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Travel with #Lufthansa to #MexicoCity and discover the view from above! Atop the #TorreLatinoamericana you can look over the city without skyscrapers blocking your view. at Mexico City, Mexico


We’ve got a spectacular view waiting for you in #Dubai! If dizzying heights are your thing, ride to the top floor of the #BurjKhalifa and enjoy an astonishing view of the city. #Lufthansa


If Italy is on your itinerary, Cinque Terre should be on your list. Five colorful villages spread along the mediterranean coast – if you’re in for a bit of fun, take on the cities by hiking between them. We will take you to Genua from where you can explore all five villages. #Italy #Cinqueterre #Lufthansa at Cinque Terre


Charming and interesting at the same time, the red roofs of Dubrovnik’s characteristic old town form a stunning picture! #Lufthansa #Croatia #Dubrovnik at Dubrovnik, Croatia


Take a trip to the oldest city in #France and experience all that Marseille has to offer. From the vibrant old port to the street art in the Cours Julien district… take on the city on foot and discover all #Marseille has to offer. #Lufthansa at Vallon des Auffes


Beautiful landscapes, ancient cities like Chania, nice bars and restaurants – that’s Crete! Greece’s largest island has a lot to offer and enchants visitors every day with a variety of colors. Start your vacation with #Lufthansa in Iraklion. #Greece #Crete


Inside Sardinia. Stop by Neptune’s Grotto to see unique diverse color mixes as a result of daylight and artificial light from the inside of the accessible cavern. #Lufthansa #Italy #Sardinia at Grotte Di Nettuno


Miles and miles of sandy beaches, rocky bays and in between bright, turquoise blue water. Menorca, you beautiful island of color! #Lufthansa #Spain #Menorca


Beautiful Mediterranean pearl: Malta! It’s size definitely does not reflect its diversity. The diverging cultures, markets and breathtaking sea make Malta a unique and colourful place to visit! #Lufthansa #Malta


We’re leaving #Berlin for now, but will definitely come back. Let’s see where #LufthansaCityOfTheMonth takes us next. Any ideas?


At night or during the day – #Berlin’s public transport quickly takes you anywhere and you can thus explore the entire city. #LufthansaCityOfTheMonth


#Berlin is music culture too. Besides world famous Opera and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, you’ll find any music genre such as Soul, Jazz, Irish Folk, Singer Songwriter, Rap… “The range of live music in bars, parks and on the street is limitless,” flight attendant Alex says. #LufthansaCityOfTheMonth

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