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There’s a 3 minute core round at the end of every workout in my new program. I think it’s working 🤷🏼‍♀️ Wanna give it a try? If you don’t get results, I’ll give you your money back. I believe in you THAT much. Ready? Say “me!” 👇🏻 at New Jersey


I’ve been in a slump since August 1st, and I didn’t want to talk about it. I hate going back in my TimeHop and seeing posts of me complaining with a ✨spin✨: “Feeling down lately. Time to get my shit together and jump back on track.” “I don’t know what’s going on with me lately, but the most I can do is keep trying.” Repeat, repeat, repeat, for weeks/months on end until I stopped “trying” to do better and finally committed to doing better. I used to make posts like that all the time when I wasn’t feeling like myself or when I was slipping up in my fitness routines, and for the past year or so I’ve consciously attempted to STOP those types of posts because I felt like it gave other people permission to excuse themselves from success because they said they’d “try” just like I was doing. I hate the word try. I feel like it just gives you a built in excuse not to do what you claim you want to do or be who you claim you want to be. But you guys, I’m telling you now: I may not have ADMITTED that I was “trying” these past few weeks...but that’s all I’ve been doing. Trying. And not succeeding, because “try” leaves room to do nothing. As long as I was telling myself I WANTED to get back on track, my mind considered that “trying”. I was failing, but “not for lack of trying!!!” 🤦🏼‍♀️ (For ONCE, btw, my fitness isn’t the problem. That’s been my only constant.) My food? It needs work. My morning routine? Out the window. My apartment? A mess. My work schedule? Inconsistent and frustrating. I’m not here to tell you I’m going to try. I’m here to tell you I’m going to commit. Saying that to over 11,000 people is scary, because it means I have to follow through. But isn’t that the POINT?! Isn’t the point of “trying” because you want to succeed?! I hope this makes sense to you all, it’s what’s going through my brain today. I’m done trying. I’m ready to take the rest of August and feel GOOD about it. I’m ready to feel accomplished. I’m ready to feel like I committed to myself. Like I stuck to my plans. Respected my morning alarms. Got through a reasonable to do list. Organized myself enough in order to hit my goals. You can try to do things, or you can do them. 💖


I’m never here to tell you your body needs to change in order for you to feel good—that’s bullshit. You can (and SHOULD) feel good at any and all stages. I had just signed up to be a coach when that first picture was taken. I didn’t love myself or my body much at that point, but for the first time, from a group of people who had similar goals and dreams as I did, I was pushed to try. Not just to try to change, but to try to see what a gift I had been given with this life I got to live. A body and a mind and a soul that could do ANYTHING it wanted, and I was wasting it away being scared and feeling unworthy—WHY?! I learned to love myself in that body. And I learned to continue loving myself through every stage. To set new goals (strong > skinny, mindset > weight loss) but to still accept that what I wanted, no matter what it was, was okay (there’s nothing wrong with wanting to change your body, there’s nothing wrong with wanting it to stay the same, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to help others find the self confidence and acceptance that you have) Getting to pass that feeling on is the greatest gift, and then the people I pass it onto get to pass it on to others and feel the magic of helping someone realize their worth’s just a ripple effect. There’s nothing like it. Tomorrow through Friday, I’m sharing some commitment free information in a private Facebook group that will go over all the ins and outs of coaching—what do we do, does it cost money, how do we get paid, what’s the “catch”—all of that. I can promise you there’s no pressure, I only want people on Team Pretty Tough who WANT to be there and would never push you (I hate that 🤮) Stop wondering and come find out. Drop an emoji in the comments or send me a DM and I will get you the link to check it out. Maybe it’s the beginning of your new life—a group just like this one was the start for me. You ready to find out? 👇🏻 #transformationtuesday at Florham Park, New Jersey


ASPIRING INFLUENCERS WANTED! 🌈✨🦄 ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ Leave your email below 💌 (without the .com) if you are: 🔹Self Motivated 🔹 Interested in social media 🔹 Like the idea of getting paid for sharing your health + fitness journey with others (regardless of your current weight or fitness level) 🔹 Have a desire to help and inspire others ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ 🔻NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED🔺 Complete training provided by myself as your mentor ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ I am looking for: 🔹 SELF STARTERS 🔹 Women in their twenties who are interested in self growth and are looking to build a full time business or part time side hustle from home 🔹 People to work with who I also want to be best friends with 👯‍♀️ ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ IF THAT IS YOU 👇🏻 💌 Drop your email in the comments (without the .com) or send me a DM or email at [email protected] ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ US 🇺🇸 CAD 🇨🇦 UK 🇬🇧 ONLY


🦋 at New York, New York


If I tried to get on a business call by the pool with vodka in my cup while I was teaching kindergarten.....🤣😳 I think it’s safe to say I found my calling, you guys. #HappyWeekend 🥂 at Florham Park, New Jersey


God, I fucking HATED working out. The fact that I’m a health and fitness coach is laughable. If you knew me in middle school, #lookatmenow 😎🤣 But I didn’t become a health and fitness coach because I loved health and fitness. I learned to love health and fitness because I became a coach. Surround yourself with the types of people you want to become—and watch how you change. Forever grateful to this community of mine for changing my mindset and my life in such huge, drastic, unimaginable ways. What if I said no? 😶 at New Jersey


I get the feeling that Eclipse talks to the dog about me the way that Stewie talks to Brian about Lois. Been getting the side eye for forgetting #NationalCatDay yesterday all morning, so here’s a little evil eye for you all. (He’s actually very sweet as long as you don’t pick him up or touch his belly or his paws or refuse treats or sit too close to him on the couch or stop scratching his booty or stare at him for too long 👑😜) at New Jersey


One of my biggest regrets from my college years was not joining a sorority. All of my energy and focus went towards the relationship I was in (I wish I could put all the blame on him buuut it takes two to tango/create a toxic environment, admitting that is not fun but I guess I’ll do it lol 🙄) and even though I’d always been super social, I barely made any friends while away at school because I locked myself away in order to...idk, text my boyfriend? Make sure he was the only human who got my attention? Beats me. A lack of self confidence will make you do a lot of confusing things. The Universe had my back, though. I may have missed out on a close group of college friends, but just two years afterwards, coaching fell into my lap. It was something I’d heard of before but I’d always told every coach who invited me to give it a try to leave me the F alone, that I didn’t want what they were selling, and even blocked a few of them 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ #crabbyAF (if you’re reading this now, I’m sorry and I ❤️ you for trying to bring light into my life!!!) Finally, when I was ready enough for change that I agreed to take a look, I knew I had to be involved. Immediately. And thank God I recognized that! It’s brought so much to my life (freedom, peace of mind, weight loss, confidence, passion, a career, travel, mindset shifts, the list goes on but I’ll shut up...) But you guys. Coaching is like a sorority for grown ups. 😂 I literally cannot think of a better way to describe it. We change the world and we party and we have fun and we lift each other up and damn, I’m so grateful these ladies found me. I may have missed out in college, but that was 4 years. This is the rest of my life. Another perk is that we won’t haze you, and you’re all more than welcome to sit with us. The more the merrier, always. I am grateful AF. 💖 Happy #wcw 👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭 at Gulf Shores, Alabama


I ALWAYS get scared when I invest a big chunk of money into myself or my business. What if it doesn’t payoff? What if it wasn’t worth the cost? What if I need that money for something else? I don’t ask those questions when I go away for the weekend or out to dinner with my friends or spend a night ordering Tito’s and club at the bar. Investing in personal or business growth is scary because in the end—it falls on me. If it’s not worth it, it’s because I didn’t work hard enough. And what if I CAN’T work hard enough? I can, though. If I don’t work hard enough, that’s a choice that I’m actively making. The choice to let an excuse or laziness get in the way of what I really want. And putting that money in? That’s just the skin in the game that I need in order to make myself push. If everything was free, there’d be no risk. No reason to go all in, to give it my all...because if I fail, I lose nothing. Now, if I fail, I lose $700. 🙃 So you can betcha bottom dollar that this girl is gonna succeed. Spending money is just exchanging energy, and it’ll return to you. The time you spend waiting to invest, though? You don’t get that back. #believeinYOU 💫 at New Jersey


I think that sometimes #transformationtuesday can be a little intimidating. Most posts are shared by people who have had huge success, and it feels unattainable, or so far off that it’s hard to be inspired by it. So I wanted to share a little #throwback with ya to the first 3 week program I ever completed. I started at 284 pounds. I worked out for 30 minutes a day (it was hard af and hurt my feet), I followed a portion control meal plan (opting for a big salad over baked ziti on takeout night was a struggle), I drank a superfood shake for breakfast (even though sometimes I just wanted a freaking bagel), and I plugged into a community of people on similar journeys (even though I was convinced I was not a “group kind of person” and had enough support at home). I lost 16 pounds. In 3 weeks. And I shared it, because I felt awesome AF. EVERY bit of success counts. You didn’t stop at the drive thru on the way home even though you were starving and decided to throw together a stir fry instead? YOU FREAKING GO GIRL 👏🏻 You modified your way through a 30 minute home workout program even though it made you feel like you were gonna collapse and reminded you how out of shape you are, but you finished anyway? FREAKING AMAZING. You drank a super nutritious shake for breakfast every day this week even though your boyfriend rolled his eyes and told you he thinks you should eat “real food”? YOU ARE KILLIN’ IT! You lost 3 pounds even though you hoped you’d lose 5, but still didn’t give up? ROCKSTAR. Didn’t see a change in the scale but decided to focus on how much stronger and more energetic you feel instead? YAAASSS GIRL. You ignored rude comments from unsupportive people and pushed yourself towards where you want to be anyway? INSPIRING AS HELL. Every change counts. They all add up. I promise if you keep going, you’ll be posting one of those huge transformations side by side one day, too. But I really hope you don’t forget to remember where you started. She’s the version of you that you should be most proud of. She kicked her doubts in the face and did the damn thing, and LAAAWD, nothings more admirable than that. 💖 at New Jersey


Happiness can happen twice. If you’re in the middle of an ending, just remember that there’s a new beginning right around the corner. The sun always sets, but it always rises, too. The light is coming. 💖 at Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey


Bright leggings, workout fuel, graphic tank ✔️ That’s my list of things that get me ready to push in the mornings. I used to try to get workouts done in old baggy T-shirt’s and stained yoga pants because “who cares how i look” and I didn’t believe that pre-workout was necessary because I didn’t want a bunch of chemicals in my body. Cute workout clothes get me excited to move. I found a pre that is all natural and really helps me perform better. Think ya can’t workout? Switch up your routine. Pretty soon those modified jumping jacks will be 60 seconds of burpees and you’ll be like “how tf did I get here? Oh yeah. Purple leggings. Thanks Lily.” 😘 #igotyou Day 1 of week 4 in the books! 💪🏻


I didn’t think I had a passion. (I HATED those ice breaker games in school—“I don’t play soccer, dance, go horseback riding, play video games, draw really ARE my hobbies?!” #cueanxiety 😳) I got older and tried to tell myself my passion was teaching. I loved working with kids, I wasn’t bad at it, I’d always been able to picture myself running a classroom, so I held onto that. That HAD to be the thing. Then I finally found some excitement when it came to health and fitness—for the very first time, something worked to help me lose weight. I was way more excited about teaching adults about weight loss than kids about math. THERE we go, working out and clean eating! THAT must be my passion!!! Okay, so I enjoyed my workouts and felt great when I ate well, but I realized I wasn’t about to be the next body builder or super model athlete. So my passion for health must be more about how I feel, not what I’m doing...GOT IT! Self love. Self love is my passion! Gosh, I’m SO progressive and soulful and inspiring. THIS is what I’ll preach! is starting to be really interesting to me. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, omg, that book is SO good! And I love making money, and helping other people make it. Social media! I love connecting with people... OOO, writing! I love to write. It comes so naturally to me. And girl power! And scrunchies. And coffee...oh, a family! I want a family. Wait, and dogs...I love dogs... 🤪 did you enjoy that stroll through my brain? The point is—whether or not you have a specific PASSION, you have a PURPOSE. And odds are, it’s probably not just one purpose. It’s probably a collection of all sorts of amazing things that reside within you that you are supposed to give back to the world. Some people are really fucking good at ONE thing, and they give their entire lives to that. The majority of us though, were put here with so many gifts, so many ways that we can give back to the world that we don’t have to pick just one. And you don’t have to know what it is (or what any of them are)—if you open yourself up to growth, new things will come. Just be passionate about life, and you’ll never be purposeless. at New Jersey


You probably didn’t even notice, because my definition of a “social media hiatus” is like the typical person’s average use (😂🤷🏼‍♀️ Instagram pays my bills sooo) BUT I have been on a bit of a social media break the past few days. I love my job and what I do, but I worked my booty off last month and I didn’t want to start August off burnt out, so I put down my phone, I stopped creating AND consuming so much, and just lived and breathed a little. It felt nice. And now I’ve got a ton of thoughts in my brain and things I want to get down on paper, so I’m going to finish taking the rest of this weekend (mostly) to myself...I’m about to do a lot of self reflection and journaling and I can’t wait to come back full force and start pouring my best back into all of you. That’s how we all need to live. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself first, it’s actually the best thing you could do for everyone in your life. No one wants the exhausted, burnt out, frustrated, irritable version of you. They want the best version of you. And you can only provide that when you’re taking care of yourself. #mefirstmovement — hop aboard. 💖⭐️✌🏻 at New Jersey


Had just about zero motivation to do this Friday leg day workout 😅 so came to see @aliiycat and some more dogs as usual 😂 (swipe to see) and we got that shit DONE 🏋🏼‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️ and since this program has 3 rest days built right in, we are now free to enjoy our weekends 🤸🏼‍♀️💖🙌🏻🥂⭐️ HAPPY FRIDAY! Get up and move a little bit, think of how proud you’ll be when you’re done 😘 at New Jersey


Would have loved to get this picture by the pool or beach, but with the crazy weather in Jersey lately the workout room is gonna have to do! 😂🥂 When I started my health journey, I quit my two diet sodas per day and started drinking sparkling water instead. I’m obsessed with Poland Spring Sparkling because it’s refreshingly REAL which is important to me, and their new flavors are so fun! Pomegranate lemonade?! 😍😋 Thanks, @polandspringwtr for the towel and treats, can’t wait to bring them by the water when the sun starts shining again ☀️ at New Jersey


I took rest day SUPER seriously yesterday 😅 and it was probably much needed but it also had me so ready to move this morning. Alexa, Sport and I crushed shoulder day and are kinda wondering why you haven’t joined us yet. You can keep watching while we get results or you can get results 🤷🏼‍♀️ up to yoooouu. Side effects include popping muscles, necessary jean shopping and extra doggy kisses because of all the sweat 😂🐶 the sale for this program was extended so if you missed your chance in July, you can still hop in at the lower price. We’ll keep pushing with or without ya, but it’s always more fun with a crowd 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ at Florham Park, New Jersey

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