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✨You put a Spell on me✨ #FilmPhotography #Streetphotography #Travels #SanFrancisco • Photographer for @storiedsf

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Episode 47, Part 2 of @storiedSF is up! Link in their bio #filmphotography #portrait #ilfordhp5 #analog #podcast #sanfrancisco #GetToKnowYourNeighbors Mike Lynch paid his dues in San Francisco. His business, Babylon Burning, which he's owned since 1999 and which has been open since 1976, recently attained legacy status with the city. In this podcast, Mike talks about what it means to own a small business here. He shares his aim to support other local businesses, reflects on how the city has changed over the years, and discusses the things he still loves about San Francisco. at Babylon Burning Screen Printing, Inc.


Episode 47, Part 1 of @storiedSF is live, y'all! Link in their bio. #filmphotography #portriat #ilfordhp5 @babylonburninginc #GetToKnowYourNeighbors Mike Lynch grew up in Maine. In the 1980s, so many of his New England friends had moved to San Francisco that he decided to give it a try. More than 30 years later, he owns a business and a home and has a family. In this episode, Mike talks about the printing jobs he had, which eventually led him to the shop he owns today—Babylon Burning in SoMa. at Babylon Burning Screen Printing, Inc.


Fantastic sunset sail on the Hudson for my birthday last month. Thanks to my life long bestie @crackbaby_69000 @deanrispler you guys are truly the best! 🖤🥂 #fujifilm #400pro #analog #streetphotography #filmphotographic #photofilmy #fotofilmic #filmsnotdead #ourstreets #hudsonriver #sailboat #newyorkcity at Statue Of Liberty, Liberty Island, New York City


Episode 46 of @storiedSF is up! Link in their bio. #filmphotography #portiat #artist #GetToKnowYourNeighbors Pepper Alexandria @pepperalexandria is a belly dancer, artist and dance instructor these days. She puts on a big show every year called Carnival of Stars. She moved to San Francisco in 1968, in the heyday of the hippie movement. In this podcast, Pepper talks about shows she went to, bands she knew, and venues they played at. She shares stories of underground comix and their parties, which she often danced at. She ends the show with a history of her belly dancing career, which includes studying for a time in Egypt.


Finally getting a chance to scan my film from my trip to New York last month 🖤🎞📷 #olympus #penee #kodakportra160 #splitframe #filmphotographic #photofilmy #filmsnotdead #streetphotography #subway #brooklyn #nyc #newyorkcity at Brooklyn, New York


If you haven’t started listening to @storiedsf podcast don’t miss @kevindemattia ’s stories this week. He’s a good friend, great boss and excellent raconteur! #filmphotography #portriat #podcast #benders #boozeland #thevanillagorilla 🙌🏼💫 Episode 45, Part 2 of @storiedSF is up! Link in their bio. #GetToKnowYourNeighbors In this episode, @kevindemattia walks us through a half-dozen jobs he's had in #SanFrancisco, leading up to his eventual co-ownership of Bender's and Emperor Norton's Boozeland in the Tenderloin. In the podcast, Kevin also shares some great history behind the spot that is now Zeitgeist. at Emperor Norton's Boozeland


Episode 45, Part 1 of @storiedSF is up! Link in their bio. #GetToKnowYourNeighbors It's 2004. September 11 wasn't even three years removed yet. But @kevindemattia Kevin DeMattia had a thing for climbing large buildings and structures, and Sutro Tower was calling his name. In this podcast, Kevin, who co-owns Bender's Bar and Grill in the Mission and Emperor Norton's Boozeland in the Tenderloin, shares the story of conquering the 977-foot TV and radio antenna tower that has become quite the iconic symbol of San Francisco. at Tenderloin, San Francisco

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