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Lets ruin some Pokemon cards πŸ˜‰ Medium: Acrylics Sales/auctions: @lunumbrasales Requests can be made at: Prints available here: Similar users See full size profile picture

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Contest time! - Let's paint Charmander! . Hello all! Now that I've had time to get a tutorial posted, its time to announce a little fun contest @artofthecards and I wanted to host. We thought it would be really cool and fun to see multiple different artists all paint the same card, just to see how many different ways it could be done! . The winner will be getting a featured post on both of our pages showing off their card and other art! 5 runners up will be getting story shoutouts from us, as well. . To enter: -Paint the Dragons Majesty Charmander pictured in the post. -Tag @lunumbra , @artofthecards and #letspaintcharmander -Post your card to your public account by December 8th . Read the rules on the post, check out the tips, and if you need help getting started there is a painting tutorial on my page as well as videos on @artofthecards page. Have fun and lets see what you guys can come up with! πŸ˜†


Painting walkthrough - Ive been asked a bunch for a tutorial to show my process so hopefully this helps you guys! This is a cropped version of one of my process walkthroughs that I post to my Patreon page, so sorry if its not the prettiest to look at πŸ˜… If you use this tutorial, tag #lunumbrawalkthrough and Ill check out your finished card ☺ Good luck, have fun, and Ill try to answer any questions in the comments!


Rowlet alter - Sorry this post is later than usual but I was going through scans and realized I never posted this cutie πŸ˜‚ How amazing would it be to see him in the Detective Pikachu movie? 😍 -Time: About 2 hours -Materials: Acrylic paints and liner brushes -Not for sale, sorry! . #lunumbracards


Cyndaquil alter & Shiny Cyndaquil alter - I absolutely love the Cyndaquil card artworks printed in the recent Lost Thunder set. I got these cuties in right before the Cyndaquil community day in Pokemon Go and couldn't resist making one of them shiny 😁 Fun fact: Cyndaquil is my favorite Pokemon. -Time: About an hour each -Materials: Acrylic paints and liner brushes -Not for sale, sorry! . #lunumbracards


Chandelur alter - I honestly went all day thinking it was Thursday 😳 This month is flying by. Thanks for sticking with me through the spooky month of October! This will be the last purplish post for this year! Soon we will be doing winter themed cards πŸ˜‚ I should probably pick up more white paint. -Time: About an hour -Materials: Acrylics and liner brushes -Not for sale, sorry! . #lunumbracards


Lampent alter - Finally getting this posted 😁 Thanks for the patience. I tried matching this one to the Litwick card as they had the same original artist and shared the same scenery. I never get tired of working with those purples πŸ’œ -Time: About an hour and a half -Materials: Acrylics and liner brushes -Not for sale, sorry! . #lunumbracards


Bulbasaur alter - I got a pretty bad head cold yesterday and was out for the count 😰 I was planning on posting the Lampent and Chandelure cards I promised you guys but then I stayed in bed all day. I'll post them both tomorrow, this time for real! -Time: About an hour -Materials: Acrylics and liner brushes -Not for sale, sorry! . #lunumbracards


Dragonair Giveaway - *NOTE - NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW ENTRIES - Thanks!* β–ΆWinner was announced via Stories - Congrats @stitchingsabbatical !β—€ Its been a while since we've had a giveaway on here, so I figured it was about time to have another one! This time we have this Dragonair that I'm honestly a little sad to see go πŸ˜‚ Its fully hand painted with acrylics and has small bits of glitter in the paint to make it sparkle! . β–ΆStepsβ—€ -1. Be one of my followers -2. Comment below and tag 1 friend who would love this card -3. Check back on Nov. 6th! . β–ΆRulesβ—€ -Only 1 entry/comment per person. If you win and I search the comments and find more than 1, you will be disqualified. -You only need to tag 1 person. Multiple tags are welcomed, but it will not give you any advantages. . On November 6th I will announce the winner. Thanks as always for all the support and good luck to all who enter πŸ˜ƒ


Litwick alter - Whew Ive been busy. Ive been trying to get my head into gear but Ive really been all over the place. Must be that time of year! I believe I promised a few of you the Litwick family, so here's the first 😁 Lampent and Chandelure coming tomorrow. -Time: About an hour -Materials: Acrylic paints and liner brushes -Not for sale, sorry! . #lunumbracards


Gengar alter - Another day, another Gengar πŸ˜… Haven't gotten the chance to work with this card since last year. I believe I've improved a bit! I also got to practice galaxies again with that starry sky. You can't tell from the picture, but there is glitter speckled amongst the stars as well. -Time: About an hour and a half -Materials: Acrylics, liner brushes and glitter -Not for sale, prints coming soon . #lunumbracards


Sableye alter - Had a ton of requests for this creepy dude so Im happy to report I have painted a couple for you all πŸ˜„ Anyone ever use Sableye competitively? I rarely did cause it felt so... unfair. But boy did it feel good when I did use him. πŸ˜‚ -Time: About an hour -Materials: Acrylics and liner brushes -not for sale - was a Patreon reward . #lunumbracards


Espeon and Umbreon combo - Guess I couldn't post these two seperate without posting them together, right? That makes 3 or 4 times I've painted these eeveelutions combined like this (but the first for these cards in particular). They really are just a gorgeous pair ☺ -Time: About 2 hours -Materials: Acrylics and liner brushes -Were sold to @justinsk0388 on my @lunumbrasales page. . #lunumbracards

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