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One of the most fun parts of hosting my podcast is after the opportunity to record an episode with someone; then getting to watch and cheer for the athletes behind those conversations. @shelbo800 is no doubt a beast and a force to be reckoned with. I loved watching her (from my living room) come down that last stretch looking so fierce and strong. Congrats Shelby! If you guys want to learn more about this fun, fast and confident @bowermantc runner- go listen to episode 108 of I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein! 😍(she also was on episode 50 with her teammates @courtneyfrerichs & @steeple_squigs! #preclassic #trackandfield #Repost @usatf with @get_repost ・・・ @shelbo800 takes down a stacked field in the women's 1500m with a huge personal best and world leading time, 3:59.06! #PreClassic


They are sweet and wild and crazy and stubborn and gross and somehow thoughtful and selfish and funny and loving and needy and so many of those things wrapped up in one little human. I can hardly believe we are adding another one of these boys to our family in just 11 weeks. So many boys. ****************************************************** Thanks @eblinn for the beautiful family pictures. I know our crew was not easy to photograph but you made it look easy. You are so talented and I’m thankful to know you. (Erin is also a former podcast guest Guys! Episode 53) #family #familypictures #indy #iambroadripple #indianapolis #indymoms #mom #loveauthentic #boymom at Monon Trail


I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 121: @beckyswade. Elite Marathoner and World Traveler Becky Wade joins me on the podcast today! In 2012 Becky traveled the World (22 countries) studying running culture in each place she went. She wrote a book called "Run the World" where she shares all about her experience; what she learned from 9 of the countries she spend the most time in and she also shares delicious recipes from the trip. Becky ran her debut marathon at CIM soon after returning from her trip in 2013 to win the marathon in a time of 2:30. In this episode we talk about not only her future running goals of crushing the 2:30 barrier in the marathon, but also her passion for finding balance and love in things outside of running as well. She has a great perspective that we could all learn a little bit from and I hope you walk away feeling inspired to follow your dreams and creating a life for yourself that is multi-faceted. Thank you @foursigmatic and @lilytrotters for supporting this episode of the podcast. Link to listen in my profile and you can find this podcast in itunes, stitcher, google play or any podcast app! If you are enjoying the show, I would appreciate so much a rating/review on itunes or whatever app you listen through. #illhaveanother #worldtraveler #worldtravel #runner #womensrunning #marathoner #beatyesterday #instarunners #podcast


Last day of school for Marshall today- they had early dismissal at 1, so Glenn worked from @thehatchcreates with me this morning and we picked him up for some two on one time. One on one time is few and far between with three kids, two on one for the biggest is very rare, so it was fun to get to spend some low key time with our almost 6 year old. (I swear he mostly had fun with just a little complaining even though the first picture says otherwise. Can’t force a smile for a picture but momma wanted to document ok?) And no chasing a 20 month old around the restaurant? Sign me up. He’s been in full day pre-K for two years now so sending him to Kindergarten next year maybe seems a little less dramatic for me because we’ve already been doing this full day thing for so long. I’m excited for him and even though I think he was ready last year he’s even more ready now (he learned so much and grew so much this second year) I’m glad we decided to wait another year to send him on. (He’ll be 6 in June) We have loves St. Joan of Arc this year & he had the most amazing teacher but are equally as happy to be back at the Butler Lab school for the fall. I honestly think I’ll be more emotional sending Louis off to school than I have been with Marshall. He’s been home with me a lot more and their personalities are just so different. So 10 weeks of summer with everyone home! I’m due the week he goes back to school. I might be a little bit nervous about how things will shake out but we’ll be aight. Thankful for my two days a week of babysitter time. If nothing else, I will survive for that reason! 😂 This all makes me reminisce about summer as a kid. Remember how long it seemed? It’s really not that long at all! Do you guys have any fun summer plans made or vacations? We have one little trip planned to go to Lake Geneva with the whole crew with one of Glenn’s sisters who has three kids as well at the end of June. I was gonna say then we’ll be on full on baby prep mode. But who am I kidding, we all know there will be no prepping or planning for the fourth kid other than arranging childcare during labor. #mom #boymom #kindergarten #firstborn #iambroadripple at Broad Ripple Brewpub


Today would be Glenn’s Moms 67th Birthday. We’re getting a babysitter and heading to Crown Point to celebrate with his sisters and Dad tonight. Birthdays are a big deal in the Hein family and you’d always get a Happy Birthday song call bright and early from Peggy on your birthday. Also, I love that we are twinning in this picture at @nikki1285 wedding 5 years ago. Marshall had a lot of questions about celebrating birthdays in Heaven last night. ❤️


Morning! I’m taking over @yourdaywon IG today so if you usually follow my stories here- follow them there! As I was introducing myself on their Instagram page I realized that I could share a little bit more here with you guys. (can I though?! I feel like I share everything with you guys 😂😂) I find my best days are started with at least 30 minutes if reading/quiet time before all the Mom stuff starts. I really get off on the wrong foot when I have to start waiting on people from the second I open my eyes. This is tough though because sometimes you just want to stay in bed in fear that if you do get up earlier that everyone else will too and then not only did you miss your quiet time but you also got less sleep. Here are some random things: 1. I read at least 2-3 books at once. Right now I’m reading @deena8050 “Let your Mind Run”, @sniequist “Present over Perfect, @carminegallospeaker “Talk like Ted” & @rachelheldevans “Searching for Sunday” And yes I really am actively reading them all. I read different books at different times of the day. Here are when I get sneaks of reading time: early morning hours, in car pool line picking up Marsh from school, at night when I lay with my big boys for 15-20 minutes while they fall asleep, on weekends when Glenn is home, on treadmill or elliptical & then usually a couple pages while I fall asleep that I have to re-read because I m like reading in my sleep. 2. I ran very consistently and often through my first three pregnancies (probably most in my second) and this time I’ve decided to run less not because I can’t but b/c I’m not finding the joy in it I normally do. I’d say on average, at 29 weeks I’m running 2 and at most 3 times a week and doing 3 miles at a time. 3. I stay home with my kids Mon, Wed, Fri and on Tues, Thurs I have a wonderful babysitter from 8-3:30; during those hours I work on my podcast, speaking stuff, coaching & sometimes I grab a pedicure or run to the grocery in that time. I don’t get all the work stuff done during those hours- sometimes I do evening work & always a few hours on weekends. Questions for you: What’s your best way to start the day? What are you reading?


Life is good when you’re three and you just had some legit ice cream and a little run on the monon. @bricsindy. Also, today Louis informed us he wants to be a race car driver when he grows up. #indy #indy500 #iambroadripple #biglou #racecar at BRICS


I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 120: @candicehuffine. Candice is a high fashion Model and Designer. She is a wife, a dog mom, a runner and loves encouraging people to be themselves. She is the creator of @yourdaywon Founder of @psyougotthis. Candice ran both the @bostonmarathon and @nycmarathon in 2017 and continues to redefine “what a runner’s body” looks like. She does fill us in in this episode that she prefers the half marathon distance to the full marathon! Candice’s work as a plus-size model has inspired people and companies around the world and she’s a big part of the movement to break barriers in the fashion industry so that it doesn’t cater to just the size 2 woman. Sh’e been featured in CR Fashion Book, Italian Vogue (cover), @voguemagazine , W, V Magazine, i-D and @glamourmag and @womensrunningmagazine . Candice has been a part of New York Fashion Week’s Runway and continues to break stereotypes and send a message of embracing a healthy body image to woman around the world. Thank you @prepdish, @casper & @foursigmatic for supporting this podcast episode! You can find this podcast in itunes, stitcher, google play, spotify or any podcast app. Link to listen in my profile! ******************************** #Podcast #podcaster #shepodcasts #illhaveanother #womensrunning #daywon #beatyesterday #plussizefashion #runner #runningpodcast #plussizemodel #fashionweek


Am I cheering about the new triple running stroller or am I trying to get my kids to pay attention to the picture? Either way, I’m really stepping up my mom game with this thing. #motherrunner #boymom #strollerrun #momlife #momminainteasy


My first little boy. He has challenged me more than I ever could have imagined and at almost 6, he’s turned into the sweetest, most curious and pretty helpful oldest child. We have plenty of moments still but the second half of age five was a big game changer. I’m gonna be so thankful to have him around when the baby comes. We not only look very much alike but we are very similar in personality too; so when he’s stubborn and particular. I get it. Glenn just gives me a look that says he is your son. Thank you @eblinn for capturing this moment. You are talented and amazing. Can’t wait to see all the pics-I know it was not a easy task with three crazy little boys on a hot hot afternoon! XO!


Once a month we rotate houses for dinner. If it’s your house, you put your kids to bed. If it’s not your house, you get a babysitter. We’ve been consistent for almost two years and it’s turned into the best friendships. All because @emily.reddington decided to get it started. So glad you included us in the supper club club. Kid wise there are 8 boys (soon to be 9) and 1 girl between the four of us and I think I’ve been pregnant for over half of our friendship. 🤦‍♀️ #supperclub #friends #indy


So proud of my boys at the @500festival Rookie Run today! Was so fun to see Louis run his first race and Marshall was fierce and ran down the W. He keeps talking about how he paced himself. 😂 See my stories for videos of their races. And Russell was A LOT of work. Such a fun event downtown. Countdown to babysitter is on: 3 hours and 40 minutes. #500rookierun #rookierun #indykids #run #runner at Indianapolis, Indiana


First double stroller run in awhile. I pushed Lou & Russ to Marshall’s game this morning... holy heck the slightest incline, pushing the double, 27 weeks pregnant. Feels like a mountain. 😂😂 the double is so much harder than the single. It’s just so clunky. It’s nice because the field is just a little over three miles from our house, so perfect little run to get the day off on the right foot. Marshall and Louis were outside playing by 6:15am this morning (sorry neighbors 🙈) but it was nice because Russ stayed down until almost 8 and I was able to read and drink my coffee on the porch while they played and only had to break up a couple fights. We have the @500festival Rookie Run in a couple hours, so gonna TRY to make them rest (lolololol) a little before heading downtown. So happy it’s the weekend. at Broad Ripple Haverford Little League


Oh my. Throwback to my first Mother’s Day with baby Marshall AND baby Cadence. 😍 (Thank you FB) Do you think Marsh looks like Russ? ****************************************************** #mothersday #momlife #boymom #dogmom


The best time of year because everything’s green and flowers on my porch are pretty. We survived winter people. We went straight to summer in Indiana but we survived. Louis loves yard work so much. When Russ naps he almost always occupies his time independently playing or “helping me” do yard work. I’m really thankful for my twoish hours of just Louis time when Russ naps and Marshall is at school. He’s definitely still a three year old and things like getting dressed take nine million hours but get him in his zone and some one on one time and he’s just the sweetest. (I also did just have to physically hold him down to put his pull up on for bedtime so don’t get it twisted... it’s really hard but the good is just so sweet) I can only imagine how much my Grandma Carol and Louis would have gotten along. I can picture him at her house on Stouts Creek Rd. pulling weeds and being the best of friends. I’m so glad she got to know Marshall and their relationship was special but I just can’t help but picture Lou doing yard work with her. (Marshall would be way too hot and complain; their yard work would have been short lived) but I could see her and Lou out there for hours. In this picture; I am cutting back these big grass plant things that my neighbor kindly told me I should cut back so they could grow in. (She’s like a flower expert so I do anything she tells me I should do 😂) I’m only annoyed that I already mulched out there and now the dead grass stuff has my mulch looking all bad. Guess I’ll buy a few more bags. Do you do the yard work? I prefer to do it but wouldn’t be mad if Glenn was a tad interested too. It’s a lot of work. He prefers to mow and that’s it really, but I try to be the one to mow because the last thing I want is him coming home from work and mow because that leaves me still in charge of kids. NOPE. And three is such a hard age am I right? It was harder with our first kid than our second so far. (That corner turned once he hit the second half of five a few months ago 😬) But three year olds are so opinionated and things have to be just so. Louis likes to say “me the boss of me”. 😂


I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 119: Evan Jager. We've got a Bowerman Bro on the show today! @evanjager is a two-time Olympian (2012 & 2016) and runs for @nike with the @bowermantc. He holds the American Record in the 3,000 Steepchase and trains under coach Jerry Schumacher and @pascaldobert. Evan ran for the University of Wisconsin for only one year before turning to Professional running. It was a bold move and we talk about the decision to follow his coach (Jerry Schumacher) and pursue his dreams in Portland. He finished his college degree while training professionally in Portland. Shortly after turning pro, Evan suffered an intense ankle injury that left him not running for 6 months. We talk about navigating that in this episode, along with moving from a 5k runner to the Steeple Chase as his main event. We also talk about successes and other hard times in his career; like when he he won a Silver medal in the 2016 Olympics or when he was on track to break the 8 minute barrier in the Steeple and fell on the last water jump in Paris in 2015 at the Diamond League. Evan proves that when competing at the highest level, having the right mindset ad being your best self in training and come race day are a huge component to success. Big thanks to @steeple_squigs For connecting me with Evan! Thank you @prepdish and @lilytrotters for supporting this episode of the podcast. You can find this episode in itunes, stitcher, google play or any podcast app. If you are loving the show, I'd be honored if you'd consider leaving a rating/review on your podcast platform & sharing with your friends! Link to listen in my profile. Happy Friday! Question for you guys: what other male guests would you like to see on the show?


27 weeks. Baby Boy Hein 4. This is by far my most exhausting pregnancy I’ve had to date. I assume it’s because of the other three kids I’m chasing and because I’m just older than each one before. My motivation to run is at an all time low. I’m not enjoying it and so it’s hardly happening. I could do it, but the way I see it is if I don’t enjoy it what is the freaking point. I started out on Monday for 3 miles and just started walking 3 minutes in because it was beautiful out and I knew I would enjoy the walk and would not enjoy the run. Today I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and that was so much nicer to my body than 30 minutes of running. I then ventured to do some light weights and that was satisfying. I don’t think I ran more through my first three pregnancies for the wrong reasons but I do think life is just way different now and I’m smart enough to know that it’s dumb to do things you don’t want to do unless there’s a real purpose behind it or it’s necessary to getting a place you want to be. Side note- I think I probably ran most with my pregnancy with Louis (second kid). And also, Louis really didn’t want to go to the Y this morning but I got hardly any sleep last night and knew this kid break was necessary for survival today. 😂 You’re fine kid and actually fortunate that you GET to go play with other kids at the Y for two hours. Alright now I want your ideas: What should we name this kid? I’m obsessed with naming kids and haven’t felt settled on anything yet like with our others? I mean the Royal family stole the name Louis so clearly I’m a professional here. #27weekspregnant #fitpregnancy #momlife #motherrunner #beatyesterday #liveauthentic at The Irsay Family YMCA at CityWay


I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 117: Allison Schaff, Founder and CEO of @prepdish. Allison is a Dietitian and entrepreneur - the brains and creativity behind the business Prep Dish. Some of you may have heard of Prep Dish, as they have been a sponsor on the podcast. I am so intrigued by how people come up with an idea that they then turn into a business and how they actually made it happen and I'm inspired by Allison's story- I know you will be too. Allison shares with her some awesome books she's read and steps she took to get her business off the ground. She has traveled and lived in so many different places around the country/world and shares with us the fun details of how her and her husband met as well. She was such a fun guest... I love it when guests just get the conversation style of this podcast. Such a delight to talk with Allison. Here's a little more info on Allison's business - Prep Dish is a subscription based meal planning service that makes your life easier - Allison has two different menu options: gluten-free (dairy-free optional) and paleo meal plans. All subscribers will receive both options each week so you have the flexibility to decide which plan you want to follow. Regardless of the meal plan you choose, Prep Dish menus are based on real, whole, unprocessed foods. Your dishes will always be fresh and seasonal. You guys can use the code "another" to get a two week free trial - I encourage you to check it out at Thank you @mercurymile and @lilytrotters for supporting this episode of the podcast! You can find this podcast in iTunes, stitcher, google play or any podcast app! Link to listen in my profile. #mealplan #mealplanning #mealprep #prepdish #entrepreneur #girlboss

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