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Looking up in the Art Nouveau quarter of Ljubljana Ljubljana, Slovenia | September 2017 at Ljubljana, Slovenia


Here’s @donmagicjuan crossing one of the many suspension bridges that zigzag back & forth over the Soča. (And not abiding by my request to walk in slo-mo so as to not swing and shake the whole bridge😉) Soča Valley, Slovenia | September 2017 at Soča


K, ready to go back to Austria now 👋🏼 Mondsee, Austria | September 2017 at Mondsee, Austria


Slap Kozjak right before the last light slipped away through the cut in the rock above us and we were left in total darkness with the roar of the water. Note: This waterfall is MUCH bigger than it appears in this photo. Kobarid, Slovenia | September 2017 at Slap Kozjak


Best beer & gnocchi break I ever did have.🍻 Kobarid, Slovenia | September 2017 at Hiša Polonka


Veins of turquoise run through the cracks of the earth in this wild country. Soča River, Slovenia | September 2017 at Soča


Going everywhere fast Somewhere in Italy | September 2017 at Treviso, Italy


Take me to the river, drop me in the water Moab, Utah | July 2017 at Moab, Utah


Not quite the way I pictured starting the new year... but HERE WE GO 2018! 🍾 #2018 at Mill Valley, California


When you can’t be on the mountain, a room with a view is the next best. 🔭 at Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe


Me - on a log, on a dune, on Padre Island, this Christmas Eve morning. 📷: @floyd.toni at Padre Island


Friends in the Bay! I have two photos in the #MyTinyAtlasClimate benefit show happening TONIGHT in San Francisco! There will be drinks, delicious treats, and LOTS of beautiful images from around the world all for sale to benefit non-profit organizations that fight and respond to the effects of climate change. And I so wish I could be there! 6-9pm at 302 Folsom St. More info at @tinyatlasquarterly ! #mytinyatlas


Looking up in the streets of Rabat. Shot while eating the best raspberry ice cream bar I’ve ever had and have yet to find anywhere in the states. And believe me I️ have searched thoroughly. Not pictured: the melted chocolate on my dress because I was enjoying said ice cream bar a little too much. Rabat, Malta | May 2014 at Rabat, Malta


The edge of everything. #visitmalta Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, Malta | May 2014 at Għajn Tuffieħa


Weathered walls, unruly vines, and Madonnas on every corner. Going through the archives... #visitmalta Rabat, Malta | May 2014 at Rabat, Malta


Desert sunset self portrait with @gkreutter behind the wheel. Joshua Tree | May 2017 at Joshua Tree National Park


Shot while eating fish and chips with an aperol spritz.🐟🍷 Piran, Slovenia | September 2017 at Piran, Slovenia


Lake Jasna, Slovenia. Slowly but surely making my way through the road trip photos and remembering the small details that I️ need to scribble in a journal so I️ don’t forget. Like the way this whole structure shook with every step up the creaky stairs. Falling into these crystal teal waters wouldn’t be the worst thing ever... at Jasna Lake

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