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You gotta keep showing up and be willing to be bad before you can be good. You gotta get frustrated before you can feel like you’re in flow. You gotta be willing to look stupid before you can look smart. . Yesterday @chriswharder and I went out to take pictures and even though I was doing something I love, I got crabby with him because the photos I was taking of him were not turning out how I wanted. I started to take all of the joy out of the moment because I was upset I wasn’t good yet even though I’m new at photography... Ever done that to yourself? Chris said “Hey, you’re out here in this beautiful setting doing what you love, why you taking all the fun out of it?”. . That really made me think. Why am I taking all the fun out of the process, especially if it’s all a never ending process? In that moment, I literally decided to stop and get back to the fun and I felt a dramatic shift in my energy and in my outlook. . Frustration is guaranteed, but joy in the learning is our choice. . @chriswharder Isn’t too bad at the camera either 📸 at Malibu, California


This is going to be what changes everything for some of you! 💕This is the ONLY way to get coaching from both @chriswharder & I so we can literally walk with you for nine weeks on your journey to your breakthrough and goals! . ALIGNED is our life-changing (literally) life course that is guaranteed to improve your Self Worth, Relationships, and you Financial Abundance! . (I’m not kidding when I say GUARANTEED… If it doesn’t work for you, there is 100% moneyback guarantee for the first 60 days.) . Only a few days left to enroll! . 📲 BecomeAligned •com 📱 . . . . . . . #moneymindset #selfdevelopment #abundancemindset #businessgoals #businesswoman #couplesgoals #relationshipgoals #atribecalledbliss at Santa Monica, California


“Hey girl, you been workin hard on those goals, don’t forget get to treat yourself to a little R&R this weekend. Tag a bitch who needs this.” - Waffles #goldendoodle #doodle #shesaiditnotme at Santa Monica, California


Do you have a mentor? Do you need one? I always have a coach, a mastermind and many mentors at one time...and my life has shifted and gotten massive results because of it. Honestly I would not be doing any of what I’m doing without all the support and guidance from these people. A few times a year @chriswharder and I create a space to group coach with those who are ready for more abundance and their “next level tribe.” I’m so excited to move forward with all of you and help you reach your life and financial goals! There is still time to join us at becomealigned.com - let me know below if you’re joining us this week so we can celebrate you!!!! at Los Angeles, California


Yup... I’m guilty of sitting in front of the obstacle, cursing at it, making faces at it, crying over it, instead of asking it why it showed up FOR me? . What came up for you during this episode? I can’t wait to hear below👇 . @earnyourhappy #podcast at Santa Monica, California


I need to be real right now - relationships are challenging in all forms at every level, business is challenging in every way, and we can often question what the hell the point is to the rat race we call life. I have many times I want to give up because I wonder if the pain, pressure, criticism and expansion is worth it. . Write YES of you ever feel this way or if you’re joining us tonight for our show 👇 Chris and I are cracking wide open to get real with you, talking all things business, love, relationships and life tonight. My soul is ready to let her rip, so I hope you can join us on the webinar! Listen In for tools we use to get to get though the tough times. Sign up now to make sure you get a spot! Spots are limited at loriharder.com/webinar at Santa Monica, California


The gratitude is running over today after #THRIVE2018 💕 We had a blast on stage talking about some of our rock bottoms that brought us to some of our favorite golden “nuggets.” (Had to be there - told a story about when I threw chicken nuggets at Chris during a complete meltdown - you can hear the story in our Monday podcast this week) . THANK YOU to the incredible @colehatter & @sanjahatter who put this event on, pour their hearts and souls out to over deliver, help entrepreneurs and give back to amazing causes. These people are truly the people you want to be surrounded by🙏🏻 . @chriswharder LOVED spending time with all of you at #thrive2018, #makemoneymatter . If you were there, WHAT WERE YOUR FAVORITE TAKEAWAYS? . If you want to hear some of what we talked about and more, you can go to BECOMEALIGNED•com 🙌🏻 . And what an honor to be on stage with these humans 💕@gerardadams @jesseitzler , @timstoreyofficial @najwazebian , @nicksantonastasso @etthehiphoppreacher , @tailopez , @edmylett , @immollybloom , @naveenjainceo , @stevedsims , @childhungersucks and so many more! 🙏🏻 . Thank you ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . #fortheloveofmoney #podcastlife #lasvegas #contribution #10xgrowthcon #tailopez #atribecalledbliss at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas


We’ve learned to not just have a relationship but a true partnership with agreements, boundaries and open conversation about our needs, dreams and anything that might be causing a kink. . Having the willingness to have tough conversations, listen intently, forgive quickly and be committed to a solution and coming out the other side peacefully no matter what you decide, is not just for romantic relationships. This works for navigating every relationship, including the one you have with yourself. . It’s about navigating with love, not avoiding or suppressing. It’s scary! I get it! I feel that way all the time! But I refuse to live in resentment and suppression because I know it will manifest in ways I don’t welcome in my life. . @chriswharder and I would love to have more of these conversations with you more often to help you navigate life, relationships and business! Checkout our our free training at becomealigned.com or go to link in bio! . . . . #goals #relationshipgoals #business #bossbabe #bossgirls #girlboss #couple at Los Angeles, California


How many of you related to this “quickie” podcast episode? 🤷‍♀️👆🏼 . Let me know some topics or questions you would like me to chat about below! . @earnyourhappy #podcast at Los Angeles, California


After 16 years together, 13 married, we know that in order for US to be happy we have to: . Take ownership over our own happiness, dreams and health. . He can’t be my “everything” and I can’t be his. . We have to grow individually and together. . We have to be clear on our needs and not hope the other knows what they are. . We have to accept instead of expect because there will always be something that’s not perfect about everyone in our lives, including us! . We continue to check in and see if we can do better and take inventory of where we are at as a couple. . We have to know how to fight... there are def arguments and disagreements often, especially working together, and learning how to navigate the heat instead of avoid is key. . We have to appreciate the differences and the viewpoint that the other brings to the table. . @chriswharder and I love to teach together because we do offer completely different views! If you want to learn more of what we know makes us successful go to this video series we made for you at becomealigned.com ❤️🔥💯 at Santa Monica, California


Yup, that’s me wearing a graphic tee telling you to “Follow your dreams!” And you’re like - “If I knew how or had your (or fill in the name of a successful person) life I would be doing that, dumbass! . I’ve def said those words a few times... The thing about the life you want is that you have to risk or potentially let go of everything in the life you currently have. Most often it means changing friends, jobs, habits and sometimes more. I’ve had to take breaks from family because their beliefs were holding me back from where I knew I was supposed to be going - shittiest feeling ever by the way. . But nothing is forever and we forget that in order become the person we want we have to burn away the old. . Burning away the old means doing things that you haven’t done before to get a different result. It means taking things you’re not yet ready for and figuring it out along the way. It means not choosing to settle for the limiting beliefs of those around you. It means looking crazy, messy and some days even a little psycho because your life will feel like you are in the fire and you have no clue what you are doing. It will be hot, uncomfortable, scary, it will feel like you can’t take anymore. . This... this is the feeling of transcending to your next level. This is the feeling of expansion. This is what stretching feels like. This horrible pressurizing feeling is tearing you down so that when you are have gotten to the other side (which could take a long time) you come back new, stronger and more clear than you’ve ever been. Stay in it. Let it burn. The fire can only make you better. You are a [email protected]$&ing PHOENIX!!! Get ready to fly sister 🔥 🦅 Tag your fellow flight crew ❤️ . What’s the fire you’re in right now and are you able to see what it’s preparing you for? . Check out the free video series @chriswharder and I did on your limiting beliefs and how to walk through the fire! Link in bio. . #atribecalledbliss #girlwashyourface #books #events #training . 📸 @nickonken at Santa Monica, California


@chriswharder and I know that we bring value in such different ways... I love his perspective because he sees things I don’t, and vice versa. This didn’t come quickly and we both have done a lot of work together. That’s why we decided to do this FREE training for YOU, together! . If you’re looking to let go of some beliefs holding you back, breakthrough money blocks and get aligned with your purpose, then grab your free video training series at the link in bio, or at becomealigned.com . Excited to see you there! . . . . . 📸 @nickonken at Santa Monica, California

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