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Photo shot at secret alley in the mission, nice to meet you Amanda! #ilfordhp5 #analog #pentaxk1000 #podcast #storiedsf ........Ep. 17, Part 1 of @storiedSF is live! Follow it and check the link in their bio to hear the audio. @bffdotfm founder @itsquonky first visited #SanFrancisco as a kid with her family from Massachusetts. Her first trip here as adult was in 2007, when she came as part of the Game Developers Conference. For Part 1 of Amanda's podcast, she'll talk about some of those times spent in the city before she had the experience that ultimately inspired her to move here. at The Secret Alley


🎶People take pictures of each other 🎶 ~the kinks Stoked to snap a few of . Good friend and a Kick ass photographer 🎞🖤 check out his story on episode 16 of @storiedsf this week! 👍🏼 #filmphotography #ilfordhp5 #portrait #friendswhoshootfilm #filmphotographic #photofilmy #ishootfilm #filmsnotdead #podcast #storiedsf #sanfrancisco at San Francisco, California


Episode 15 of @storiedsf (podcast link in bio!) #filmphotography #ilfordhp5 #brokeassstuart #portrait #pentaxk1000 Broke-Ass Stuart has done a lot of things. He moved to San Francisco in 2003 and started his website, Broke-Ass Stuart's Goddamn Website, in 2004. He's had a national TV show, hosted a talk show, and in 2015, he ran for mayor of SF. In this podcast, Stuart will tell a few different stories from around the time that he came to San Francisco from Santa Cruz. In addition to other things, sharts were involved.

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