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The biggest is off to school for his second week back. He is loving Kindergarten so much, but I have to remind Glenn and myself that the beginning of a school year comes with lot's of changes and long days after being home with the boys and me all summer. I'm thankful for the convenience of living across the street from school. Thankful for a teacher he seems to love already and thankful for a community that's really pretty amazing to be a part of with friends who live right down the street. @areeves02 I’m looking at you friend. Today I'm 40 weeks + 4 Days. I put on normal clothes and make up to go to the Doctor and run errands just to make myself feel better. It did make me feel a little more human. (Though I’m now back at home in Glenn’s basketball shorts that are way more comfy, because yolo) If I don't go into labor by Friday, they will induce me that morning. SOOOO. At least I can see the end of this chapter. My Doctor has already told me 759 times that this will be my biggest baby. I’m good with that cause I’m scared of really little babies. Marshall was 6 lbs 4 oz which isn’t even that small but it was small enough to terrify me. 😂 In the meantime I'm thinking, I should have scheduled some interviews last week and this week. It was wishful thinking that I’d already have had the baby. Glenn is working from home today (Praise Jesus!) and we are checking off some last things to do before our carriage house is finished. This is a project we’ve thought about and put off for four years and finally decided it made sense to go all in and do it. It will be done THIS WEEK and we'll have it furnished in about a week. You know because we don't have anything else going on this week. We have decided we want to try out the @airbnb thing for a few months and see how that goes before committing to a full time renter. So if you are looking to book a trip to Indianapolis, I have the cutest little carriage house that I plan to stock with all the good stuff. I'll post the AirBNB link once it's up. I know it will be a good amount of work but I think/hope it will be a really cool experience. #mom #momlife #boymom #indy #indianapolis #babywatch #40weekspregnant


We brought home a big tub of Glenn’s baby/kid clothes that his Mom saved and I can’t get over this little number. We apparently are working on joining the royal family here. 😂 I need a special occasion to actually dress him in this before it’s too small. Though it says 3 toddler on the size. 3 toddlers must have been really small in 1986. Watch out Prince George and Louis, there’s a Russell Hein in a kids romper looking all fancy in Indianapolis. To note- I immediately took this off of him after the picture because we can’t do real life in clothes like this. We have messes to make and things to get dirty. #instakids #russellwiththegoodhair #isthisreallife #russelleugene #boymom


August 10th! Today is my due date. Trying to just have a normal day and not obsess on it. I can’t wait to feel my normal self again, though I know that’s gonna take some major time. Have done this a few times. I haven’t run or worked out other than chasing the kids around for 9 weeks. 9 weeks! I have never gone that long since I started running in high school. With my first three pregnancies I worked out and ran until the day before and I was due. This time, I just didn’t want to. I was uncomfortable and not enjoying it so I just decided to stop. Eliminating it has been both good for me and a little tough. I don’t need the physical part as much as the mental because honestly I know I’m active enough with the boys this far along but I can’t wait to feel the post workout feelings again. I know every pregnancy is different, every person is different, so I just want to encourage anyone going through it to just do you and not worry about Sally or Lindsey or Sarah or whoever and what they are doing. (Made those names up, k?) Cause they aren’t you and they have no clue what your body feels like or what you have going on. Don’t be tempted to keep up. It ain’t worth it y’all. Happy Friday! If baby doesn’t come, we’ll just be organizing something that might not really need organized and waiting around for this kid. Do you have more exciting weekend plans? Who has a long run? This weeks podcast episode with @sarah.b.true is longer than usual- hopefully it can come along with you for that! I accidentally left bonus Patreon questions in the episode too (I might be a little distracted over here 😂😂) #momlife #40weekspregnant #momminainteasy #motherrunner #podcast


Two-Time Olympian @sarah.b.true joins me today for the show. Sarah is a Professional Triathlete and she competed in both the 2012 London Olympics where she placed 4th and the 2016 Rio Olympics. She has recently transitioned into full ironman training and just completed her first full ironman at Ironman Frankfurt where she placed second qualifying for Kona which she’ll compete in this fall! Sarah is married to a former guest of the show, distance runner @benjtrue (Episode 116) and when I interviewed him we were tracking one of her half-ironman races, so it was fun to hear from the triathlete herself. Sarah and her husband Ben have also recently started a coffee company that many of you have likely heard of with @des_linden and @rl_linden, called @coffeebylt Linden & True coffee. She is fun, smart, witty, with a really solid outlook on life and sport. Truly a fun guest I know you’ll love. You can find this podcast episode in any podcast app or listen directly from the link in my bio. If you are enjoying the podcast, please consider subscribing and leaving a rating and review on itunes! Thank you @livevictorious for supporting this episode of the podcast. You guys can sign up for a free one month trial at #illhaveanother #podcast #sheppdcasts #triathlon #womeninsport #olympian


Took Lou & Russ to @connerprairie this morning... we’ve actually never been and it’s amazing! I mean I went as a little girl but not since. It’s pretty far north for us, we don’t venture north of 86th street much but was well worth it today. Of course I forgot a stroller for Russ, so lots of walking + carrying him. Wishful thinking it will put me into labor? Thankful for @emily.reddington coming into my life that a couple years ago, so happy to have a friend in it knee deep right beside me. And also a friend who thinks to offer to take a picture of you and your crew because this may be the last pregnant picture I ever take? Maybe getting nostalgic (but happy) this is it. And thanks for letting us use your plus two friend! #connerprairie #mom #boymom #40weekspregnant at Conner Prairie


Happy 35th Birthday Glenn! We love you and I hope our boys grow up to be like you in so many ways. Swim lessons, pizza from @bazbeaux, cake from @taylorsbakery, trick candles and little boys going crazy about balloons. Hope this celebration was everything you dreamed it would be. #birthday #dad #dadlife #happybirthday #parenthood


Alright little boy. We are ready for you too make your arrival. 3 days until you are due. I’m not holding my breath you’ll come this week but it’s not out of the question! We still haven’t decided on a name people. ****************************************************** People ask me this question when I talk about my due date so I thought I’d just answer it here for everyone- *Marshall was 4 days early but he had no signs of coming and he was a scheduled c section because he was breech. * Louis came on his due date. My water broke day before I had him next morning. 3.5 hours of pushing for that kid. He made me work for it. * Russell was a week past his due date. I was scheduled to induce a week late and ended up going in night before my scheduled induction because my water broke. My labor with him was insanely easy once I got the epidural. So I’ve had two successful vbacs and plan to do that again but the trend would be this baby will be late Ha, but who really knows. We are not so patiently waiting your arrival. I’m not sleeping anyway because of the pregnancy insomnia so I might as well be up with you and Glenn is already talking about the hospital naps he plans to take once I get my epidural. #39weekspregnant #motherhood #pregnancy #momlife #maternityphotography


First day of kindergarten is here! He was so excited. We had ice cream at the park last night and special french toast for breakfast this morning. Sounds like a new tradition for first day of school. Even though he’s the oldest and obviously most self sufficient, it’s refreshing to know there will be two kids with me most of the day and one of those two still naps! There were lots of teary eyed moms at drop off this morning and I did feel some tears well up for a hot second as he walked away but we are so ready for this and when his teacher asked if he was excited, nervous or happy about starting school he said excited. Also. It’s kind of funny but his classroom window literally looks out to our house. Like he could stare at our house anytime of the day. I hope anyone else starting school this week had a great morning! If you’ve hit kindergarten with a kid- did you have tears? #indy #indykids #indymoms #ips #indianapolis #firstdayofschool at Indianapolis, Indiana


Russell and that hair. The hair gel in the little boys hair just kills me. 😍 Marshall wanted nothing to do with taking pictures per usual but I’m so glad we went ahead and made him participate and got a couple. Normally I’d just let it go but I was determined today. You know who’s almost always game for pictures? Louis. He was fired up and excited to put a “work shirt” on like Daddy. Even though he still has his 3.5 year old moments, he’s such a laid back kid. Something I don’t take for granted. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #mom #momlife #boymom #motherhood #indymoms


Forced a family picture as it’s probably the last one of just the five of us and Cadence. How does one actually get a picture with every kid looking and possibly smiling? This is as fancy as we could get and I’m pretty happy with it. Bless our neighbors who were full on photographers trying to get a picture for us. 5 days to go and Glenn’s doing all the cleaning and organizing and I’m all like can I lay down now? My biggest decision right now with 5 days until my due date is how long to put off the pre baby pedicure. If I go today the baby will be like a week late but if I wait too long I’ll miss the opportunity. It’s a rough life man. I’ve done this 3 times before and still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. Every ache or pain I’m all like labor? Maybe? Probably not. What are your must haves done and ready at home when its time for baby? What do you for sure take with you to hospital? #boymom #mom #family #motherhood #indy at Indianapolis, Indiana


I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 134: @christinerburke Christine Burke is the Vice President of runner products and services for the @nyrr. She lives in NYC with her three kids and husband. Christine’s professional background is in retail and luxury marketing – previous to NYRR she worked for L’Occitane en Provence and Hastens Beds and did a lot of international travel. We get to hear about her career path in this episode and how she grabbed her job with the NYRR – we talk about putting your dreams and ideas out there and just going for it. Christine is a 25 time marathoner and an ironman! She dreams of completing the 6 world marathon majors and is well on her way- she is running Berlin this fall which will be 4 of 6. She ran her first marathon at the 1993 New @nycmarathon, which she finished with both her parents, who inspired her to run from an early age. In this episode we talk about Christine’s career, raising a family in NYC, the NYRR, marathon running, and her love for Bruce Springsteen. Link to listen to this episode in my profile or in any podcast app or Spotify. If you are enjoying the podcast, I’d be honored if you’d subscribe to the show and leave a rating and review on the podcast app you listen through! Thanks @casper for supporting this episode of the podcast!


I won’t even lie and tell you we didn’t lose Russell at least once in the back to school night crowds. Out the door, down the hall to the courtyard in 4 seconds. We’re excited to be back at @ipsschools @butlerlabschool this year. Kindergarten we are finally here and Marshall is ready to roll. I’m not even the slightest bit emotional about it because he’s been in full day pre-K for two years. 😍 #momlife #parenthood #backtoschool #books #dadlife at The IPS/Butler University Laboratory School #60


Two great conversations today with @courtneydauwalter & @ktnago13. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to talk to and get to know amazing, inspiring people in a long form conversation every week. These two woman made me smile and laugh and ponder and feel challenged today. I hope you feel those things too when their episodes come out. I’ve had to remove myself from recording in my normal sound booth because the lack of air circulation was not working for this super pregnant woman. No really, you should have seen me in the last few interviews in the sound booth. Hot mess, sweating like crazy. Sitting at the doctor now for my 39 week check up. Anticipating her to say, we’ll see you next week and that I’ll still be fully pregnant next Thursday at the next appointment. That’s ok, as much as I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore (or ever again), reality is hitting what’s about to go down at our house. #illhaveanother #illhaveanotherpodcast #womensrunning #ultrarunner #polevault #shepodcasts at The Hatch


So happy to be in normal clothes with a fun interview lined up and away from the house today. So many fights and whining in the 2 hours before I ran for the door when the babysitter showed up. When everyone is happy and snuggly there is nothing more satisfying on the planet but there was 5 minutes of 120 minutes of that this AM and I’m just so happy for freedom of questions, requests and fighting for the majority of the day. If this comes off as whiny and complaining; it is. I’m overtouched and claustrophobic and ready for this baby to be not residing in me anymore. But yes, yes I am incredibly grateful for my boys.


We were super sad our favorite track was locked this morning! But we got a nice bike ride in for the big boys, a walk for me and Glenn and Russ did a stroller run. We’re soaking up a beautiful, not too hot day and heading to swim at my parents house in a bit. I’m thankful I’m feeling relatively good; honestly much better than I was feeling during the beginning and middle of the third trimester. I think maybe because I know we’re so close to baby coming and also the weather has been much kinder. We ordered some newborn diapers and a new car seat for the baby but that’s about all the prepping you do for a fourth kid I suppose. The infant car seat we had had just seen better days being through all of our boys and we decided to get a new one. It’s gonna feel so shiny and sparkly. Did you get a morning workout or run in? What did you listen to or who did you run with if so? I listened to @mariofraioli @theamshakeout with @noah_droddy on my walk while the boys rode bikes. at Shortridge High School PTSA


BONUS Podcast Episode with @shelbo800 today! Shelby Houlihan just broke the American Record by four seconds in the 5K in a time of 14:34 in Heudsen; which gave her a personal record by 26 seconds. In this episode she tells us the progression of how the goal to break the American Record went down. Her coach, Jerry Schumacher has known her potential and the process has been nothing short of a well thought out methodical progression. She was paced by teammate @shalaneflanagan and 1500 Meter competitor for @newbalance, @corymcgeeruns. Shelby has been running so fast this year and has shown that she’s the real deal with her competitive nature and insane kick. Shelby runs for @nike with the @bowermantc and You know I love interviewing the crew over there. Shelby is no stranger to this podcast- check out her other episodes (Episode 50 and 108). She is just as fierce and excited about her dreams as she was in the first two episodes we recorded. She's a 2016 Olympian and has dreams of making the American 5K scene more competitive on a World Level. And guys- no she's not changing her IG or twitter handles and spills that she even plans to possibly race an 800 this fall! Look out for her to put down some more fast times in the coming months when she'll compete in the Diamond League final in Brussels and the Continental Cup in the Czech Republic. My bet is she grabs herself another American Record; in the 1500 this time. Link to listen to this episode in my profile or find it in any podcast app or Spotify! ****************************************************** Want to hear more bonus content from me? Consider supporting the show on patreon so I can bring these types of episodes to your ears more often! (There are also Patreon ears only bonus episodes as well over there at #illhaveanother #illhaveanotherpodcast #americanrecord #frenchbreadfriday #5k #womensrunning #bowermanbabes


Can’t recreate or force these sweet little moments. It hardly feels real that we’re adding yet another brother to the bunch so soon. As much has they rough Russell up, they also look out for him which is so sweet. Mostly Marshall looks out for him, Lou is coming around though. The new one is gonna have quite the crew behind him. #heinboys #brothers #boymom #momlife #indy at Holliday Park - Indy Parks and Recreation


I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 132: @gwenjorgensen. Olympic Gold Medalist Gwen Jorgensen joins me today! Gwen is a triathlete turned long distance runner who has always had a deep love for running. Gwen is not only a 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist in triathlon, she's also a 2014 and 2015 World Champion. She was recruited to compete in triathlon by USA Triathlon after college where she both swam and ran for the University of Wisconsin. Gwen now runs for @nike with the @bowermantc and is married to an amazingly supportive husband @patrick_lemieux, and together they are raising the most adorable little boy who is about to turn one; Stanley. We get to talk about post partum fitness and what that training looks like in this episode as well as the transition from Triathlon to running. I know you're going to find Gwen to be so kind and fun and relatable even though she competes at such a high level. You can find this podcast in any podcast app or Spotify - if you are enjoying the show, consider subscribing and leaving a rating and review to support! Link to listen in my profile. Thank you @foursigmatic for supporting this episode of the podcast! #podcast #bowermanbabes #bowermantrackclub #nike #justdoit #triathlon #fastbraidfriday #runner #motherrunner

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