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Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet, hilarious Louis. I actually can’t believe he’s just now turning 4. How is he the second oldest in this group of four? He is quite possibly the funniest kid I’ve ever met. If you watch my stories ever, you already know this. He loves costumes, requests to wear mismatched socks everyday, loves making and building things and especially loves wrestling and being wild with his brothers and Dad. Thankful to be celebrating him today.


Peace out weekend! We had fun with you and all your snow. Feeling ready for a new week and a fresh slate over here. What are YOU looking forward to this week? I have an interview with @runmeb on Wednesday and also have plans to brainstorm an idea cooking with @emily.reddington. Oh yes and a new babysitter starting two days this week. I’m hoping it’s the right fit and meant to be!


Progress does not mean getting your runs in and miles up just because you can. Progress is working hard to get stronger, because it feels good to be strong. It's not about the clock on the time when you cross the finish line and it's certainly not about the clock on the time in your workouts. It's about how good you will feel knowing you can do hard things. It's not that we have to. And we shouldn't if we don't want to. But it feels so good after we’ve physically worked hard. Runner's seem to get their identities all wrapped up in the running and sometimes we fail to recognize that it's really not all about the running. It's about being strong. At least for me it is. Because when I feel physically strong, I feel that I can conquer all the other STUFF in my life a little bit better. In our world of Social Media, this little running bubble may of us are in; it can glamorize the high mileage. But don't put that on a pedestal. Running high mileage is not glamorous when you wind up injured or burnt out. Don't push that envelope if you don't have to. After all, most of us are doing this thing for the fun of it and it's not any fun if you're sitting on the sidelines. And let me just tell you. A 45 minute high intensity spin class, isn't going to screw up your week if you replace a run with it. Just don't be a sissy in spin class. Is that problematic? Am I allowed to say sissy? It felt right. Are you a cross trainer like me? I find that when I am building miles back especially after taking time off for babies or surgeries, I do best if I supplement with cross training. And yeah I do want to run fast in workouts and races, because it makes me feel tough when I do, but there are no short cuts and if I’ve learned anything over the past 20 years of running it’s that you do it your way. Don’t waste your time doing it anyone else’s way. Because they aren’t you. It’s pretty simple.


I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 161: @sfaubs & @coachbenrosario1. Two returning guests on the show today. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know some members of the @hokaoneone @naz_elite group and when Ben and Scott published their book “Inside a Marathon“, it made sense to bring them back on to chat. The cool thing about the running community is everyone is usually out to support one another and I want to see this book do really well for these guys who put so much heart into it. I love learning about their program. You heard from Scott on this podcast fairly recently in episode 146 and Coach Ben in episode 140 – both episodes you get to know them on a deeper level, but today we talk about the @nycmarathon; where Scott placed 7th and second American running a 2:12:28! We also talk about training and how they wrote this unique and inspiring book and Scott and I might have a little race bet going for the @bostonmarathon in the spring. Enjoy my conversation with Scott & Ben! Find this show in any podcast app or link to listen in my profile! If you're loving the show, please consider leaving a rating/review where you listen! And friends- come run the @262withdonna with me next month- there are so many race distance options and we are having a fun meet up! Use code "Lindsey15" to register with a 15% discount. #Podcast #book #shepodcasts #nazelite #hokaoneone #nycmarathon #insideamarathon #inspire #movedme #boston #bostonmarathon #liveauthentic


You know what's cool about the internet? The people you meet. Kristin @fitnesswithkristen has been listening to my podcast from day 1 and she has now started her own show; @momosaspodcast. YAY! First of all, I'm honored that Kristin has been hanging with me all this time and secondly I'm super proud of her and her co-host Tahlia for taking the leap to start their own show. I've been interviewed on several podcasts and I love it every time but this one was especially fun because these ladies focus on all things Mom related- their show. Apparently i just love talking because one of my favorite things in the world is to be on the one asking questions and learning about someone else's life, but the more of these I do, the more I realize I love this side of it just as much! In this podcast we talk about all things related to the Mom side of my life. I share about the types of births I had with each of my boys, how I've gone through extreme post partum anxiety every single time, how each transition from 1, to 2, to 3 and 4 have all be difficult in their own ways, dealing with Mom guilt or perhaps not having it at all, pursuing my own dreams while raising tiny kids, sharing responsibilities and figuring out working and kids with Glenn. I'm really thankful they had me on the show and I had the opportunity to get to know them more. If you are in the Mom game; check out Kristin & Tahlia's new podcast- @momosaspodcast - subscribe, give them a rating/review on itunes and support these awesome ladies! Link to listen in my profile or find it in any place you find podcasts! Ok, so tell me if you do have kids- what transition was hardest for you? I had a hard time answering this question when they asked me because they were all hard. But emotionally my answer was having my first. Logistically probably going from two to three and I'm still not completely comprehending three to four yet. PS: no the grass isn’t this green right now but my friend @kristin15h took this picture just a week after Sandy was born and so I very much relate this moment in my life to this conversation. #podcast #momosa #shepodcasts #family #momlife #motherhood #boymom #entrepreneur


They all need baths, they all need haircuts and my house looks like a crime scene. But we doin’ alright.


Glenn has officially started his MBA program at @iupui. Which means I’m solo bedtimming it at least on Monday’s & Wednesday’s. We can do it. When @mdials interviewed me for my 100th episode of my podcast last year and asked the question I always end my show with, “what’s one message you’d like to send to the world”; I said “Don’t be complacent.” Well. That looks different for everyone and right now for Glenn it means starting his MBA. Selfishly I am a little bit overwhelmed by it as I have my own big goals right now and it’s a lot to both chase after new adventures with four kids 6 and under. However. His dreams are just as important as mine and I need to get behind that and support him like he supports my business. I just got my @cultivatewhatmatters power sheets planner that I’m so excited about and it came with this note: “You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them.” - @laracasey ❤️ So friends. Whatever those things are that you want to do. Go do them. * * * * * #cultivatewhatmatters #gobig #mba #entrepreneur #moifr #momofboys #momoffour #boymom #family #dreambig #liveauthentic #solobedtime #momminainteasy #marriedwithchildren


First Episode of the New Year on I'll Have Another Podcast is with my husband Glenn. If you've been listening for awhile you may have heard him back on episode 44 when I had no clue what I was doing. Since there are a lot of new listeners since episode 44- we do cover some of the things we talked about in that episode- including how we met, Glenn's story with how he got started running and our early marathoning days. We also talk about my podcast, parenting, what we fight about and what our ennegram numbers probably are. It's long guys, it's a really long episode. I went through it once to edit it down a bit, but all of my kids are up now and I'm just going to let it out to the world with some imperfections that I hope don't bore you. Imperfections are kind of my thing though, because you know, I'm human and all. But I do have one request. This is a sponsor free episode and what I really want to ask of you guys is if you have the ability to donate- I am working really hard to raise funds for the Donna Foundation- an organization I believe in and am so proud to support. The Donna Foundation provides funding for Breast Cancer Research and support to those living with the disease and if you're like me, I know you've been effected by this disease in some way. I'm asking every listener and every instagram follower to give a donation to help me meet my goal of raising $10K for the organization. If everyone here gave even $10 we would far surpass that goal. And if you haven't listened yet- go back and listen to my episode with the founder of the Donna Foundation @262withdonna - @donnadeegan, episode 92! It’s one of my all time favorites. Alright guys- enjoy this! Link to donate to my fundraiser is in my profile and find my episode of the podcast today with Glenn on itunes, stitcher, google play or any podcast app! HAPPY NEW YEAR - Thank you thank you for being here! XO! Lindsey #podcast #shepodcasts #womensrunning #parenthood #motherrunner #family #podcastersofinstagram #runner #marathoner #entrepreneur at Monument Circle Indianapolis


Can’t make this up or pose them. Louis can be the most three-est of three year olds With his particular three year old ways, but when he’s in one of his sweet Lou moods, it’s just the best. ❤️ ****************************************************** #boys #mom #louisfrederick #biglou #russelleugene #russellwiththegoodhair #heinboys #motherhood #letthembelittle #livesimply #toddler


I'm so excited to announce my first Live event of 2019! I'll be sitting down with one of the greatest runners of all time; one who will go down as a legend in the sport of ultra running - @scottjurek! Sunday, January 27th at 5pm at @the_district_tap in Indianapolis. More about Scott: Scott has taken victories in the 153-mile Spartathlon, the Hardrock 100, the Badwater 135-Mile Ultramarathon, and the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run, which he won a record seven straight times. In 2015, Scott ventured to the Appalachian Trail claiming the Fastest Known Time (which stood for 3 years), averaging nearly 50 miles a day over 46 days, with the love and support from his wife Jenny. The Jurek's recount their adventure on the Appalachian Trail in their book "North". (Fun fact- we read this book for my book club in August and I listened to it on audio in the hospital after I had Sandy!) I'm excited that @jureksontherun Jenny will be able to join us for part of the conversation as well to talk about this part of their story! Scott is also a New York Times-bestselling author for his memoir, Eat & Run and he and Jenny have two children. I can't wait for this event and hope you will join us! Tickets are free but limited and there will be a lot of fun giveaways on site- including entries to the 500 Festival Mini Marathon - but make sure you register on FB and eventbrite so we can get a good idea of headcount! Link to register in my profile. Huge thanks to @krissymoehl for connecting me with the Jurek's. I am so appreciative. Thanks to @michelobultra for sponsoring this event and I'm excited to be collaborating with my favorite local run specialty store @athleticannex as we kick off @500festival Mini Marathon Training with the Michelob Ultra crew! #livepodcast #podcast #shepodcasts #ultrarunning #runnersofinstagram #runner


Happy Baby. Messy House. Happy New Year friends! I had no cute NYE pictures to post. We were home and in bed by 9:30. I wanted to get fun hats for the boys to wear and do it up and make it an exciting night for them counting down the New Year early but instead we pretty much acted like it was any other day, though we did have pancakes for dinner and that was exciting. Glenn is back to work today after quite a bit of time off for the holidays and so it’s back to real life- the big boys don’t go back to school until next week, so I’m doing the mom thing hard. Right now I’m holding a napping baby who only naps in my arms and hoping for the best with what’s going on downstairs with the big boys. 🙈 Thoughts and prayers ya’ll. But for real, I’m going to wake him up and we are hitting the Y in about 30 minutes, because that will be my lifeline today! I hope your New Year is off to a great start friends!


Here’s my best nine! I guess you guys really like the @bostonmarathon, Glenn and new babies. ❤️ Thanks for being here friends! #bestnine2018 #happynewyear


He watches their every move and in such a short time he’ll be sitting right there with them. How fortunate they are to have each other. They’ll realize that one day. It’s so fun for me to think of them all running around the same school together in the years to come. The Hein boys. * * * * * #heinboys #boymom #momlife #bestfriends #family at Monroe County, Indiana


The days before the New Year become so reflective. What did you accomplish last year? What do want to accomplish in the coming year? What were your favorite things you did? Who did you help? Who can you encourage in 2019? How do you find time to do all that you want to do? How do you get after big goals while also giving yourself time to relish in relaxing with your people and let’s be honest, binge watch a little terrible TV here and there. Because all of these things have a place. I’m am all for go go going, but I simply have to slow down as well. I feel grateful for what 2018 brought. Adding a new baby to our family challenged us as it does and I had to slow down when things were really starting to progress with a business and passion I’ve worked hard to create. It’s hard to let that happen, but new babies; they are some work and adding a fourth rocked us hard. In the big picture, pulling back for a bit doesn’t matter but when you have all the ideas and excitement to go, you don’t really wanna. But the body, mind and all the humans you care for say too bad momma. Even 4 months post partum, I think back to my live show in NYC and putting on my game face even though I 100% had all the holy crap I’m only 2.5 months post partum feelings. Just weeks before I had cancelled an obligation for The Indy Women’s Half marathon because I just couldn’t get a grip on the anxiety. And that was ok. The World did not stop turning because I backed out. You always want to honor your word but your mental health trumps that. Every new year feels like a fresh slate. No new babies for me this year. More sleep. More goals I'm excited to work hard toward. Tell me three goals you have for the new year. I’ll start. 1. Meet more friends of my show in person and cultivate more meaningful community in person & online. 2. Be more organized with my business. Specifically- more structure over on patreon for supporters over there. You guys are amazing and deserve the best. 3. More Live Events. (Save the Date One coming up in Indy 01/27!) Ok, heck here is one more: 4. Cook dinner more for my family. K, what you got? #goals #indyigers #2019


I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 159: @stephrothstein Steph on advice those just coming up in the sport: "A couple of my early career races, I didn't take a lot of risks because I always thought that people who were better than me were just better than me and I was never gonna get at that level and only this year I realized that I could hurt more than I believed. And changing that mental side of it made me go with moves and made me run with confidence against people I had never had the luxury beating and now I was able to beat them, so to instill a little bit of that into these lades" Stephanie Bruce ran an impressive PR of 2:29:21 at CIM just weeks after placing 11th at the @nycmarathon. The PR was set from 7 years ago, a time she ran before she had both of her kids. Steph runs for @naz_elite and if you haven’t heard my first conversation with her where you can learn a little more depth about her career, make sure to check out episode 130 of the podcast! In this episode Steph shares with us what the decision making process to go ahead and run CIM so soon after NYC looked like and what she actually felt like during the race where she did grab that PR. She also talks to us about her plans for 2019 and thoughts on going for another marathon before the trials in the fall. She is wise and kind and I always love chatting with her! Link to listen in my profile or you can find it in any podcast app. Thank you to @corosglobal and the @262withdonna for supporting this episode of the podcast! * * * * * #podcast #shepodcasts #run #womensrunning #motherrunner #runner #cim #podcastersofig #believe #momswhorun


My Mom @lander3746 handles the kids like a boss. I love love leaving our big boys in Bloomington for sleep overs and it’s always worth it to drive back down the hour or so the very next day to get them. One because getting a break from 4 to 2 kids is so refreshing, but two because it’s so fun to see them so at home at my parents house. They just love it so much and it’s not lost on me that I am fortunate to have a healthy Mom who is here and able to do these things. Though she’s got Sandy boy here- my Mom has never claimed to be a big baby person, she does not care to cuddle up and hold a baby for much time at all because she has things to do. But once the boys are about 3 she takes on their crazy. And she runs a much tighter ship than I- you won’t find my kids coloring on walls or getting into big messes with flour at her house, Grandma won’t have it and she fought the good fight like a damn champion getting Lou’s pull up on last night. It’s never not a wrestling match. 💪 I used to be jealous of people who’s parents lived in town and took their kids all the time. OK maybe I still am a little when people have a grandparent who does a once a week childcare thing during the week for them. But I see now that even one hour away is lucky and if I just ask and she’s not working and available she’ll take the big boys for me and that is huge and even better, I never feel guilty asking. She’ll say no if she can’t. To all you parents doing this without any Grandparents here or nearby at all - you’re doing it and you should be proud of that! at 1525 The Warehouse


When number three is tired and wants to cuddle up. You take it any time, any place. Russell needs about 5 days worth of sleep. (As do I!) You forget how young your second to youngest is when you have a baby. Then you look back later and think how little he really was. Gimme those baby toddler snugs. “Momma hold me.” Got it. Can do.


Merry Christmas Friends!

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