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Mahallat Residential Building by CAAT Studio Mahalat, Iran 2018 This house was built for a travertine stone expert and seller. All programs are connected along the soft continues to form to create spatial divisions with a variety of motion throughout the project. Starting at the ground floor from the lobby through the ceiling, internal walls and continues all the way to the rooftop. The orientation of the geometry to the North provides spectacular angle and rotation to the North facade to create a different perspective to environment whereas the same movements without rotation add a different quality to the South facade. This movement was not only a conceptual movement but also a creative way to utilize the travertine stone as an environmental piece helping us to build a cost-effective and environmentally friendly project. Photos : Parham Taghioff _________________________ Selection and post: @olivierleclercq #loversofarchitecture at Mahallat, Markazi, Iran


Antinori Winery by Archea Associati Architects Bargino, Italy 2012 The functional aspects have become an essential part of a design itinerary which centres on the geo-morphological experimentation of a building understood as the most authentic expression of a desired symbiosis and merger between anthropic culture, the work of man, his work environment and the natural environment. The purpose of the project has therefore been to merge the building and the rural landscape; the industrial complex appears to be a part of the latter thanks to the roof, which has been turned into a plot of farmland cultivated with vines, interrupted, along the contour lines, by two horizontal cuts which let light into the interior and provide those inside the building with a view of the landscape through the imaginary construction of a diorama. Photographs First picture : @andyhendrata Others : Pietro Savorelli, Leonardo Finotti _______________ Selection and post : @olivierleclercq #loversofarchitecture at Bargino, Toscana, Italy


Village Center in Sanhe by Wall Architects of XAUAT Sanhe, Fuping, Shanxi, China This project has become a veritable“village complex” Its completion is aimed at reviving the cultural and spititual connection in rural architecture through a good design. It explores the possibilities of rural architecture in a pure way. There are three important aspects: first, the reacquaintance of the local environment ; second, the redefinition of traditional space and modern rural life; and third, the usage and display of rural regional raw materials in contemporary construction. Photos : TrimontImage - Dong Wang __________________ Selection and post : @olivierleclercq #loversofarchitecture at Sanhe, Shaanxi, China


Brick-Mesh by ThEPlus Architects Seoul, 2017 Because of small ground, the owner could not afford to reconstruct the mass of the building. So, the Architects focused on the design through the facade construction and they decided to construct the facade of the building using the most familiar traditional material, brick. They wanted to organize itself so that it can be modern and well compatible without being too old. Photographs : Ryoo, In Keun ________________________ Selection and post by @olivierleclercq Tag #loversofarchitecture for your achievements or pictures to be featured at Seoul, Korea


La Comuna, by Frontera Sur Arquitectura, Natura Futura Arquitectura. Huaquillas, El Oro, Ecuador 2018 . Architecture as an intermediary of productive process and urban habitat. Project for a foundation and private company on how to improve the habitat of a family that is dedicated to recycling in unhealthy conditions and in the right space to carry out the operations that the process entails. The structural system is a container of the six modules that configure the volume. The wood is used by the tradition of the existing buildings in the area, the application of shafts or lattices contribute in the construction of the building. An adaptable house merges with the production space according to the needs of the family. The house starts from the contrast between experiment and project, proposing intervention strategies with spatial permeability and self-management of space. Photos : Frontera Sur Arquitectura, Natura Futura Arquitectura. __________________ Selection and post : @olivierleclercq Please tag #loversofarchitecture for submission at Huaquillas, El Oro, Ecuador


Crane Pavilion at Crane Nature Preserve by GBBN architects, Wuhan, China 2018 Spiritual sanctuary near a wetlands preserve. A simple form of a paper origami crane made of hand-polished concrete exterior and glass panels. Across Asia, the red-crowned crane has long been associated with longevity, immortality, and spiritual transcendence. An opening in the folds gives the small, intimate space an expansive view of surrounding wetlands and a place to watch cranes take flight during funeral ceremonies. Photographs : Yao Li _____________________ Selection and post by @olivierleclercq please tag #loversofarchitecture for submission of your projects. at Xianning


House of Dior Seoul by Christian de Portzamparc. Seoul, 2015 The french architect wanted the building to represent Dior and to reflect Christian Dior’s work. So he wanted the surfaces to flow, like the couturier’s soft, woven white cotton fabric. These surfaces, which soar into the sky and undulate as if in motion, crossed by a few lines, are made from long moulded fiber glass shells, fitted together with aircraft precision. In Seoul, where the quadrangular buildings align with the avenue, and which are all occupied by leading international fashion labels, the building stands out like a large sculptural tribute to Dior, inviting everyone to step inside. The entrance, where two shells come together, is a sort of modern lancet arch, in which two metal mesh surfaces cross in line with the clothing metaphor. Once inside, the customer makes a succession of discoveries – a feature typical of the interiors designed by Peter Marino. Local Architect / Project Manager DPJ & Partners, Architecture Photographs: Nicolás Borel ___________________________ Selection and report : @olivierleclercq #loversofarchitecture at Seoul, Korea


Tree-ness House by Akihisa Hirata Toshima, Japan. 2017 This project is a complex building of houses and galleries built in Tokyo, Toshimaku. One tree is organically integrated with a combination of parts having different characteristics, such as a trunk, a branch, and a leaf. As with the tree, the architects tried to create an organic architecture that could be formed by a hierarchical combination of different parts such as plants/pleats (as openings) / concrete boxes. Akihisa Hirata intended to create a futuristic and savage architecture that awakens human animal instincts in which the inside and outside are reversed multiple times. Photos : Vincent Hecht ____________________________ Selection and post : OL Tag #loversofarchitecture for publication. at Toshima


Renovation and extension of a kindergarten and elementary school in Ivry-sur-Seine. By Air Architects. Ivry-sur-Seine, Paris, France. 2018 Like a skin of clementine, the facade of the new building unfolds to give a new image to the whole, including the old part. This lacquered aluminum facade serves as double skin, sunshade, railing, fence or gate. It dresses simple volumes in wood and makes a strong urban signal in the neighborhood. The quality of the interior spaces is found in the management of natural light and many educational attentions Photo : David Boureau. at Ivry-sur-Seine, France


Kolumba museum  Peter Zumthor Cologne Although with a quite articulated footprint, the building designed by Zumthor is definitely linear in elevation; the overall effect is that of a contemporary architecture subtly reminiscent of the historical aspect of the old city of Cologne, with its narrow merchant houses. The plans were designed having in mind the complex ensemble of functions of the museum, which accommodates galleries for both ancient and modern art, temporary exhibition rooms, a library, excavations where remains of the original medieval buildings can be visited, places of worship, and an open-air contemplation courtyard and garden located in the middle of the building. Photo Rasmus hjortshøj _______________________ Selection and post : @olivierleclercq #loversofarchitecture at Cologne, Germany


The Waterdog, by @klaarchitectuur . 2017 Refurbished church for architecture office and public events. Rectilinear volumes both inside and outside the 17th century building, as part of a major renovation that involved completely replacing the roof. The property was originally built as a monument, and was only converted into a chapel in 1872. Despite being a heritage-listed building, the it fell into disrepair, and was no longer fit for purpose. Klaarchitectuur's renovation celebrates the building's heritage. The studio made as few structural changes as possible, and left the majority of the internal surfaces unchanged More info: _____________________ Selection and post #loverofarchitecture at Limburg, Liege, Belgium


Today's featured house : The GRNT House is the third project NOA designs for Brazil. The property located in an area with a steep slope is for a family that would go on weekends and spend the holidays at the beach. Following the line of work of the previous two houses the Architects decided that making the horizon and the sea available to every peasant was not only fair but also possible. The project aims to delve into the possibilities between the public and the private realm, between intimacy and externality. Two independent and perpendicular volumes are created. The connection is an empty space and the physical contact between the volumes the stair and the exterior glass. Architects: NOA Najmias Office for Architecture (by Oliverio Najmias) IG Account: Web: location > Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil site area > 1.216 m2 / 13.088 sqft built area > 212m2 / 2.282 SQFT project > 2018 #loversofarchitecture at São Paulo, Brazil

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