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LOOK UP // We’re surrounded by incredible, life-changing opportunities. All of the time. . And the only thing stopping us from receiving these opportunities is that we’re not tuning in and seeing them. We’re too busy staring at the floor. . They’re standing right in front of you, looking you in the eyes. . Waiting for you to notice. Waiting for you to step forward. . This week has made me realise that we’re all given opportunities. . Some of us see the crack in the window and then we pry it open. . Others are standing at the door, waiting for it to open and completely miss the small opening in the window. . I’ve offered people opportunities this week and they haven’t taken me up on them. . Maybe because my opportunity came in a form that they weren’t expecting. . And so that window of opportunity closed as all windows do. And it saddened me because I could see the potential of what was waiting for them in the house. . If you ask for something be open to the possibility that: - the money will flow to you in a different shape and form (tax return, form of savings, unexpected funds) - your ideal partner may not look like what you had in mind - an opportunity may require an upfront leap and risk but that doesn’t make it less of an opportunity - you might be required to make an investment before you see a return - you may experience a period of discomfort before you reap what you have sown . I want you to know this so strongly. I want to shake you and say “Everything you want is standing in front of you. Please take it!!” . Because you deserve it. Because life loves you. . Ready to receive all of the opportunities this life can offer? Let me know 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 at Beverly Hills, California


🌟Life is a delicate balance. There’s an ebb and flow to life that needs to be honoured. . I find that we are at our most successful when we begin to master that delicate dance. . When we understand that sometimes we take action and push and sometimes we go with the flow. . When we work through our self-limiting thoughts and get into the slipstream. . When we understand that our success lies in aligning ourselves with our purpose and then designing the right strategies and goals. . When we find ways to tune into our finely honed instincts. . When we learn to connect to something higher than ourselves. . Ready to master the ebb and flow? 🙌🏼🙏🏼🌟 📷via the talented @lefawnhawk at Santa Monica, California


One of my favourite quotes of all time via @thepoeticunderground 🙌🏼💗🌟🔮🙏🏼 at Los Angeles, California


Spent the day with this phenomenal human @emma.blomfield. . She turned up for an adventure this morning and together we furnished my new apartment, we navigated the LA freeways for the first time, we picked up the keys to my new home and we picked up Emma’s first published book from the shelf at @barnesandnoble. . Know this - we have an incredible capacity to manifest what we want in this lifetime. . We just need to turn up, do the work, ask, receive and bring all of our life energy to what we do. . Blown away by my life at the moment and feel so privileged to be sharing this moment with people I care for. . Happy Love Day. . P.s I know I’m going to be a published author one day. I can feel it and see it. Look out @hayhouseinc at The Grove


Love is love. . Happy Valentine’s from Timmy and I ❤️❤️❤️🐶 at Los Angeles, California


❤️😍❤️I’m not going to lie. I’m a massive nerd and my brain works in mysterious ways. . I’ve been thinking about the correlation between dating and lean startup methodology. . Both are strategies that we can run successfully. . Both can involve a lot of failure and fumbling around in the dark. . Remember love is an inside job and everything else is a bonus BUT by all means, hack and enjoy the process of falling in love with someone else. . Happy V Day! Article linked in bio x at Santa Monica, California


In the words of @mariannewilliamson this evening, enlightenment is an unlearning of thought and the system of fear and separation. . Our entire life is an unlearning process. . We spend our whole lives unlearning fear and self-limiting beliefs and conditioning...if we choose to go down that path. . My wish is for everyone to realise that we don’t actually have to become SOMEONE or ANYONE. . We were that beautiful being all along. . And as a coach, my greatest joy is watching someone return back to who they’ve always been. . Loving. . Complicated. . Worthy. . Joyful. . Passionate. . Purposeful. . Fucking magnificent. . You don’t have to create anything. . You just have to trust and lean into the person you were all along. at Los Angeles, California


🌟⭐️✨💫I always say, just make a decision. Life wants you to make a call. Stand for something. Stop sitting on the fence. Quit procrastinating. Just make a call. Shuffle that one small step forward. And life will open doors. And the path will reveal itself. And life will offer you opportunities you could never have imagined. . And all it requires is a decision...from which everything else can grow. . Inspired by my mum who just told me to roll with all my major decisions and figure out the rest later. And she’s right, I keep making calls and my only job is to keep up with everything that wants to flow my way. Thanks homie @inkainteriors at Santa Monica, California


❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Do that thing that makes your heart sing. . Today I danced in a department store. . And told people I cared about them. . And I wrote a love note. . And yesterday I cried because I felt things. . And I’m always laughing at the small stuff that most people don’t notice. . And every morning I wake up grateful for the opportunity to love, learn and grow. . I know you do the same or want to. . So just do it. . Text that person and tell them they make you feel the feels. . Kiss that person you love a little bit harder. . Move and sing and express yourself in the way you want to. . Acknowledge a person in your life that means something to you. . Because our time here really is fleeting. . And one day we’ll leave and wonder why we didn’t love that little bit harder. . ❤️❤️❤️❤️ at Santa Monica, California


We all have our “Secret Source” as I call it. That “thing” that you bring into this world that is the purest manifestation of what you’re here to do, be and experience. . Most of us spend our life completely unaware that we were born with this secret ingredient to our life recipe. . Some of us were taught that we weren’t worthy or didn’t matter so we forgot about our Source as we grew. . We placed our Secret Source in the cupboard and locked it away. . Most of us have been distracted from our Source by the “fast food” culture that we live in that values busyness, shallowness and consumerism to the tools that we already hold within us. . But you’ve seen glimpses of your Secret Source. . You see it in others when they smile and their whole being glows. . You see it in yourself when you’re so present that time stands still. . You feel it in your chest when you tune into love. . You feel it in the depths of your bones when you just know. . So start by acknowledging your Secret Source today. . Begin to whisper to it and coax it out of its hiding spot. . Tell it it’s worthy of being part of your recipe for Life. . Give it your love and it will give you everything you have been asking for in return. . Are you ready? at New York, New York


I’ve been loving my temporary #nyc office this week at The Wing. The fitout is absolute perfection. Cannot wait until the LA office opens. . I think the space we work in is a fundamental part of productivity. A clean, beautiful space creates structure, certainty and facilitates our Genius. . What’s your space like? 📷via @the.wing at The Wing


Made it to America! Landed with all my good clothes and a few crystals in 2 suitcases. Because I felt a yearning for more adventure, challenge and awe. And I knew that when the Pull begins to tug, you need to choose the path of least resistance. And so far, it’s been incredible. And overwhelming. And eye opening. And everything I could have asked for. And the one thing I keep having to remind myself is this - You asked for all of this. Enjoy the journey. Just say Thank You. Cannot wait to share the adventure and updates in the coming months! What are you being pulled to do in 2018? #thisisallmagical 📷via @alexgeorgiades at New York, New York


I exist. . I love. . I stand in awe. . I care. . Reminders via @thepoeticunderground at Soho


Ying and Yang. at Beverly Hills, California


Hey, I get you. . It’s not always the easiest journey. . Life isn’t a Trello Board of things to check off your list and archive. . There is no Google Maps app to give you the path. . No Waze to find the quickest route. . No Spotify to curate your tastes. . No Instagram to put your best self forward at all times. . No Facebook feed to curate your best moments. . No Siri to tell you the answer. . No filters. No masks. . Just life in all of its beauty and glory. . To be felt and experienced and savored. . So baby, I feel you. . And I commend you for showing up and making the most of it. . For living and turning up and enjoying the experience for what life is. . Perfection #letsgetreal at West Village


There is something magical that is about to come into the world. . For people that are ready to live a life of endless possibilities. . For people that are here to change their inner and outer world. . For people that are ready to raise human consciousness. . These last few days I’ve witnessed the incredible possibilities that can unfold when you bring a community of consciousness, inspired and motivated people together that are ready to be of service to something bigger than themselves. . My heart is bursting with gratitude that I even get to witness this all. . My question for you is - Are you ready to live a life you love? . (Thanks for picking up on my vibrations @esslu and listening to that calling to build this. Thanks for your coaching guidance @monikazands. Oh and shoutout to @garrainsjones for this epic mug) #lifeyoulove at Los Angeles, California


It’s time. . To see. . The beauty in the details. . The magic in the experiences. . The miracles in the simplicity. . The genius in the creation. . The truth of this life. . The illusion we’ve been spoon fed. . The dimensions beyond the veil. . The Universe within you. . Just open your eyes. . 📷via @femalecollective at Santa Monica, California


Rolled into LA and met these epic humans. If this is a sign of things to come... at Los Angeles, California

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