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SOMEONE said that I wouldn't post this. Even though it's just a little clip of him any my best friend singing "I want it that way". Lucky for him it's only a clip and not his belt it out solo that happened. *cough* @_jagerwahl_


Stream starts at 7 pm central! Join in for Shenanigans and drinking fun! We will be playing mixture of games including Halo, WW2,and Destiny. With @jag3rm3ister15 @xbucket501 @epilepticz0mbie @cryptotoxin @crypto_moose and more friends! The more the merrier! @watchmixer ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


WOOOOOOOOOOOOO Moose hit 100 follows! We are here celebrating on Mixer having one hell of a time! Come join us in celebrating this milestone! We have an open lobby and party and will be playing various games! @cryptotoxin @crypto_moose @jag3rm3ister15 @kurtis.jones1


Stream is up on @watchmixer. Check out the animal house vs. The Hunter. With @crypto_moose and @jag3rm3ister15


I would love to give a big warm heartfelt thank you to @apexrogue for helping me get to my first 100 followers last night, especially on the anniversary of @cryptotoxin. @cryptotoxin, @apexrogue, @thebenderwin, @crypto_moose, @thabigbucket @kurtis.jones1 @mixerstreamersunite, @nictoriousnz, @kredundead, and @kirksgaming0 Y'all are the reason why I do it! I couldn't have hoped for a more supportive, talented and amazing group of people behind me. I cannot say how grateful I am. Thank you to everyone involved and who have supported me through this crazy adventure!


Happy Birthday CryptoToxin! @cryptotoxin @thebenderwin @thabigbucket @crypto_moose @theonlygreninja @shadowlife72 and all of our CT members! This past year has been so crazy and I have had nothing short of a blast! Tune in and catch our celebrations on Twitch and mixer. My twitch is live and Mooses mixer is live as well. I shall be switching to Mixer at 2 am central time


Getting ready for the @cryptotoxin Birthday stream starting at midnight. Chilling with the guys while we wait for the celebration to begin. Come check out @crypto_moose on Mixer! These guys are amazing and I couldn't be more proud to be apart of a team like CryptoToxin. Y'all are my second family and I can't wait to see what this next year will bring to us! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’–


Come join the CT crew on Mixer for mixed game types. Sorry for the long leave. Much needed breather after all that we have gone through. With @_jagermeister_15_ @swiftxfadezz and the one the only @thebenderwin for @cryptotoxin


So ladies and gents! I will be taking the next week or so off. Please check out these peeps out! They are amazing! If you love a great gameplay and hilarious banters check them out! @thebenderwin @nictoriousnz @thabigbucket and @kredundead I cannot say it enough these guys and gal are absolutely amazing!


Streaming some halo with the @cryptotoxin crew! Hop in and chill with us while we play some H3 throwback, grifball, super fiesta and other game types! Bender @thebenderwin thank god you are with me or I would be peeling the paint. lmfao Catch our channels on Mixer! &


Feeling the Destiny Shenanigans tonight! Stream is now live on Twitch!


Happy Texas Independence Day! Time to have some rebellious pride! Catch the CT crew and friends on Mixer!


Time to try out the new packs with Cavity @explicit_cavity! So pumped to try them out! Hype for the hype! Come chill and catch our fail shenanigans on mixer! @cryptotoxin I need an adult!


Stream is live on Mixer! Come hang out and chill with the CT crew!


Anyone else miss Castle Wars???


It's that time with @thebenderwin and the @cryptotoxin crew. Join us on our mixer stream as we try to break my record in one grifball pro match! Warning there will be lots of laughs, fail and shenanigans. Still not close to the goal. Let's see about the next few?


On my way back to Onyx. Feeling the 343 despite today. They never cease to give me the short end of the stick on rank. Oh well. At least I can say that I have to earn it every time. Fun times and hilarious stream time with @thebenderwin with the @cryptotoxin crew


Stream is live! Too much hype and we couldn't resist starting it early! Catch Crypto_Moose @thabigbucket @kurtis.jones1 and myself for follower drinking games! 2 Secret achievement giveaways! Make sure to tune in to help us get lit!

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