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This weekend’s highlight: Trying to run away from some old toyota econoboxes that I have about double the power on yet still running circles around me. Good times @cedooze, @ronsef, @feras1282, @yen_typhoon, @puddingpants, @superpilun, #chohdog at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway


S2000’s for everyone!!


2018 was pretty cool. College was fun, found myself in a bunch of clubs/ΔΣΠ (somehow student government too). Got me a cooo job a week after graduating. Lola is still broken. Learned some new tricks (still hurtin in others). Keepin the 80’s Toyota life alive with the not-so-new new truck and motors #7 & 8 for Lola. Best of all, enjoyed the ride with best folks anyone could ask for. No ragrats (except maybe some of the weight I’ve put on lol).


2018 family pic is fuego my dudes.


Accurate depiction of Lola’s alter ego (6 motors later). #ifmycarwasavillainchallenge #heyguysiswearimstillacarboy


Is it still #tbt? No? Oh well.




Had the privilege to watch the homie @ayl__ (@stomper_haus) and @jc.ro work some finishing touches on their piece last week. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 at Long Beach, California


Been a long time coming! A bbbiiiiigggggg thank you to my parents, @mariaverayee and @garrettyee66 for being so supportive of me through my academic career. There were many ups and downs and I'm glad to have stuck it out and you guys being there with me the whole way through. 。 I'm extremely grateful for all that CSUEB has had to offer, and for all of the friends I've made along the way. It has been a real blessing to have made so many great connections and to have shared so many great experiences with everyone. #csuebgrad #csueb #ptbad #ΔΣΠ 。 📸 best sister in the wolrd: @a.aiko at California State University, East Bay Continuing Education


Happy mothers's day!


It was my turn this year... lol 🎅 🎅


Happy holidays from me and my boo


Update: blew the motor ( #5) on an afternoon cruise in the peninsula back roads. New motor is still in the works(?). Goes to show how far negligence and bad luck continues to kick me in the ass (mostly negligence though). Apparently 4AGE's don't like redlining with only a quart of oil lol. #beentheredonethat #mikeyeeneverlearns #noimnotgoingSR20 #16v4lyfe at Skyline Blvd Lookout


All Corolla Matsuri ready! Heading to Grange tonight with @_prettybird_. Then 86fest saturday! Gonna be good times! 。 。 📸: @onelungderryl 's snappychat #86matsuri #ae86 #ledoverkill #toofasttoofurryious #86fest at Grange Racetrack


@lex_or_lov went a little too ham in his corolla. #doorbarssavelives

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