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I truly wish I had known a long time ago that happiness was not wrapped up in material objects, the size of your house or where you even went to school. I grew up in a house that was way bigger than we needed, I went to an expensive private school, my parents drove expensive cars, we went on expensive holidays and we bought designer clothes. Don’t get me wrong my parents gave me an amazing life and I enjoyed every single minute but now as an adult I feel bad for them and wish they could have led a more fulfilled life. I wonder how better spent that money could’ve been and how they might have lived with less stress to create the cash for us to live our lives the way we were. It’s not to say that my family don’t buy anything branded in our lives, we still do as long as it’s good quality and we’re going to use it for a very long time and it fulfills a true purpose in our life BUT we don’t strive for those items we just purchase them if there is a necessity. No one passes away thinking about what they bought in their life, no one fears death because they will loose the use of their iPhone.. Happiness comes from connections with your people, feeling valued in a tribe, achieving goals you set yourself and just simply being at peace in yourself. at The Cove at Tiburon


A truly wonderful friend of mine lost her husband over the weekend in a random car accident. This picture is from a run I took with her many years ago on the Gold Coast. She and I had connected via business, friends, a love of running and just shared ideals in life. I didn’t sleep perfectly last night and today I woke with sadness in my heart. I had a little cry in the park with the dogs, then another teary moment as I went into my TRX Class. I almost told @peterb.yogi to go easy on me but I didn’t and he worked me harder than normal (his concious mind obviously read my needs). It was exactly what I needed and I smiled as I thought how much Kelly would have adored that class pushing her physically. I cry as I write this just thinking of how much she must be hurting and whilst I know she will be the strongest, fiercest most brilliant mother to her 2 kids through it all, I just want to be there to help. Life is precious. Be thankful for what you have. I know that she will be thankful for the time she had instead of resentful for what she will now loose because that’s how amazing she is but it’s a horrible reminder that some of the best people in the world are gone too soon ❤️ at Gold Coast, Queensland


What a day.. it was Harrington’s turn to have his 10th Birthday with friends.. we took him and 4 of his closest mates to @visit.epicenter 👊🏻 7hrs of kids with Arcades, Lazer Tag, Trampolines, Dodgeball, Bowling and 3D Rides with a side order of 🍕 all finished off with a @johnnydoughnuts birthday 🎂 When they go to bed saying ‘thank you for a seriously fun day’.. you know it was a good parent day ❤️ at Epicenter


Growing up modeling gave me such independence, a strength to not take to heart how others view you, the ability to be daring with my hairstyles or fashion choices BUT left ME with a screwed up view of how my body should look. I am tall and lean in anyone’s eyes but for me when I am just 10 pounds overweight I feel like a troll (thats where I am at right now). It drags me down mentally and makes me want stay inside..especially in Winter. Yesterday I smashed myself on @onepeloton and today I took the dogs out for to a trail run. I got the joy of watching them in their happy place, I pushed my body to climb and conquer and being in nature soothed my soul. This afternoon I will go home.. work, cook and clean and feel like the real woman that I am inside. It’s all in the head, happiness, screwed up thoughts, fatigue, stress.. the lot. We can let it rule us or fight it hard, it all comes from the internal thoughts. What do you do to chase wicked thoughts away? at Tiburon, California


I used to look at homeless people sleeping way into the day and wonder how on earth they do that? Well after glamping in the winter desert and going to sleep and getting up in icy cold temperatures I am realizing how much I take warmth for granted and how the lack of it effects my motivation to exercise, my ability to sleep well and quite frankly the rest of the day as a result. I feel so bloody lucky that I can sit behind my double glazed windows with the sun on my face and not know it is winter outside because without that I wouldn’t rug up and embark on a run each day and I am pretty certain I would take so long to get to sleep that I would too be sleeping way into the warmer day following.... We loved camping but I am so glad to be home and I have yet again learnt a new lesson in appreciation from our travels ❤️ at Under Canvas Tucson


I learnt Vedic Meditation last year and I gotta tell you about it because it has allowed me to finally achieve more than 3 minutes in practice 🧘‍♀️ . I became aware of it thanks to @thebroadplace and knowing Jac from before she was a teacher, I knew how active her mind was, how mad busy her days were I had great faith in the fact that if Vedic worked for her then it had to be my kinda style. . And it was!! . Do you meditate? What type of meditation if you do? . P.S I am definitely not a Spiritual Gangster but I do love their clothes 😂


I am not religious. Far from it. But the one thing I believe in is the energy you put out is the energy you’re receive in so many areas of life. . When I travel there is one thing that I love passing and that is iconic statues with people putting their full prayer towards it and offering all they have to what they believe. . It humbles me, it somehow makes me feel connected to spirituality. Not theirs, not mine but just an energy.. a solidarity that is found from being open and positive about the universe as a whole. . Was that like super hippy trippy for me or does that make sense? at San Xavier Mission


So in the spirit of January decluttering and minimalism I have a question for you? My brother sent me this tracksuit of mine which has all my badges swimming endeavors from when I was a kid. I love it as it represents hard work and at the time I was achieving these badges way before the age I should have. . As an adult the badges hold memories and visually it is wickedly retro. My kids are to big for it and I have taken a picture of me in it so I can re live the pride anytime I view that.. so do I hold onto it or donate it to a homeless person? My husband says just keep it and I am ready to hit the streets?! at San Francisco, California


Well that was 2018 and this is 2019.. . It’s just a new day in a new year and it’s no need to arrive with pressure of perfection or radical resolutions. . Yes I have ambitions and goals but those are ever changing.. the one thing I love is bringing in the year with a word to frame it up and embody my hopes and prayers for my family. . Mine is PRESENCE. To be there for my husband, to be there for my kids but more than that, just to be in the here and now, to be present in the moment of whatever I am doing and giving it my full attention and effort. . Do you have a word? Do you set resolutions? at Servino Ristorante


Tucson was a wicked break but I won’t lie, we are glad to be 🏡 No WiFi or screens meant lots of reading, basketball, games and hikes but the desert 🌵 got cold and we were not so ready for that 😂 We scored big in thrift stores and had some long conversations about family expectations over healthy dinners.. we might have been the only family to loose weight over 🎄🎅🏽 at Tanque Verde, Arizona


We spent the day celebrating this babe of ours that hit double digits today ❤️ . His ADHD means he talks some random crap sometimes but he so a funny little dude. . He eats like a horse yet looks like a string bean.. I think it’s because he is such an amazing sharer 😂 . He looks up to his sister so much and is fast catching her sporting skills with his dedication to practice. . My favourite thing about him is his abundant love that he has no issues in displaying to me via hugs, kisses and hand holding whether his mates are around or not.. . He is so positive of his future and I am so blessed to know I will get to have the best seat in the house as he achieves it👌🏻 . Happy Birthday Harrington Kingsley White, we love you more than we will ever be able to express at Roosevelt Row Arts District


Lazy Mornings @undercanvasofficial 🌵 . We were going to drive to the Mexico Border today but actually decided it was a depressing thing to do so we are taking it slow because tomorrow is the little guys birthday and that will be ALL about the energy 😂 . What are you all up to for Boxing Day? at Under Canvas Tucson


Merry Christmas from us 4 to all our family... far and wide. . We miss you all so much and wish we were closer but adventures keep pulling us away 😂 . This year is Christmas in Tucson and who knows where next year will be ❤️ at Under Canvas Tucson


I am not sure we could have entered into Christmas in a more beautiful place. . We are glamping at @undercanvasofficial in Tucson. . We have sunny days, 🌵 for miles, 🐎 to ride, mountains ⛰ to climb and s’mores with 🍷 around the campfire 🔥 . My fave thing is that we have no WiFi and the kids just want to go from adventure to adventure. We rise early to run and fade into bed the same. . We might not be with family but we are doing OUR little thing and spending the week celebrating us and our boy who had the 💩’y luck of being a Christmas baby 😂 at Under Canvas Tucson


I am taking a leaf out of this ones book going forward. She always turns up. . I will admit that Marcus and I are home bodies, between his travel and work hours beside the ridiculous amount of sports and practices we have to attend, we are often the ones that bail on social engagements because we think we are too tired 💤 . It’s so easy not to bother, we are so quick to not try and yet this weekend we chose not to back out on ANYTHING.. no parties, no exercise, no chores and no kids sports. . By Sunday night I was shattered but we had the BEST weekend filled with laughter, bonding, pride and amazing food. . From here on in I am going to say yes and just recover by going to bed early another night 😂 at The Cove at Tiburon


Some of the best people I know have not an iota of bravado, are self conscious and totally unaware that they are amazing. . Friendship to me is loyalty, commitment, compassion and overall just an amazing connection. The ability to be there when somebody needs you intuitively and without any hesitation is something really really special. I have that in you @theswimsmith . When someone was stealing from me and my company and I reached out for legal advice, he didn’t just lend a hand he picked up that phone immediately, in the middle of his day, from the other side of the world and sat and spoke with me for an over an hour. . Yesterday when he sensed my anxiety with new tenants moving in to our home and the need to clear some furniture he messaged to say leave it with me, just give me the contact numbers and I’ll get it sorted. . We lost our Ironman virginity together back in 2005 may have been the start 😝 . People like this don’t come along every day so if you find them be sure to cherish them and let them know how much they mean to you because they sure don’t go telling themselves.. they have no idea!!


You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with.. . That would be my husband, daughter, son, my yoga teacher and my hiking partner AKA Maggie’s boyfriends Dad.. that is 4 males and one female! . Since we arrived in the USA I haven’t sought out an extensive array of friends. We have a few families I adore spending time with that we connected with via the kids and within those are 4 girls that I just soak the up when the opportunity arises. . I think that stems from the fact that I do find myself reflected in those I am surrounded by and each and every one of those individuals uplift me and allow me to create conversations that inspire, they share my values and show me even better ones.. . I have never read the 5 and more just a general for become the people you surround yourself with but the 5 makes more sense and if they are my 5 for this period in my life then I am pretty bloody lucky as they all rock.. at Tiburon, California


Watching and listening to people walk through their days being negative or passing passive aggressive comments makes me feel sad, it’s such a waste of what could be a happy day. . Compassion is definitely a muscle that needs to be developed by everyone a little more, so let’s use it often and watch it grow in strength. . When you spend a little more time seeing things through other peoples eyes and not assuming the worst of someone it is quite amazing how much lighter you feel, how much more positive your days become and how that feeling or maybe even karma spreads. . Are you good at taking a step back and breathing before judging? Try a day where you spend it in total gratitude, be nice to everyone and praise unnecessarily. I guarantee it will feel like an effort but be so gratifying ❤️ at San Francisco Bay Area

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