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Wire wraps & Crystals DM me for customs!🌸 Crystal gifts come with #jewelry orders❤ Europe #wirewraps #crystals Similar users See full size profile picture

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If you like detailed work and #intricate pieces, you gonna love this! These treasures are listed on etsy! These yellow and green tones are perfect for #fall season! 🌻🍃🍂 Each of these pieces were wrapped carefully with a lot of patience and love, and are charged with #reiki 💛Selling #crystals and gems build a personal connection between me and my customers. I always respect this and I am also very grateful for it. To show my care, I clean and charge every single piece with blessings and #healing vibes💛💕💖 Did I mention that every #jewelry orders come with a crystal #gift? Please check my profile! 🌸Shop link in bio!🌸 Wish you a joyful Friday loves! #wireeraps #labradorite #pendants #greenopal #pearls #copper #copperjewelry


Just wanted to bring back those beautiful summer days and moods a bit! I love fall season🍁 But today the weather is so sunny and warm here, I got nostalgic for summer☉☉💙 This #labradorite has awesome flash! I fool for stripes, they are so pretty👌👌😍 I added a little freshwater pearl to the flower. This lovely piece is available, $ 33 shipped! Please comment or Dm to claim! Have a beautiful day loves! 🌴☉ #wirewraps #labradoritenecklace #crystals #gems #pendant #labradoritependant


Don't you think this Crazy lace agate is crazy beautiful?💛🌸 I can completely loss in these patterns, also I adore that translusent spot at the bottom! This rose gold tone wire was a good choice to point out the fine pastel colors of this exceptional stone. 💛 I love Agates! 💛 This piece is available, please comment or Dm with interest or check it on my etsy! 🌸 Shop link in bio! 🌸 #gems #pendant #crystal #crazylace #agate


Welcome to the #moonstoned10k giveaway! To celebrate the @moonstonedalchemist reaching 10,000 followers, myself and 15 other amazing creators have come together to offer you a stellar opportunity! We are gifting multiple prizes to multiple winners... with an epic GRAND PRIZE gifted to one lucky winner from the @moonstonedalchemist , herself. 💖💗💖WE LOVE OUR FOLLOWERS who avidly support us! Your love and support does not go unnoticed. ▪ 💚Entering is fun and easy, just follow these rules 👇🏼 ▪ 🌘Follow me: @lunadiajewels 🌘LIKE this post and TAG three friends who love mystical treasures! 🌘ANSWER MY QUESTION: What kind of jewelry would you like to see more on my feed: pendants, bracelets, rings or earrings? 🌿Tap the photo and click the tag to jump to the next shop in the loop. -repeat these steps until you find yourself back here! ▪ ▪ 💜Giveaway closes on September 22nd at 6pm cst, winners will be contacted within 48 hours. International winners are responsible for shipping (unless stated otherwise from shop owner, I charge $ 6 ), NO giveaway accounts. This giveaway is not endorsed by or affiliated with Instagram in any way. Have fun with your answers to stand out & good luck!!


Update : Sold ✨💕Let's give a name for her💕✨ Okay, I've found a little time to make the final touches on this piece. Isn't Mother Nature fantastic? I just look at this creature of her, full of colors, full of light. While I worked on it I felt like it was breathing and thinking. I feel absolutely honored that I got the chance to dress her up. This pendant is double sided, has two different designs on the two sides. 💕Swipe left for video! 🎥🎥 🌸Available🌸 Please DM with interest☉ This #labradorite is so exceptional that I think I should give a name for her! ✨What are your suggestions?❇


This exceptionally beautiful and unique #labradorite pendant with #garnet beads is listed in my shop! I hope it finds a loving home💙 This warm golden flash warms the heart and catching your eyes. And the sparkling faceted garnets😍❇✨ Labradorite is the stone of #transformation, #protect and #ground you while helps to find a creative solution for different situations. ☉Every jewelry orders comes with crystal gift☉ 🍁Shop link in bio! 🍁 #wirewraps #gemstone #crystal


I took a few more pictures of this beautiful #oceanjasper pendant! I think it looks gorgeous on this #apatite bed💙 The bright #sunstone beads really pop out😍 Did you know that Ocean Jasper is the stone of #happiness and helps you to enjoy life, the little things, to be present, and it is a great helper to release stress? #Orbicular Ocean Jasper is rare and highly collectible, found only along the Northwest coast of #Madagascar at the edge of the ocean. As the deposits are part of the shoreline they can only be seen and mined at low tide. This beautiful pendant is available only here on instagram today on a special price, and will be added to the shop tomorrow! 🍁Please Dm with interest!🍁 #crystal #wirewraps #wireweaving


Just thought I pin here a sweet and colorful reminder that these wonderful, amazing quality #crystals are available in my shop! Just swipe left to see higlights of my favourites of these selection. You can also find amazing #oceanjaspers too. This incredible stone comes from Madagascar, and it is mined out, so it will be harder to find in good quality in the near future, also its price get higher. I have the best bird's eye Ocean Jasper, it worth a check in my store! I still have a few self standing piece of Ocean jasper that were not listed on etsy, I will make them available for my instagram followers only, so don't forget to 👍turn on notifications👍to see my new posts! ☉Wish you a wonderful day lovelies! ☉ Just DM me with interest and questions! 💓 #hematoidquartz #labradorite #crystalheart #amazonite


Update: the jade/sunstone was sold, the paua/turquoise is available! Lately I was working on a new line of #lotus #earrings. I love to make these pieces because they are so feminin and cool! I've finished two new pairs on the weekend, and I have some more on my bench. These are about $21-$26 shipped, depends on the gemstone beads I use. Please DM to claim your pair, I have many beads option to choose from! #lotusearrings #floral #flower #wirewraps


Yaayy I am happy to dress up this incredible #labradorite drop with full rainbow flash! I am just sitting here, bending wires, and constantly say aaawwww😻😻 Will get back to you loves with the finished piece later! Wish you all a cool day 🌈🌈 #Rainbow #wip #workinprogress #jewelry #pendant #wirewrapping


I had so many plans for today. But my little son got sick, perhaps he got too exhausted of his first week in primary school, all the new things and excitement! 😊 I think secretly I don't mind a little break, because I was also excited to learn how to be a badass mom of a schoolboy😄 After about a gallon of herbal tea and #ginger he got better in the afternoon, and played, so I had some stolen time to finish this piece. Ocean #jaspers are so beautiful and magical! I am a real addict😻🙈😄But look at these amazing colors, patterns and also sparkles inside this cab, that you can check on a black&white video if you swipe left. The days are still warm and sunny, but I feel the cool touch of colorful fall season in the mornings. Autumn always amaze me, so I dedicate this piece to the good scented fall days🍁🍂🍇 I've finished this at sunset, so I added #sunstone beads to the pendant, to show you this beautiful mood. This unique piece is available, please Dm to adopt! 💛 #wirewraps #wireweaving #wirewrapped #crystal #jewelry


💙Flash sale💙 Look at this super flashy #labradorite #heart! As I slowly move it, the golden spots appear one after another, like shining #stars on the velvety blue summer night #sky✨✨ It is truly amazing! The other side has flawless bright #blue flash👌💙 This exceptional piece is 141 grams and 65*70 mm. Available for $39 shipped with tracking. Please DM to claim✨ #gemstoneheart #crystal #spectrolite


🌸🌸Check my stories🌸🌸 Just got fantastic quality, designer #oceanjasper pendants and they are available as necklaces with chain length of your choice👌Now on a ✨special price only here on instagram!✨$19 each shipped. As you may know, Ocean Jasper comes from Madagascar, and it is harder and harder to get in good quality because it was mined out. Take your chance and a claim a piece! It will never go out of fashion👍🍂 Just check my 🌸stories🌸, I post all of them sepatately there, through out the day with some other high quality #gem #necklaces and #labradorite hearts! Have a beautiful weekend!


SOLD💛 Only one pair left of these super pretty #lotus earrings! This is with #rosequartz. A few more pairs are in the works, please let me know 🌸 what kind of gemstone beads should I add to them? 🌸 I'll go rock shopping in a few days, so I'll can get the crystals of your desire👍 I love to create this design, these peaceful vibes always cheer me up🙏 This gorgeous pair is $20 shipped with tracking, only on IG! Please comment 'Sold' or DM to claim! Wish you a beautiful day/night! ✨ #lotusearrings #heartchakra #lotushoops #flowers #yoga #meditation


Who could resist a burgundy #labradorite? This piece turned out really pretty with this intricate #wirewoven frame. The mix of antique #copper and silver tone wires points out the special flash on the stone💜 This unique beauty is listed on #etsy , and comes gift wrapped with an extra #crystal 👌🌻 Please check my shop for details! 🌸Link in bio!🌸 #lunadiajewels #wirewrapped #wireweaving #wireart #customjewelry #jewelry #handmade #crystaljewelry #copper #silver #wirework #pendant #feldspar #necklace #crystals #crystalshop #hippy #goodvibes #smallshop #cabochon #purplelabradorite #purplespectrolite #spectrolite #pinklabradorite


I was happy to send out this custom #Rosequartz #pendant earlier this week. Lately I made many custom pieces with Rose Quartz, and these vibes of unconditional love was exactly what I needed. Universe is kind💖✨Always send you the right vibes to help you to find the path you should go on. When I was working on this pendant, I was in a very special, spiritual journey for a few days in the woods 🌳among the hills. That place was really touching and breathtakingly beautiful. I will post a few pics later for sure🖒 I know some of those wonderful vibes was channeled into this piece 🌸 and this way I can share it with my lovely customer! 💗Please SWIP LEFT to see my brand new Rose Quartz cabs that are available for customs!💗 I really need these lovings vibes for a few more days😉So please dm to claim yours! #wirewraps #jewelry #crystals


🌸Please share what is your most personal crystal from your collection!🌸 Here is mine!😍😍😍 Just cleaned my 💗Sweetheart💗, before charging her with #FullMoon tonight! It was love at first sight with this huge #crystal cluster. I remember it's soft pink color, and loving vibes made me sigh like aaawwww😍 I had to take her home, and since then it is the center piece of my #crystalcollection . Sometimes it feels like she guards and shelter a piece of my secret #heart. I wish you loves the most beautiful Full Moon! Enjoy it with crystal friends! 💎💎💎


Closed My winner is @ishtaraworks ! Congrats, and thank you for supporting me! please dm me! 🌸 I am collaborating with some talented souls for this Witchy Vibes Giveaway I will be giving away a gemstone drop pendant. ✨HERES HOW TO WIN: 1💀Follow me @lunadiajewels , tap photo to see where to go next or follow all pages tagged below, this is a must and we will check! Keep in mind that we are all amazing souls who host giveaways often, and if you follow just to unfollow you will be blocked . 2💀 To enter please answer this simple question : Whom are you going to have Halloween fun with this year? 3💀For extra entries tag 1or 2 friends! Ends at 29 August 8pm EST 🌓Each account will announce their individual winners within 24hrs. DISCLAIMER: This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or sponsored by Instagram.

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