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“Love Someone” & “NADTC” are both out now! Our new album ‘3 (The Purple Album)’ is available for preorder! 🎶🎤🌎💜 Similar users See full size profile picture

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We're performing “Love Someone” on @jimmykimmellive on Wednesday, Oct. 24th 💜 Can’t wait to be back on that stage!


I’m getting a job in Paris as @ericjeanjean_rtl_rtl2 on @rtl2officiel 😂😂😂🇫🇷🎶🍷🥖💜🔥


When rehearsing, gear is needed. And AC is unheard of. At least the band sounds good.....👌


Leaning in for the kiss... 💜 @rilloschwartz 💜


Doing @natholdet with @andersbreinholt was hilarious 🤣 Too many deleted scenes though, so next time, we want more time 🕰


It took a while. To figure out what to film, how to film it, who to film it? @rene_shoots_curbside was the man to do it. Why? Because he's followed us since april 2013. Because he comes up with great ideas. Because i know he lost as well. William, one of my best friends through 29 years killed himself early this year. Our generous & loving companion was no more. How do I express the carnage going on inside my head and my heart? How can i explain the feelings i have, coming home from sunny California to bury a childhood friend? It's surreal, coming from a place like Christiania, with so many different types of people. It's strange coming home from a world tour to see how nothing has changed, & still everything is viewed with different eyes. Rest in power, William. Watch the music video for "Not a Damn Thing Changed" now on YouTube.


NADTC is out now! It’s a song about my boys. The journey we’re on as musicians and the boys at home. It’s a song about how everything has changed yet still everything remains the same. My friend, through 29 years, William hung himself early this year and this song and the video is a tribute to him. Rest In Power 👊🏼 Link in bio


Tonight on @natholdet with @andersbreinholt we’ll be performing our next single “Not A Damn Thing Changed” & I will be cohosting the show!🎶🔥💜 #natholdet #lglp2 #thepurpleAlbum #NADTC 📸 @theismortensen


Not A Damn Thing Changed! This Friday our new single is out with a video, that we made in my home town. We're very excited about this one :D


This morning Bob is bringing the realness. Rest In Power.


You can @shazam “Love Someone” now for a chance to see a sneak preview of my next single! It works for my @dancingabc performance too! 💜


We're excited to announce our US tour dates this February & March! Can't wait to see you all soon 💜 Tickets are onsale this Friday at 10am local time. All dates at, link in bio!

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