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an industrial designer with too many hobbies my fluffer half: @iamleeam 🐈

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making good progress today 💪🏻 at Sean's Clay Corner


some potatoes napping in the wild 🥔 - #sealions #naptime #stellarsealions #harborseals at Island Adventures Whale Watching


Our whale tour took us all the way up to just outside of Vancouver City from Anacortes to meet up with J pod! They were so cute and playful, jumping and slapping their tails, I felt like they were putting on a show just for us! ...I’d like to think that they were excited to see us too... you know, a little human watching. I’m so in awe to see these beautiful creatures in the wild. What a dream come true 🖤 #whalewatching #orcawhales #killerwhales #anacortes #islandadventures #spiritanimal at Island Adventures Whale Watching


labor day weekend off to a great start! ✨ #whalewatching #islandadventures at Island Adventures Whale Watching


I’m still running around bellevue park catching pokémon like it’s 2016 ✨ #gottacatchemall at Downtown Park & Rose Garden


me and my big squishy ball of 🌞 at Bellevue, Washington


plump little figs from my mama’s garden🌿🐰 • #soplump #soround #adriaticfigs #calimyrnafigs at Bellevue, Washington


leeam has been summoned - #batsignal #hileeam #catsignal @iamleeam at Bellevue, Washington


made several mini flower arrangements from one giant Costco bouquet🌿 - is it just me, or is it starting to feel like fall?


celebrating a few June birthday babies at the most appropriate restaurant🐥 • #junebabies #lifechanging #biscuits #friedchicken #junebaby #worththewait at JuneBaby


I’ll be dreaming of you till next time 🌝 - #london #nofilter #fujifilmx100t #towerbridge #seeyousoon at Tower Bridge


This was my favorite/happiest dinner in London. I remember being so so happy, like 10/10 happy. Love me a good late summer dinner! 🌞 • #goodsteak #goodwine #goodcompany #noparents at Flat Iron


i very much liked london🇬🇧 - #towerbridge #londonengland #illbeback at Tower Bridge


eric found the best gelato in all of Italy! and that’s saying a lot, considering we’ve found every excuse to eat gelato twice a day. This is my favorite flavor, Panacea [ginseng, mint, and almond milk]. It tasted like a mojito🌿 - #gelato #fatamorgana #rome at Fatamorgana Gelato


ladies, find yourself a man who looks at you the way Eric looks at this caprese tower - #rome #caprese #sorpasso #hearteyes at Sorpasso Vin Cafe' E Cucina


currently sitting on our couch playing catch-up with all our Rome photos, while Gladiator is playing in the background... this movie is much more depressing than I remember - #colosseum #rome #werewereallythere at Colosseum


After walking into almost every leather bag store in Florence, searching for a Boldrini bag I fell in love with in Venice but decided to pass on, we had time to check out one last store before all the shops closed and I was ready to give up. We showed the old man the picture of the bag I was looking for, and he said “that’s my bag!” Confused, I asked “do you mean, you have this bag in your store?” He replied, “No, I am Boldrini. I designed and made that bag! However, that bag is from last season and is no longer available... But I can make it for you if you’d like?” I happily placed my very custom order with Mr. Boldrini, and now begins the 3 month waiting period for my bag to be made and sent to my home in seattle. As we were leaving his store, he scolded me and said, “next time you see a bag you like, just buy it”. such wise words to live by ❤️ - #boldrini #florence #lessonlearned at Florence, Italy


when we’re back home in seattle, I’m going to paint our neighborhood pink, immediately. - #cinqueterre #corniglia #thinkpink #pinkisthenewpink at Corniglia, Liguria, Italy

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