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Just trying to lose more followers with this pic of my mom and Jackson. at Topanga, California


Thank you @dubll for being a wonderful friend and kickass photog! #jaxfirstvisit


Ten weeks of this little character. He’ll talk your ear off, grab hold of a rattle/toy/person, roll over unassisted, follow you with head/eyes, rock tummy time for hours daily, talks to mirrors, wakes once a night, naps like a champ. I could go on and on. I really dig this little man. His dad is pretty rad too. @goodcat8 at Topanga, California


9 weeks with this kiddo. @goodcat8


Missing my @goodcat8 something fierce today. He’s back to work, and after two weeks together I feel like I lost a limb. #learningtoparent #thebestfather


How you doin’? @goodcat8


4 days of breastfeeding with this mask on. A house of sick parents, but a healthy little jackpot. Breastmilk is incredible. Dreaming of getting better!!


I’ve been sick in bed all week with a nasty cold, and sinus hell. This daddy-o right here has been my savior. Thanks for being such a badass father, and loving hubs @goodcat8 #loveyousuchithurts


My little dream come true on the eve of his 2 months here, and the emergence of a new little man at the end of a wonder week. Jackpot you are a joy.


It’s been a few months since I lifted anything other than a baby. In my third tri I found hiking felt better than asana or other exercise. Walking and pelvic floor work have seen me through the first 6 weeks postpartum. Well I’m officially cleared to return to physical practice, and cross training-and I’m surprised how nervous I am! I know it will take patience, self love and a shitload of humble pie, but I’m excited to wake up and practice again tomorrow! So much love and thanks to my mama guides for endless info and inspo : @roamlosangeles @catacquaviva @dubll @vee3336


@goodcat8 is my og dream come true.


This boy. Taking me to new levels of love and exhaustion daily. I still can’t believe he came true. #rainbowbaby #dreamcometrue


More moments from our sesh today with @kevs_full_zen. Jackpot looooves being on his tummy.


Pediatric PT is the jam! Spent the morning with @kevs_full_zen learning new ways to explore movement with jackpot. He was amazing with little man, and we did it all in the comfort of our own casa. Parents I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks Kevin!!!


Jackson reporting for garage training day @goodcat8


6 weeks of jackpot. @goodcat8


Bouncing Jackson skill development for enduro with @goodcat8 at Topanga, California


1 month in with our Jackson 💕🤱🏻

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