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TABATA WORKOUT 🔥 Take the intensity up a notch with this 20 minute TABATA workout! High intensity! 6 exercises! Let’s go! SWIPE RIGHT ON THE VIDEO 1️⃣PLYO LUNGE & SQUAT 2️⃣PRISONER RUNS 3️⃣HALF BURPEE 4️⃣JACKS 5️⃣PUSH UP JACKS 6️⃣SHOULDER TAP TUCK JUMP ✅20s work / 10s rest ✅1 min rest - 5 sets workout sorted 💪🏻 SAVE & SWEAT 💦


BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT 🔥 A nice workout for you to try with no equipment needed! 6 exercises to work the upper body and core. Lets do it! SWIPE RIGHT ON THE VIDEO 1️⃣BROKEN BURPEE 2️⃣CLIMBER 3️⃣JACK KNIFE 4️⃣HAND RELEASE PUSH UP 5️⃣HYPEREXTENSIONS 6️⃣SIDE PLANK ROTATIONS ✅30s work / 15s rest ✅5 sets Let’s go! Get it done. SAVE & SWEAT 💦


My TRIP today around the empty streets of London. Absolutely incredible. Cycled for 4 hours and completed a little 5K run midway through to see streets I have never walked through before in my 8 years of living in the City! Legs a little sore though, those boris bikes doing me no favours! I took my trusty bottle of @trip.drinks new CBD oil with me for some recovery and a little extra touch of calm! I LOVE this CBD with chamomile and mint - the taste is GREAT! Really recommend - it’s great for recovery and helping me sleep! #londontrip #ad


HIIT WORKOUT 🔥 Looking for a bodyweight HIIT workout for this week? I got you sorted with this one. 7 exercises in total - each set is 7 mins long. SWIPE RIGHT ON THE VIDEO 1️⃣DROP SQUAT HALF BURPEE 2️⃣SKATER 3️⃣CLIMBER PUSH UP 4️⃣LUNGE KICKS 5️⃣PLANK GORILLAS 6️⃣JACKS 7️⃣CRUNCH AND PUNCH ✅40s work / 20s rest ✅4 sets - 1 min rest YOU UP FOR IT? Get it! SAVE & SWEAT 💦


DUMBBELL CHALLENGE! 💪🏻 Ready for a 6 minute challenge with two dumbbells. Give this bad boy a go! Here’s the challenge 1️⃣RENEGADE ROW x 2 2️⃣PUSH UP x 2 3️⃣GROUND TAPS x 2 4️⃣SQUAT x 2 5️⃣PRESS x 2 ⏰6 minute timer ✅As many rounds as possible Tag your workout buddy below and let’s go! SAVE & SWEAT 💦


HIIT WORKOUT 🔥 Suns out so outside sessions getting DONE! A 6 exercise HIIT workout for you to try out to lift the heart rate up! Let’s go! SWIPE RIGHT ON THE VIDEO 1️⃣BURPEE TUCK JUMP 2️⃣SKATER 3️⃣LUNGE TO HALF BURPEE 4️⃣PUSH UP TO TAPS 5️⃣SQUAT JUMP 6️⃣BEAST TO STAND ✅30s work / 15s rest ✅1 min recovery ✅5 sets TAG YOUR WORKOUT BUDDY! SAVE & SWEAT 💦


MENTAL HEALTH ❤️ Every year I look back at this photo during mental health awareness week and am reminded why increasing awareness of mental health is so important For those who don’t know about my own experiences of anxiety, I completed the London Marathon in 2018 and shortly after this photo was taken, had my first panic attack I didn’t know what it was and genuinely thought I was having a heart attack. I was on my own, my phone ran out of battery, I had no way on contacting anyone so I checked myself into the St John‘s Ambulance tent This was my first experience of anxiety and since have had numerous panic attacks but have found ways of managing it Our mental health should always come first. I try to make it a priority and when I do feel anxious, evaluate what’s going on in my life that is triggering it, and try to remove it or reduce it Lockdown was one of my worst bouts of anxiety for a long time! I f***ing hate Anxiety, but I think for anyone who does suffer with it, speaking about it, and calling somebody when you feel anxious makes a huge difference


ABS WORKOUT 🔥 I asked on my stories what you wanted this afternoon, and a strong abs workout was the winner! So here it is! If you don’t have dumbbells, you can do it without 😁 Build those ABS! SWIPE RIGHT ON THE VIDEO 1️⃣STRAIGHT LEG SIT UP 2️⃣KNEE TO ELBOW 3️⃣TWISTS 4️⃣FLUTTER 5️⃣SIDE PLANK ROTATION 6️⃣CRUNCH 7️⃣BENT KNEE JACKS ✅10-15 reps on each ✅3-4 sets Let’s go! SAVE & SWEAT 💦


LOWER BODY WORKOUT 🔥 Here is a lower body workout that requires no equipment! An absolute burner and nice no equipment circuit. Live workout tonight at 5pm too - it’s HIIT!SWIPE RIGHT ON THE VIDEO 1️⃣EXPLOSIVE LUNGE 2️⃣GLUTE BRIDGE 3️⃣SPLIT SQUAT 4️⃣FROG PUMP 5️⃣DOUBLE REP SQUAT 6️⃣LUNGE TO SQUAT ✅15-20 reps on each ✅3-5 sets in total Who is joining me for a workout this evening? SAVE & SWEAT 💦


WORKOUT IN YOUR ZONE 🙌🏻 I was challenged by @fitbituk_ireland to put the new Charge 4 to the test! You gain more Active Zone Minutes for higher intensity activities. So you can gain 2x the Active Zone Minutes when you work out harder in your cardio or peak zone 1️⃣HOPS 2️⃣LUNGE SQUATS 3️⃣GORILLA BURPEE 4️⃣STAR DOWNS 5️⃣CLIMBERS ✅30s work / 15s rest ✅3-5 sets With this new feature, we can now focus on our heart as well as our steps to understand how hard we are working and to what intensity! We are recommended to achieve 150 minutes of moderate activity per week, or 75 minutes of vigorous activities per week (The WHO) – so it’s a great way of keeping on track! Give this workout a try 😁 [ambassador for @fitbituk_ireland]


AND WE ARE LIVE! My 1-1 coaching programme is now LIVE with just 10 spaces available. My most bespoke programme with video check-in each month I’m excited for this and can’t wait to work with people around the world. Why am I excited? Because I will now be doing video call’s each month to check in with my clients, ensure progress is being made and build an incredible coach to client relationship My training styles, macronutrient guidance, and support each week to get you the results you want Click the link in my bio, read ALL the details, make sure it’s right for YOU, and then if you want to... let’s do it! See you soon team x


My journey! Every so often I like to share my own journey for the benefit of new followers (thank you and hello to anyone new around here!) and as a reminder to those that have worked out with me from day one I love looking back and seeing my own progress and shift in mindset. The reason I exercise is two fold. A) To start or end my day feeling great, and B) to enjoy the benefits to my health and body It’s not about looking better in one or the other (although the vest tuck in was never a thing), more the consistency achieved and creating a routine that allows for enjoyment and freedom whilst maintaining results I have periods where I test my body from an aesthetic perspective. To either build muscle or drop body-fat... because I enjoy the process and the test We chase results immediately. We get frustrated by the results not coming quickly enough. But change takes time, it’s not a straight line on a graph, there are ups and down, and that’s completely normal The way I coach my clients is through a holistic approach. To try and educate rather than enforce, to create understanding, and longevity. To ensure they know the direction, and enjoy the journey This is what I am about, and what my 1-1 bespoke coaching programme (launching tomorrow) is about Educate, learn, understand, practice, progress and sustain. My key principles behind getting long term results 🔑