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Hi guys, @fabiooliveira here to tell the story behind this shot... I'm traveling in Bali at the moment and yesterday the local government sent a warning about the stage 4 of Mount Agung eruption risk. Nature is like that, you can't preview what's going on... I had lucky shooting just around the mountain two days ago, a day before the warning ⚠️🌋 At the moment, a lot of families that live around there, are leaving their houses because the first signs of lava were seen... Thanks God for the moments I had up there without any problem #prayforbali #bali #folkindonesia #lifeofadventure at Bali, Indonesia


Moody days 💚 By @jedforster // ➵ chosen by @fabiooliveira #lifeofadventure #LF10K at Iceland


Epic! No more words... By @enchanted.forest & @sukiicat // ➵ chosen by @fabiooliveira #lifeofadventure #LF10K at Canada


I came to say hello 🐳 Photo by @farishindii // ➵ chosen by @fabiooliveira #lifeofadventure #LF10K at Sydney, Australia


The wonderful nature ❤️ Photo by @heyguystudios // ➵ chosen by @fabiooliveira #lifeofadventure #LF10K at Lake Peyto


Hitting the mood roads 😍🐶 Photo by @johnwingfield // ➵ chosen by @fabiooliveira #lifeofadventure #LF10K


Hi legends, @fabiooliveira here to tell you a bit about Bali! Yesterday's sunset was amazing at @mundukmodingplantation resort, such a great vibe! Thanks guys for the hospitality ❤️ P.S. Edited with @tribephotoco #wolfpackpresets #lifeofadventure at Munduk Moding Plantation


Abandoned goals ⚡️⚡️ Photo by @jannilaakso // ➵ chosen by @fabiooliveira #lifeofadventure #LF10K at Finland


Indonesian wild cabin ⚡️ Photo by @gaze_mood // ➵ chosen by @fabiooliveira #lifeofadventure #LF10K at Indonesia


Enjoy your weekend guys 🙌🏼⚡️ Photo by @rodtrvn // ➵ chosen by @fabiooliveira #lifeofadventure #LF10K at Mt Hood National Forrest


Amazing earth 🌏 Photo by @mblockk // ➵ chosen by @fabiooliveira #lifeofadventure #LF10K at Cliffs of Moher


The perfect moody! Photo by @alxmclrn // ➵ chosen by @fabiooliveira #lifeofadventure #LF10K at San Francisco, California

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