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Baby steps upon baby steps look like giant leaps and bounds to an observer. . One thing I have always appreciated...since I was little...is the art of delayed gratification. . I’ve always known that I will get what I want with time and patience. . It’s something I learnt from my parents. . Just know that your small steps are leading you in the right direction. . Make progress. Footwear is optional. Just know you may stub your toes along the way 😂🤔 . 📷via @marieforleo at Los Angeles, California


This, my friends, is the face of a woman who has no idea what she’s really doing, but she’s turning up anyway. . When I accepted that no one really knows where they’re going or what awaits them, I got onto the business of trusting the flow of life and turning up as my best self. . The result? More adventure, awe, success, love and fun than I ever could have imagined. . P.s I’ve had some recent pieces published in @thrive and @forbes. Check out my insta stories to read my tips and tricks. at Beverly Hills, California


Women (and men). This is a reminder. . The world will not be healed by the masculine. It will be healed by the feminine. . The cultural conditioning we’ve all be brainwashed with is NOT the truth of who we truly are. . I’m tired from what I’ve been reading in the Australian press this week. . I’m so tired of women dying at the hands of men and being told to take responsibility for their own safety. I’m so tired hearing of my friends being bullied by aggressive men…in the boardroom and in their personal life. I’m so tired of men trying to subvert my power through passive aggressive sexual remarks. I’m so tired knowing that doors are being closed in my face because I’m a woman. I’m so tired of old men holding all the money and the power. . And I’m so tired of not talking about it for fear of the abuse I will experience when I dare raise an opinion (or my voice). . But I’m not going to stop fighting. . And we shouldn’t stop making a scene. . And we shouldn’t allow them to convince us that our rage or anger isn’t valid. . It’s f*cking valid. . Because the thousands of years of pain and trauma have resulted in a messed up and dying world. . For both little girls and little boys born into this outdated paradigm. . We’ve raped and pillaged for too long with brute force. . And it’s time for a shift. . The feminine is powerful beyond measure. . It has the ability to create and give birth to life. . Feminine fertility is the source of abundance. . The feminine is Creation. . Only expressed emotion can heal trauma and hurt. . Our inner knowing is the deepest form of knowledge. . Our feminine energy is exactly what this world needs. . So whenever a man (or woman) tries to break you down so that you cower in fear or doubt your worthiness remember this - new worlds are creating from the ashes of a dying world. . Kick and scream if it means women will be able to walk in this world safely. . Make a scene if you are being bullied for being a woman. . Let’s keep going. . I came here to carve out a safer, more loving and nurturing world. at Beverly Hills, California


It’s Fathers’ Day here today and I sit in a cafe watching people enjoy breakfast with their dad. Now, I don’t know anything about their relationships. They may be complicated or seemless. They may be loving or fraught with tension. . But I feel a pang deep in my belly. Knowing that in this lifetime, I won’t be able to sit with my dad and tell him to stop chewing his gum so loud. I won’t be able to hug him, laugh with him during long car trips and share my hopes and fear with him. 7 years later, it still f*cking hurts. . Over the years I’m mourned the loss of my father and the future I thought I was going to have unfold before me. . I’ve mourned the reality that my dad won’t be standing there for all my big moments in life and I no longer have the luxury of calling him at any hour of the day to talk about life. . But I’m incredibly grateful for what my dad has taught me. . I’m grateful that his guidance has helped shaped me into the woman that stands here today. . And I live every day fully knowing that life is fleeting and I want to gather as many stories, adventures and as much love as I can so that I can share it all with him when I join him on the other side. . P.s Tell your dad how much you love him even if he drives you insane (all dads do. That’s their job!) #fathersday #fathers at Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance


Oh hi! It’s me. Loren. Perfectly imperfect human being on an epic life adventure. . I’m here to remind you of the following: - you came here with a Purpose. - that Purpose is the only guiding compass you need. - you’re here to experience this human experience and to love, learn and grow in the process. - your greatest “success” comes from living the most authentic expression of your calling. - you are worthy of love, abundance and deep contentment. - you are here to transcend your own limitations and fears. - you are here to live out your definition of success and to savor the feeling of reaching your own goals. - there are many paths. You must carve out your own. - this life adventure is supposed to be enjoyed. Don’t take it too seriously. - you are loved and supported on the journey. - you are incredible. Who hears me?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ at Beverly Hills, California


Your weekend reminder my loves. Don’t miss windows of opportunity while you’re waiting for someone to open the door. . I always say “I’ll wedge a finger into the opening, hoist myself through the window and I’ll figure the rest out when I’m inside. If someone is around I might ask for a foot up but otherwise, I’m quite happy to build a ladder.” . 📷 @astrotwins at Beverly Hills, California


The Pull // Our only task in life is to trust universal flow and the journey it wants to take us on. Never in my life did I think I’d end up in California even though in my wildest dreams I’ve always been drawn to this place. It’s almost as though life was selling me the dream years before it would become a reality. . It’s as if my childhood in Perth was preparing me for a city very similar the whole world away. . When I turned up in the US in January I had this vague idea that I was heading to NYC. Even though on an instinctual level, I knew it might not happen. . And then an offer came up to stay in LA and I said “yes” without giving it too much thought. I just trusted my instincts. In the matter of a few weeks, a beautiful apartment, a puppy and the next chapter in my life turned up. . And so many things clicked into place. . And as I pass the 6 month anniversary of my time in LA, I’m grateful that I wasn’t so fixed in my rules around moving to NYC. . I’m glad I created the space in my life to follow The Pull. . And as I write this, I’m slowly finding myself falling in love with LA and the life I’m creating here. . So what I’m trying to say is this - have a plan but follow the guiding Pull that knows where you need to be heading. Trust that Pull when it tugs and know that everything is sorting itself out for you behind the scenes. . The Pull has never led me astray. In fact, it leads me towards greater and greater success and happiness. It can do the same for you. . Respond in emoji if you agree 💪🏽🙌🏼🌴🐠 at Los Angeles, California


Holy fudge. I miss these incredible women @meggiepalmer @monwulff @drkateadams @erin_evans.firesoft at Beverly Hills, California


Mesmerizing. There is just something about crystals that takes my breath away. . They remind me of the power of Mother Earth and the Universe. . And how beauty can be found in hidden places. . And that there is now such thing as “perfection”. It’s all perfect. . That pressure gives birth to treasure. . That we already have all of the resources we need. . Check out @themodernalchemist_ if you haven’t already where I’ve curated some personal treasures. at Rodeo Drive


What is it that you want dear one? . Via @lifeyouloveco at Santa Monica, California


When you try and shoot some lighthearted and fun videos but your business partner doesn’t share you sense of humour 🧐🤔😂🐶 at Beverly Hills, California


Sometimes I have to pinch myself and yell THANK YOU at the Universe and life and this existence for allowing me to experience the beauty and love and pleasure this life can bring. . I am a very fortunate women but I DELIBERATELY cultivate my bliss and happiness.. . I used to be a lot more negative and anxious. . At university, I developed a stomach ulcer from stress and worry. . While working as a lawyer, I was left physically depleted of energy. Bone-deep exhausted. . After my dad passed I suffered from depression and watched my body waste away. . And brick by brick, I’ve rebuilt myself from the ashes I used to be. . And I’ve fought for it every step of the way. . I decided that negative thoughts would not hold precious real estate in my mind. . I began to listen to my anxiety and channeled the energy into the things I loved. . I stood up for myself and said “NO FUCKING MORE” and, as a result, I released the weight holding me back and lit the path ahead of me. . And I decided that I wasn’t going to waste this one precious life. . So I start looking for bliss. . And I found it in the eyes of my dog. . And in the sun streaming through the window. . In between the laughter with friends. . And I tasted it in my salty tears. . Find your bliss. Fight for it every single day. Guard your happiness so fiercely that, no matter what life brings you, you’ll always know one thing deep in your heart...this life in incredible. at Beverly Hills, California


JOY 🌟⭐️// I’ve had such a joy-filled few weeks full of belly laughs and tears of laughter with @chantelle_deluca . The kind of fun and laughter that eases weight off shoulders and reminds me that life is a magical adventure. . How? By surrounding myself with people that bring out the child in me. . That remind me to sit on the side of the road eating ice cream. . That remind me to dance in my living room in my socks singing along to Fleetwood Mac. . The kinda people that remind me to pull silly faces and laugh at the insanity of this human adventure. . Make laughter a priority this week. Find things to be amused by. Let that laugh rip as loud as it needs to. Allow that chuckle to cut through the seriousness. Let your eyes crinkle until you squeeze the tears out. Give yourself an ab workout. . JOY. . 📷via @lifeyouloveco at Beverly Hills, California


⭐️🌟✨⚡️“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” . Download my 21-Day Purpose Routine via the @lifeyouloveco app. at Los Angeles, California


In January, I followed The Pull that was calling and turned up on the doorstep of @esslu to help her with a company she had started, a company who’s mission I was completely in love with. . So we started “dating” and I fell in love with the vision of what she was creating. . I skipped the move I was going to make to NYC and stuck around to help Steph bring @lifeyouloveco to life. . And I’m so honoured to help build a community of incredible human beings. . We’re two women from the opposite sides of the world that had a vision for a company that was going to start a revolution - a human development revolution. . We’ve come together with one simple mission - to help people (like you) live a life that they love. So we’re building tools and products using science and technology to do just that. . Because we think it’s everyone’s birthright to live a life that they love - A life of love, joy, peace, meaning and abundance. A life well lived. . We’re two friends who decided to follow our purpose and design the life of our dreams. We’re here to help you do the same. Live your truth, follow your purpose, make an impact and fall in love with your one precious life. . Join us on the adventure at @Lifeyouloveco at Beverly Hills, California


Your mantra for the week via @createthelove and @alex_elle 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Bloom in the direction of the sun! at Los Angeles, California


“Dog in sun. Bone.” Acrylic on canvas. 2018 Anonymous at Beverly Hills, California


You are a powerful manifester. Don’t forget this. Your thoughts and beliefs shape your external reality. So become intentional about your language. Call yourself out on your BS. Demand an apology from yourself when you’re being a bully towards yourself. Refuse to allow negative thoughts to hold your mind hostage. Remind yourself that your thoughts aren’t necessarily truthful or accurate. Remember that the ego likes to rage at times. Remember, that you are not your ego. Remember that we’re here for the experience and the meaning of this experience is determined by us. Don’t forget to have fun and think fun and embrace joy. Because joy is the gateway to everything you want in life. at Beverly Hills, California

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