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Swamp Creek Cabin

You can usually see across the meadow, but not this morning. The smoke is so thick it’s dangerous to be outside for long. We’re still in the clear as far as the fires go, but many people I know aren’t so lucky. BC is now in a state of emergency and there’s still no rain in sight. Prayers for everyone effected. #prayersforbc #stateofemergency #bcfires #bcisburning #smokeyskies


Borscht, large family style! I did a video awhile back on my borscht recipe over on my YouTube channel if you want to check it out. #largefamily #largefamilylife #borcht #bigfood


Any guesses as to what I’m making for supper? #cabbage #beets #onions


Little Miss Boo is really into helping mom in the kitchen. She’s helping me bake bread this morning. I was almost 39 when this baby came into my life just when I thought I was done raising babies. God knew what he was doing because this little human has brought so much joy to our family. Lucky number 11. #largefamily #largefamilylife #farmlife #homesteading #breadmaking #2yearsold #daughterlove


I tried my hand at pickled eggs. They sure do look pretty! I did up a batch of spicy pickled beans and dills, too. We can’t go outside because of the smoke so it’s a good excuse to get the canning done. #canning #pickledeggs #pickledbeans #pickled


This is the first harvest of more than one or two tomatoes out of my greenhouse this year! I’m doubly excited because when I was wandering through the squash patch I found the gorgeous Hubbard and a PUMPKIN! The reason for the all caps is because I planted the pumpkins optimistically - I’ve never been able to grow a decent sized pumpkin here; the first frost hits before they develop into anything. I think there’s hope for this one! It’s about the size of a soccer ball. #pumpkins #tomatoes🍅 #cucumbers #hubbard #squash


It’s too smokey to go outside today. We’re supposed to be getting a shift in the weather this weekend so hopefully the smoke will clear out soon. #smokeyskies #wildfireseason


Putting zucchini to good use. Any other zucchini baking ideas? #zucchini #zucchinibread #homebaked


Dill is one of my favourite herbs to grow, especially when it’s as tall as I am and blowing in the wind. The fragrance! Sigh. #dill #windyday #herbs


I never remember my veggie bag! #womenwhofarm


Everything has gone crazy with all the heat we’ve been having. My fingers are crossed that the frost doesn’t come before everything has matured enough to harvest. The Table King squash have a ton of foliage but not much in the way of fruit. Thankfully the Spaghetti Squash are doing great - I have a feeling we’re going to be eating a lot of Spaghetti squash this winter. #squash #gardening #beautifulplants #heavenonearth


It Miss Kate’s 16 Birthday today!! We’re out for a mom and daughter lunch to celebrate this amazing human. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I’m the luckiest mom in the world that she is in my life!


Super Smokey out here this morning. Thankfully the fires aren’t close by. My prayers go out to anyone in B.C and around the world having to deal with fire this year. We were invited to participate in a Discovery Channel series on forest fires called, ‘Hellfire Heroes.’ It’s a series on forest fire awareness and can be viewed online for free (at least in Canada). We were on the season finale titled, ‘Not if, but When,’ if you want to check it out. #forestfiresmoke #bcwildfires #discoverychannel #discoverycanada


The sunflowers are blooming!!! Every year I wish I had planted way more of them. Remind me of that next year.🌻🌻🌻 #sunflowers #farmlife


Cowboy Candy, otherwise known as Candied Jalapeños. Not exactly healthy, but I’ve heard they’re delicious. Has anyone tried them? I did some banana peppers too. #cowboy #candied #canning #jalapeno


Oliver found some garden jokes in his Kids Can Garden book. He’s been cracking me up all morning. #kidsareawesome #cleanjokes #jokesfordays


Pea shuckers. It’s been pretty hot for the peas and they’re drying out but I think we’ll still get a few for the freezer. #peas #shuckingpeas #kidsinthegarden #growingfood


Cypress is alive and well. He spends the summer keeping cool in the shade. #bestdogever #lgd #livestockguardiandog #ranchlife

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