlas)


When dinner is in the oven and you are on the deck with a glass of wine in hand and this is your view. . Out weekend is as always filled with kids sports and the evenings are our downtime. . Starting the weekend like this is feeling pretty positive 👌🏻 . What do you have planned? at The Cove at Tiburon


Are you a dog person or cat person? It’s what people always say ask. . I am an animal person 😝. I mean sure dogs are my biggest jam but I love cats, I adore our little 🦎, I am drawn to touch pretty much any animal I can and am allowed to do so 💕 . Why does there need to be a divide? Saying that if you feel strong about why I would LOVE to know why? 👌🏻 at Ross, California


My daughter is 11years old and has never had her own room until last week. . She never played with dolls, wore dresses (once she had a choice) or even ventured far from sports kit for that matter. Fairies were not her thing nor ballet, Rugby was the first sport she chose to play and we have loved that strength of character from day dot. . So imagine our surprise when she was given the freedom to choose her decor and out came all the pinks and pretty! , I mean her passions haven’t shifted (the room has more sports kit shoved in cupboards than clothes, but some skirts are included there too) Lego abounds and her Dinosaur Lamp is SO her but I see such balance in the young lady she is becoming and it makes me even more proud that she is mine. . This amazingly diverse girl is growing up and whilst it freaks the hell out of me it also makes my heart swell. . Are your kids personalities what you expected? Or have they forged a path of their own unknown to you? at Mill Valley, California


And there she is.. Marcus and I are pretty proud that we have managed to get as old as we are with 2 kids and dogs along the way yet only have ever shared one car. . Having kids that spend 2 seasons a year with 8 sports practices a week with a minimum of 4 games each weekend we had to give in and get another car. . We needed a truck to pull @josephinetheairstream which of course is not very economical and I was also concerned with my footprint given the amount of daily driving I do as mother taxi so we went for a little and large moment and bought Winnie the Mini. . And the best bit? She is a manual. Marcus and I can pretend we are race drivers and the kids are already learning all about gear changing and clutch control. . Do you drive a big car or a little one? Can you even drive a manual? at Tiburon, California


It’s so wrong.... As per my last post I feel too many people are emotionally crushed by images and words on social media. . As a result I noticed that despite having moved to a new apartment with a kitchen I love, I haven’t posted a single image or said a word about how ecstatic I am to be in a kitchen with space, light and enough cupboards at last. . Being a plant based family who try not to eat much processed food I cook from scratch pretty much every meal and so time in the kitchen is a plenty. . We moved apartment for the kids to have their own rooms for the first time but I gained a kitchen that make me smile so big 💕 at The Cove at Tiburon

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