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My big guy killin’ it at his last soccer game of the season. He’s really fast out there on the field, it’s been fun to watch him work hard. 📷 Cred: @areeves02


New Podcast Episode with Scott Fauble- @sfaubs joins me on the show today! Scott runs for @hokaoneone @naz_elite and is currently training for the @nycmarathon. This will be his second marathon- he debuted last fall with the 12th fastest American Debut ever in 2:12:35 at the Frankfurt Marathon. Scott is a Colorado native and had a standout career at Wheat Ridge High School. He was the State Cross Country Champion in 2009 and went on to finish 17th at the Foot Locker National Cross Country Championships later that season. He then chose to run collegiately at the University of Portland before going Pro. In this episode of the podcast we get to talk about Scott’s career and NYC training, but we also get to talk about anxiety and overcoming hard things. Scott has a really great perspective and outlook on the sport and life. I really enjoyed getting to know him and I think you will too! Find this podcast in any podcast app, Spotify or link to listen in my profile! Big thanks to @prepdish @foursigmatic & @betterhelp for supporting this episode of the podcast! #NYCMarathon #nazelite #podcast #shepodcasts #runner


Getting back in shape is hard. It takes me longer after each baby. I’m pulled in more directions each time. I’m older. And I also just feel less urgency to get back to it. I think back to my first post partum experience and it’s laughable. I ran a half marathon 9 weeks post partum and a marathon 4 months post partum. Like what does that even mean? Oh young and naive Lindsey. I’m consistently running 4ish days a week right now anywhere from 2-4 miles and am increasing my “long” run by a mile each week for now which will make my long run 5 miles this weekend. I have every intention to start doing some strength work and cross training but committing to that has always been harder for me than putting on my shoes and going for a run. Glenn and I had a nice morning with just the little two. He took the day off work and my big boys stayed at my moms last night (breaks like this are saving my life). I drove them down to Bloomington yesterday and we are headed back now to pick them up. It’s about an hour and 15 minutes depending on traffic but so worth it to have a break with just two kids. Though the big kids are more self sufficient - they get up really early and fight a lot and at least one of them wakes us up at least once every night so just having Sandy wake ups and Russ sleeping in (Praise Be!!) is really refreshing. Last time we did this Russ did not sleep in in fact he was up at like 3am. So this was a gift. K, I know ya’ll don’t really care about my sleep deprivation but this thing is hard and you aren’t alone if you’re running on fumes. I feel you so hard. #womensrunning #strollerrun #stroller #motherrunner #run #familyrun #postpartumrunning #9weekspostpartum #indyrunners #runyourworld


Excited to finally announce I’m heading to NYC for @nycmarathon weekend! I’m teaming up with @nyrr and will be recording a live podcast with Marathon World Record holder @paula_radcliffe on Saturday, November 3rd at 2pm at the NYRR RUNCENTER. We’re gonna talk about her incredible running career, motherhood and the fifteenth anniversary of her marathon world record! This is a free event and link to register is in my profile. I hope to meet many of you there! Who will be in NYC for marathon weekend?! Thanks @christinerburke for getting the ball rolling on this! #nyrr #tcsnycmarathon #livepodcast #shepodcasts #podcast


I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 145: @yellowrunner Sally Mcrae is a tough as nails ultra runner. She has an infectious personality that just makes you want to be a happy person; plain and simple. She has two kids and manages training at a very high level while also doing speaking engagements and running her own business where she does one time coaching consultations. She runs for @nike and is coached by @mariofraioli and has just announced she’ll be running the Northface 50 in just a few weeks. Sally has a long list of big achievements in the ultra running scene including taking the win at Terawera 100 and placing 7th at Western States in 2015. She also took on the endeavor of her first Badwater this past summer – which was a big deal for someone who usually sticks to trails and mountains. In this episode we learn about how Sally became passionate about running, we talk about motherhood and so much more. Sally speaks to me in a way that is engaging and uplifting. I felt empowered and appreciative of her kindness when we got off the call. And then two days later she sent me the nicest, encouraging email. This girl is the real deal. I only wish we lived closer so I could get a real life hug. I’ll move to her though because she lives in Southern CA. Photo Cred: @brandonflint_ Big thanks to @prepdish @genucan & @ubiome for supporting this episode of the podcast. You can find this episode in any podcast app, Spotify and link to Listen is in my profile. #podcast #shepodcasts #womensrunning #ultrarunning #justdoit #niketrail #podcasters


Excited to head out for a run with Glenn and the two little boys on a Friday evening. We’re each gonna push a single stroller. It’s been so refreshing to just have Russ and Sandy today as my mom took my big boys. Before I head out though I’m excited to host a giveaway here of my favorite shoes! If you ever see me in real life you know that I basically live in these @oofos sandals. I have really high arches and can’t be frolicking around in just any old shoe so these are my go to. They are the best recovery shoe I’ve ever met and so very comfortable. So I reached out to them to see how we could connect and work together because I love them that much and want to spread the love. So first up, we’re gonna GIVEAWAY a pair of sandals of choice to one lucky follower! To Enter: 1. Follow me on IG @lindseyhein626 2. Follow @oofos on IG 3. Tag 3 friends who would love to #feeltheOO 4. Comment with your favorite way to recover after a hard run or workout Giveaway ends Thursday, October 18th at Noon, EST and is valid for US residents only. #feeltheOO #OFOOS #giveaway #sponsoredpost


They told me I could dress for comfort. So that’s what I did. I wore my runner, mom, starbucks drinking, target going uniform. 😂 I’m so proud of my friend @alisonwren for putting on a great event @flourishindy yesterday downtown at @industry.828. Thank you for trusting me to lead a breakout session and asking me to hold the mic for a quick chat. When I talk about fear and overcoming it doesn’t mean I have it figured out. Whoever is holding the microphone probably doesn’t actually have what they are talking about completely figured out either, but they’ve crafted a way to share a message that will hopefully lift you up and encourage you to tackle what you need to tackle. Thankful to know some awesome women doing big things in our city. #flourishindy at INDUSTRY


First full day without Sandy. He’ll be 8 weeks tomorrow. I can’t lie, I wasn’t mad about it. I was without any kids from 8-4:30 today. It felt good. And needed. It was a great day at @flourishindy. Also thanks for all the love yesterday. It was a day and I’m thankful for all of your support here. And in case you were curious... @des_linden has agreed to re-record the interview. I feel so fortunate for that and also still embarrassed that I made such a rookie mistake having my mic turned off. Thank you @emilyinfeld & @des_linden for being so generous with your time and thanks @joshcox for setting it up... again. Up and onward. My mom took my big boys overnight, it feels extremely quiet and refreshing here with just Russ and Sandy. ❤️


This is it. This is my life. No pretty filter, no fancy clothes and rowdy as ever. Marshall is on fall break for two weeks and it’s been challenging being home with all four. Lot’s of fighting and not listening. The not listening makes me ragey. We went to the Y this morning so I could take a call and workout. After my call I decided to start editing this weeks podcast episode with @emilyinfeld; only to find out that my end of the audio did not record. My microphone was not on. Then child watch paged me to get my kids because two of four were crying. I loaded everyone up and once they were buckled I got my computer out in the car to check my interview before Emily to see if it had the same problem. And it did. My interview with @des_linden that I’ve been working on nailing down since April. Only her side of the interview recorded. All the meanwhile my kids were complaining about not getting a snack out of the vending machine. I’m pretty good about shaking these things off but I felt pretty defeated this afternoon. Kind of just swallowed up in anxiety and kids and honestly feeling like an idiot about the mic situation. I’ve been doing this long enough to not make silly mistakes like that. I know losing those interviews is not the end of the world and is microscopic compared to a real hardship but in the moment it felt like one more weight on my shoulders pushing me down and trying to process it while taking care of my kids was draining. Then I had a great conversation with @yellowrunner tonight that was pretty therapeutic and uplifting. I knew it would be because that’s just how she is. (Side note; Glenn took all four of the boys to dinner so the house would be quiet for my interview & got all the Dad praises... ) anyway- Sally will be out on Friday and Emily’s who I had planned to put out will then go out next Friday as she so graciously agreed to record again. I have high hopes to talk with Des again soon as well though as she is gearing up for NYC we’ll have to see how soon. I have a kid free day tomorrow as I’ll be at @flourishindy and I’m really looking forward to a refreshing time with women in my community. ❤️


I had a lot of fun talking with Matt @rambling_runner on his podcast! We talk about podcasting, how I’m feeling post partum, what my future running goals are, how I used to train for marathons to how I do now and some other fun random stuff like what music I’m listening to on the run. I hope you’ll check it out and give Matt’s show a listen! I love talking with other podcasters. So much fun! Link to listen in my profile or you can find it in any podcast app! * * * * * #podcast #podcastersofig #sheppdcasts #womensrunning #motherrunner #entrepreneur


All set. We watched the @chimarathon on TV this AM and headed out for a family run shortly after. 3 miles for me pushing Sandy and 6 miles for Glenn pushing the big boys. Getting back in shape is hard. Every single time it’s hard. But you can’t compare yourself to where you were or where you want to be. Just be present where you are. And where I am right now is three 10 minute miles pushing a single stroller feeling really hard. It’s progress though because two weeks ago that three miles was one mile. * * * * * #womensrunning #motherrunner #strollerrun #triplestroller #singlestroller #fitfam #postpartumfitness #7weekspostpartum #postpartumrunning #boymom #momoffour #indymoms #motherhood #runner #familyrun #runhappy


I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 144: Tony Dungy. Tony is a 2 X Super Bowl Champion- once as a player for the @steelers, once as a Head Coach for the @colts. He's a Pro Football Hall of Famer, a studio analyst for NBC's Sunday Night Football Coverage and a Best Selling Author. He and his wife Lauren have 10 children and reside in Tampa Florida. Tony has a huge passion for leadership and mentoring the younger generation. As a coach in the @nfl , he was not only known for being successful with his players on the field, but leading them off the field to navigate life after football and how they can make in impact in their communities. He is also a spokesman for the organization @allprodad. Tony truly practices what he preaches and lives out his message on the daily. You'll hear that in this interview. Thanks to @edgementoring for bringing Tony into our beautiful city of Indianapolis for their conference and thank you to my friend @sholsapple with @holsapplecomms for setting this interview up. Link to listen to this podcast episode in my profile- but go subscribe to my show in your podcast app of choice so you don’t miss an episode! You can find it in any podcast app or Spotify! #NFL #Football #ShePodcasts #Podcast #tonydungy #dreambig #podcasters #podcastersofig


Happy Chicago Marathon Weekend! Throwing it back to 2010 - the only time I’ve run @chimarathon - ran with Glenn, my Mom @lander3746 and my sister @ericka81. (I just realized this was when I went through my running skirt phase- I loved that skirt, maybe I’ll bring it back) I went out way too fast and shuffled my way to the finish. I remember crying real tears at mile 22 wondering how I would make it to the finish line upright. We ran this race a week after finishing a huge bike trip and my legs were not ready for a marathon but I still did the whole I feel great at mile 8 and ran way too fast. We learn a little something from each race don’t we. The second picture is from the 2013 race - I had had my mastectomy 12 days earlier and was out cheering for Glenn with my drainage tubes and all. (Look at 16 month old Marshall!) I don’t think I realized how tired I was but wouldn’t trade the experience. Glenn had a bad race that year, we didn’t realize the emotional toll my surgery had taken on him too. Experiences like this give me a lot of perspective when I coach someone. Never underestimate how events in your life might effect your training and your races. And that’s ok when that happens. Running is just one piece of who we are and a race outcome does not define us. That being said- go kick ass tomorrow if you’re out there racing. Don’t sell yourself short, believe in your training and when you think you might not be able to speed up or maintain, ask yourself if your giving it as much as you really can. Go chase it down friends!


I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 143: @alideanfiction Ali Dean is a Lawyer turned Author, a Mother of twins, a runner with a marathon PR of 3:01. She is a #1 Amazon sports fiction bestseller. She hails from Vermont and now lives in Colorado with her husband, boy-girl twins, and golden retriever Pancake. Ali always loved to read, but found that there weren’t enough fiction books out there featuring girl athletes. So, she decided to work on that. Like the heroines in her books, Ali is an athlete, with running and skiing her favorite sports these days. When she’s not pursuing an outdoor adventure, Ali’s less healthy passions include ice cream, coffee, and beer. In this episode, Ali and I talk about the big career change she made when she started writing full time and we talk a lot about family life and the somewhat chaotic environment being a work from home mom. Ali has a great perspective on this and I know you’ll love our chat! You can find this episode in any podcast app or Spotify. Link to listen in my profile. Thank you @prepdish, @ubiome & @lola for supporting this episode of the podcast! #podcast #shepodcasts #workingmom #motherhood #twinmom #womensrunning


I had the incredible honor to interview @tony_dungy this morning. One of those people who put you completely at ease as soon as you shake their hand. Not only does he speak passionately about leadership, mentoring and making a difference, he lives it everyday. Nobody would have been more excited about this opportunity than my Grandma is she were still here- she was the biggest @colts Fan and an even bigger Tony Dungy fan. I can’t wait to share this special conversation with you guys. I’ll be dropping it a a bonus episode on my regular iTunes feed in the coming days! Make sure you’re subscribed to my show so you don’t miss it. Big thanks to @holsapplecomms @sholsapple for coordinating this and @larraoverton for chatting football & Tony with me pre interview. I’m so fortunate to have such talented friends. To everyone enjoying the @edgementoring conference today- I hope you walk away motivated and inspired. I know Tony won’t disappoint. * * * * * #podcast #shepodcasts #indy #indianapolis #colts


Fresh Baby. Fresh Hair. Favorite Day of the Week. * * * * * Hair and 📷 Cred: @bcoop at HUE on Rangeline


Hey Russ, how does it feel to have the best hair in the house? #russellwiththegoodhair #hairmodel


I just love seeing the big boys take care of Sandy. I think about what their bigger kid and adult relationships will look like way too much. How much do Russ and Lou look like in this pic? * * Photo Cred: @kristin15h * * * * * * #boymom #momlife #motherhood #brothers #heinboys #family

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