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Modern matriarchs @dubll and @roamlosangeles (and most adorable Max and Roux). My beautiful friends, and teachers. Love you both so much!!! Photo by @ohzzela


Posting a few days late on all the beautiful things that took place this weekend. Friday @goodcat and I celebrated 6 years married (and nearly 14 years hangin)! This guys has every ounce of my heart and soul. He’s my hero, lover, best friend, soon-to-be baby daddy, teacher and soul partner. I can’t wait for our next journey!! Thank you for loving me pops! I love you. Eternal us.


Last Saturday I spent an evening with women who inspire me to love, connect and trust. I’m finding myself processing their messages, and crying the tears days later. I have never felt so touched and loved in my life. Thank you, I love you too. The first of many posts about my blessingway. #love #pregnancy #trust #courage #intuition #presence Photo by @ohzzela


The most supportive, encouraging, strong, kind and loving partner I could ever imagine. I cannot wait to expand our crew, and grow exponentially with you. I love you @goodcat8. at Will Rogers State Beach


I’m teaching tomorrow 12 and 6 @roamlosangeles. A cooling flow to balance the heat. Join us for practice before I hit the road to NYC next week. Last trip home before little man arrives. #thirdtrimesterherewecome #pranyama #cooling #survival


Uncle Jesse practicing for the real thing with the sweetest little @leifhespersen. I love this man!!! Photo @miista_earic #love #family at Topanga, California


A feminist journey through the science and culture of pregnancy. Like nothing else I’ve read, and everything I needed. Thanks again @dubll for the rec. Read this my friends! #motherhood #pregnancy #womenshealth #reproductiverights #feminist


Expecting our son in a few months I took a trip down memory lane. @goodcat8 and I grew up together. Throwbacks from our younger years. Check out my stories for more gold:)


Creeping closer and closer, getting bigger and bigger!!! #bigfella


I’ve got magic in my belly. #pregnantyogi at Topanga, California


Three generations. Me, mom and the little man in my belly. #descansogardens #bump #secondtrimester


Practice with us to the setting sun tonight 7:30 @roamlosangeles. #pregnantyogi


Blade of grass. Drop of water. Grain of sand. Come practice today 1030 @roamlosangeles, Friday 12 and 6. at Roam Los Angeles


Sunday adventures. Can you guess where? 📸 by @goodcat8


My kinda Sunday. Stalking Malibu Creek with @goodcat8. #malibucreekstatepark #malibucreek #mash #earthday at Malibu Creek State Park


My 🌏 medicine. Happy day. Taurus time. #tb to Yosemite with @goodcat8.

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