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Yes it’s a workout pic and some abs on vacay (I used to hate people who posted this on vacation - like why workout, right? You’re on vacay) but I worked hard to figure out what some sort of balance looks like for me, and sometimes it means not having having abs and that’s great too! Defining balance is basically like asking someone what makes a good song. I can’t even tell you because some days I want to hear nothing but Bob Marley and others I want to hear a bad ass female singing her ass off about love gone wrong. That’s what finding balance is like... Some days I want to walk for my workout and have champagne and others I want kale and a run. I’ll tell you the one thing I know about it though - you’ll never find it if you don’t truly figure out what it feels like to be who you were put on this earth to be, to find fulfillment in things other than food and drink, and to start committing to try on different things that make you feel happy. When you find this your life naturally balances itself eventually. Otherwise we are trying to fill a spiritual void with empty things. I love all the goodies, but the goodies are no good without knowing what your soul food really is. Ya dig? We can’t fill a physical hunger with just food - it’s going to take a life of exploration to finally get full. What lights you up - I want to know! Comment below! at Maui


Anyone else have to work hard on being present like I do 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ Raise your 🤚 It doesn’t matter where you go, what you do or what you wear if you can’t make up your mind to choose peace and contentment with where you’re at and who you are, no matter where you’re at and who you are in this moment. Nothing changes until you fall in love with the present and become grateful for everything there - even if it’s not pretty, fall in love with the idea that it’s teaching you something you need to go to the next version of you. This is a practice daily for me to be where my feet are, love where I’m at, yet always be striving for greatness and looking for ways to create end express my deepest desires and dreams. Ahh the sweet and bitter dance of life. We need all the flavors to make the sweetness, sweet and the savory, savory. This is also why I wrote an entire section in my my book about “The New Way Of Being.” We can’t attract a tribe or our dreams without learning how to become and love who we are, and learn what that actually looks like and means in our day to day life. I hope to see you on the book tour! Go to atribecalledbliss.com to come hang out on tour with me and chat about the good stuff! 🙏❤️✨ at Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea


Please do yourself a favor and never stop playing. Even when everyone else at the pool is too cool, I pray you do handstands, cannonballs and mermaid photo shoots to your hearts content. May all your mermaid dreams come true with the iPhoneX🤣 at Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea


Chapter 11 in #ATribeCalledBliss is all about setting fierce boundaries and the power in saying ‘no.’ - Saying no is a self-love practice that helps us pave the way to our greatest sense of self — our well-being and ability to have and keep close, connected relationships depends on our ability to say no. - Recently I’ve had some really amazing speaking opportunities I’ve had to say no to. I really wanted to do them but I also know when my soul has no space to play or breath I start to get resentful of innocent people because I said YES and didn’t want to disappoint someone, miss out or let someone down. - Saying no is hard at first, but you feel free in the long run rather than a prisoner of your past choices. Take time to think of you really will be able to feel good about doin it when it comes to to show up. - What’s something you’ve said “no” to recently so you can say “yes” to yourself? Comment below👇and grab your book at the link in bio. at Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea


When you realize you can work anywhere and you need a change in energy to get recharged before the next push with the book! Trying to do more spontaneous things so we decided to take our work to Maui for a couple days! Thank you @coletteska for the bubbles✨🙏 at Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea


Waffles says- Don’t forget that if you asked for growth you have to get excited about the rain! #goldendoodle #doodle #waffles #selfdevelopmentdog at Santa Monica, California


This picture still boggles me... Not only because I find it crazy to think “I’m the girl who holds hands with her friends,” but also because “I’m the girl who had the type of friends I would actually want to hold hands with!” LOL! I always thought those types of friendships didn’t really exist, and if they did I wasn’t really interested anyway. Well... a lot has changed since then, I’ve grown and I’ve also learned that we need each other, we need women friends and we need to learn how to treat, respect and support each other now more than ever. These two women in this photo were the beginning of a relationship and support system like I’ve never experienced. From this friendship, came the book, my book A Tribe Called Bliss not to mention so many other life changing events. My prayer is that if you want to feel any of the things I’ve described above, that you grab yourself and your current and or future tribe some copies and follow the tools I teach in there to create these types of connections. The best part is that it takes very little time and has massive impact when you follow the structure and map of the book. Who are you going to “do” this book with? Tag your tribe that you want to support and grow with below. #atribecalledbliss get the book at atribecalledbliss.com at Los Angeles, California


I’ve been thinking that a big part of our work as humans, leaders or people with any platform at all is to help... help those just starting out and those who are way ahead of us or any message that resonates with you. I’ve been blessed to have so many people do this for me and I can honestly say my podcast may be the best thing I’ve done long term fulfillment wise because of this. I’ve noticed that at times in my life where I’m wondering why something I’m doing is not going how I want or I’m feeling frustrated or unhappy, that those are the times I need to shift the energy from my own message to looking how I can also help someone else get their message out. It’s amazing how fast we can reset our energy, gain more perspective and feel better when we shift to making others a priority even if it’s small things! Make other people’s messages important to you and they will do the same for you! Double tap if you agree!? at Los Angeles, California


When you open a package from a friend and immediately get transported back to your BLISS😍 Thank you @girlsquadinc for sending these beautiful photos from @theblissprojectevent! Thank you to everyone who joined us this year! If you were one of the 500 women who came this year I would love to hear your experience and how you’ve been feeling since, below! Thank you to all of you who came and trusted the process, for the most amazing event ever! 🙏🙏 at Los Angeles, California


Now comes the most exciting part... it’s like you sit in a room alone pouring out your soul nervous about wondering if people have ever felt the way you have, and now comes the fun part of meeting and talking to all of the people you were writing to! I’ve dreamt of this longer than I can remember. First stop is my LA area TRIBE! Save the date May 15th at @wanderlusthlwd for an evening of amazing conversation and connection at my book launch! I can’t wait to see and meet all of you! Let me know if you’re coming and tag your tribe below😍🙏 Grab your tickets by going to the link in my bio! at Los Angeles, California


Do you love @dancingabc Dancing With The Stars as much as I do? I had the honor of interviewing @iamvalc after going on a @pencilsofpromise trip, getting to know what an incredible human he is! You don’t want to miss this podcast to find out how to create a winning mindset! Go to earnyourhappy.com to listen now😍🙏 🎥 @iamjesserichards at Los Angeles, California


✨✨Please answer below✨✨ I want to know what stops you from having the friendships you want! I know making close friends was a huge struggle for me as I was moving and building a business. Understanding where or how to find your tribe can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a ton of time or you’re going after big goals! Please ask your questions below and I  will answer in an upcoming Instagram Live. #ATribeCalledBliss #MyBlissTribe at Los Angeles, California

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