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Kyebean! Kye-Adam. 23. London. My kids have paws 🐾 Horrors. Cookies. 👻🍪 Redbull and noodle addict. 23.3.17 🌱. Shaun 💕

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I’ve had this little bean for a year. He’s brought so much joy into our lives. We love you, Jaspie. Happy gotcha day 💖


The beans are currently napping. Shaun came home from work with another rad T-shirt on Friday ☺️ “my dog thinks I’m cool”.


Looking for apartments is stressful lol. Trying to find accommodation that is suitable for doggos too isn’t easy, but I won’t give up. If anyone knows of any websites to find properties, please leave us a comment! 💕🐶


Early morning ride to Lidl to get some of their amazing cookies before work. xD @shaunpants


Last July and August. I love finding old snaps from you. ☺️ So glad you’re mine. My bear. c:


Last summer. He had so much fur! Our little floof. 😍


From earlier. My little prince. 💖 Waiting for beb to pick me up from work. Lame day, it’s parents evening so I can’t get in any of the classrooms. Literally just sat around for two hours lol. Thursday is gonna be the same. Can’t really complain though, I’m still getting paid. :p


My boys. 💙


Lol we bought some half face skeleton bandanas to wear when we go out riding. (Mines yet to arrive). 😍😍😍 @shaunpants my babe. c:


Just put these up in our room! :) bought em yesterday at con! 😍 ft. Jasper~ ⬅️


Walker Stalker con was so awesome c: Was amazing to actually see the cast in person! Been a fan since forever. Fanboyed so hard when I saw Norman! Mmmmfjfn. @shaunpants @sugarvogue @hannaahstevenson thanks for a rad day 😊🤙🏻


He’s such a baby. My little bug.


Look what we’ve got! He’s still being fussy, but he’s had a munch at these today along with some canned food! Wasn’t much, but it beats nothing. Thanks for all of your advice though guys :)


Last day at work and then it’s a three day break! Excited for the weekend! 😁👌🏻 also, I stole babes shirt. Ehehe. @shaunpants Happy Thursday 😊


Good morning Insta! 💕 Lol our bed always looks like a tornado has hit every morning uhhh. Beanado! 🐾🌪🐾


This little bean is testing me. He won’t eat his food. Sometimes he only has a few bites. /: I’m constantly changing up his food so that he’s not just having the same meal every day, but lately he’s got no interest unless it’s chicken or something. I even warm his food, but nothing. Any tips on fussy eaters? He eats treats and stuff like I’m not concerned that he isn’t eating at all, but it’s just frustrating. Fussy little fish! 😕


Currently. 😊💕🎮


Our lovely little friend @louiechiweenie sent us a super cute Valentine’s Day card. Snail mail took forever but we finally got it as of last week! 🤗❤️ thank you so very much! ☺️😘

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