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After year we are back out here to play! #importfaceoff at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park


The last of the V3 Honda B-Series VTEC billet valve covers from last years production. Had one raw one that I had fully polished and one that I had black anodized. Both with front -12 ORB breather ports. This is your last chance to get a new one, there are no more. $799 for the polished one or $799 for the black anodized one. Plug wire cover or K-Series coil pack mounting plates are available for an extra $60. Free shipping on these as well. Drop me a message if you want one. #byebyeV3 #billetlife #bling


Customer wanted a blue valve cover, so that’s what he gets! Turned out pretty nice with the candy coating.. @elementpowdercoats handled this one quickly! at Locash CNC


Brand new authentic B series GForce shifter assembly, $750 plus shipping, have 3 in stock.


Working on the next project, not a lot of us with a 6.0 NHRA certified Honda chassis.. Just had this one inspected today. Cage work done by @makkperformance


Just received an awesome Hawaiian treat package from @kahoohanohano ! Not sure what we did to deserve this, but now I have to find some Arizona treats to send back.. at Locash CNC


Just a small sampling of some of the people we support, represented on our pit vehicle! @driveshaftshop @dartonsleeves @injectordynamics @racespec @motecusa @weldwheels @nhra @nationalrifleassociation @speedfactoryracing @precisionturbo @fullfunctioneng @saucespot @haas_automation @realstreetperformance and last but not least, RIP #MCP


Got bored and made a one off version of the valve cover. Who wants it? Has two front breather ports, $775 plus shipping, or $825 plus shipping with either a raw aluminum K-Series coil plate or a black anodized plug wire cover. at Locash CNC


For Sale: Weld Magnum 13x10 wheels, 5” backspace, 4x100 bolt pattern, angle drilled front and back for wheel screws. Brand new gold centers, $700 plus shipping for the pair. Good enough for my car to go 8.4x on a 62mm. 🙂 DM if you need some gold power! at Locash CNC


Always a surprise getting packages from @b__jaxx !


Added a new sticker to the car today, happy to support a guy that covers a ton of events for the racers! Everyone should order a shirt or sticker from @saucespot www.staysaucey.com to help cover his traveling expenses! 😊 at Locash CNC


First hit today on the PTE 6785 Gen2 today. Glad we switched to a good turbo! #FUR72 #NoMoreCompTurboExcusesNeeded at Import Face-Off Chandler, AZ 3/11/18 & 10/28/18


New set of race tires from @mandhtires ! Can’t thank these guys enough, Mike and John at M&H always get us taken care of in time for races! at Locash Racing


Spare race car parts sales time! Brand new Comp 7290+ SFWD spec turbo, $3000 shipped. Triple ball bearing, T4 divided housing. at Locash CNC


Working on a special valve cover for @kahoohanohano as he wants something that nobody else on the island has, so that’s what he shall receive! Thanks for the support! at Locash CNC


Decided to black anodize the valve cover from the race car and then remachine the pockets. Didn’t come out too bad, might have to make this an option on the few I have left in stock. Thoughts? at Locash CNC


We are machining a really big piece today! Unfortunately it’s a top secret project, so everyone will just have to guess!


I refrained from posting this for awhile, but then I decided it was in the best interest of the racers to pass on the word.. For those that wonder why we gave up running Comp Turbos, this is one of the reasons why. This turbo came apart on the very first pass and kicked the exhaust wheel out. I’m sure you’ll see others jumping ship as well. Not only do they make considerably less power than other brands, they self destruct and damage the car. Was told we’d be taken care of, but as usual, it was just lip service. If you want excuses and years of getting stories about why the turbos don’t perform, or why nothing gets done on time, by all means order one up. I’m over it. I tested a lot of combinations and gave valuable feedback and data. I don’t settle, I continue testing turbos regardless of manufacturer. I’m not in this game for free sub par turbos, I’m in it to go faster every time out. Can’t believe I put up with this for so long. For those that don’t already know, all of our 62mm records were set on PTE’s that I bought used or new ones from @tri_state_motorsports Moral of the story is to keep testing new stuff, never settle! ✌️

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