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My little helper, hard at work. Our shower door has never been cleaner. 😉If you look closely, you can see my reflection in the window. ♥️ at Almonte, Ontario


While I am not very fond of today’s snowfall forecast, I will admit that there is undeniable beauty in our Canadian winter landscapes. ❄️ at Almonte, Ontario


Our beautiful city as seen from @thewestinottawa 🤩 I was overwhelmed with the breathtaking view all the while my hands froze to a crisp. Anything to help promote the #skatewestin campaign! at Ottawa, Ontario


I rarely get in the frame and I want to change that in 2019 so here’s a first of many!🤞🏻 at Almonte, Ontario


I was honoured to partner up with fellow photographers in the region in order to help promote #skatewestin and raise funds for the @cheohospital and its patients. If you are staying at the Westin Hotel, rent yourself a pair of skates for $10 and head on out for a daily dose of fresh air on the Rideau Canal. All the funds collected are given to CHEO! It’s a great way to enjoy all the beauty that our city has to offer and raise funds for a worthy cause. Happy Winterlude to you all! ❄️ at The Westin Ottawa


Amongst the millions, a couple more snowflakes. ❄️ at Almonte, Ontario


Mornings are tough in this household. Everyone is hungry (see hangry...) and it always feels like we woke up three hours too late. But then on some morning, with its warmth and brightness, the Winter light reminds us that everything will be alright. ♥️ Swipe left to see the SOOC. at Almonte, Ontario


When snowflakes look like flowers, Spring is nothing but a dream. ❄️ at Almonte, Ontario


When you’re knee deep in snow... ❄️ at Almonte, Ontario


A night so cold, the streets are bare. at Almonte, Ontario


We’re jumping on our beds indoors because it’s too cold to play outside. On a positive note, the afternoon light is very pretty. ♥️ at Almonte, Ontario


Mother Nature’s Lace. I happen to find window frost fascinating. There are so many beautiful, intricate details that deserve to be admired. ♥️ at Almonte, Ontario


A snowy photo on this “fine” Sunday morning... Go Pats! 🏈 at Carleton Place, Ontario


I did a thing last night. I froze my butt off. I have always loved the way the falls look at night. After meeting with some fellow photogs downtown Ottawa, I stopped by the waterfalls on my way home and captured them in all their glory. ♥️ at Almonte, Ontario


Swipe left to see the before ⭐️ It’s been a while and it’s been cold. Today is absurdly cold. I decided to edit this photograph of my daughter sporting her swim goggles. Take note that there is no water in sight. It didn’t make it any less cold outside but my soul does feel a little bit warmer. ♥️ at Almonte, Ontario


Here they are! My #top9of2018 and just like that, another year has come and gone. I look forward to a new year, new friendships and new acquired photography skills. See you all on the flip side!


It’s been a crazy few days, which makes it hard to be active on Instagram. Amongst other things, we have taken long walks in this year’s Winter wonderland in hopes to burn off some steam. During one of our walks, we stopped to see if the birdies were home. ♥️ at Almonte, Ontario


What appears to be fire is in fact the warm light of the setting sun on a cold Canadian Winter day. What appears to be smoke is rather the warm air from inside of our home being pushed out to confront the chill in the air. What appears to be my son, frozen with a candy cane in his hand/mouth is in fact my son, frozen with a candy cane in his hand/mouth. It was the only way to convince him to come face the cold with me. ♥️ at Almonte, Ontario

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