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Most girls chase boys.. I RACE them! 🏎💨💨💨 • Supercar Owner & Entrepreneur • >> #LiveLoveRACE << • Snapchat: m666ya

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~ ⛔️ Stop & Think ⛔️ ~ Don’t jump onto the sensationalism of my friend’s burning P1. Thankfully he was not injured. How would you feel to watch your car fuelling a £1.8 mil bonfire. Don’t revel in this awful mishap. 💔 Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace at Chexbres, Switzerland


~ 🍆 Swiss Cheese 🍆 ~ Who left the bag of idiots open today?! Someone get me a baseball bat! Here’s to a moron-free weekend to all... for anything else there’s MasterCard. Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace


~ 🌀Garage Goals🌀 ~ It only takes one slow moving car on the road to break the illusion that I’m a patient driver. This sexy beast I’d sit in traffic with though. Okay. Maybe not. But you get my drift.... Ooohh drifting! Let’s do some of that today. Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace at Geneva, Switzerland


~ 👽 Nice Volvo 👽 ~ #LiveUpload #McLaren720S #McLaren #720S #HappyFriday at McLaren Geneva


~ 🚘 Fifty Shades 🚘 ~ On average I must spend about £90 a year to watch bananas turn brown. But instead let’s spend £135,000 to treasure this PTS ‘Indisch Rot’. There’s a shade of red for every girl.. What’s your PTS poison⁉️ Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace at Saint-Prex, Switzerland


~ 🖤 Mischievous Affair 🖤 ~ Rebel.. Misfit.. Trouble Maker.. I truly love being me. It pisses all the right people off! Exist on your own damn terms. Don’t ever be controlled, never be influenced by the negativity of people jealous of your spirit. Be a go-getter, a go-doer and have a fvck-it kinda swagger. Play with that fire.. because THAT is how you forge your dreams. Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace


~ 🦈 Land Shark 🦈 ~ With the suspension setup for the Nürburgring, the M4 GTS nearly broke all my vertebrae, but oh-my-giddy-god does it stick to the tight mountain passes. Lucky, as I didn’t fancy taking flight down a 2600ft drop despite roll cage & race harness. Not a hyper/supercar, but my little crumpets, it’s ORGASMIC to drive insanely fast & that exhaust crackle under full throttle is simply the shizzle. A turbo charged, road legal, RWD track car constantly making your a$$ clench when pushing it hard.. wet dreams ahoy. Let the adventures continue. Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace at Route des Grandes Alpes


~ 💋 Kiss me Quick 💋 ~ I’ve got some cool friends. But then I’ve got some baller friends, who are walking embodiments of @ferrari and @nespresso just like @swizzcars So, to all you dreamers, achievers & hard workers... Have a “Happy-Baller-Shot-Caller-Friday” & pretty please steal me that F40. I’ll pay you with a Ferrari load of Happy Meals (I get to keep the toys though 😝). Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace at Neuchâtel, Switzerland


~ 🌵 Prick-Tease 🌵 ~ A cactus is just a really aggressive cucumber... This prickly cucumber with wings ‘n airbrake is my kind of green salad. Just add cheese. Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace at Royal Casino Cannes Mandelieu


~ 🐎 New Arrival 🐎 ~ As it’s Friday, I’m being super lazy today... It’s kinda like normal lazy, but I’m also wearing a cape.. then stumbled across this shiny new pony that’s just been delivered. A huge congrats, amigo!! No cape for you though. What’s your super power?!! Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace at Lausanne, Switzerland


~ 🦇 McBat 🦇 ~ Million dollar question. Can black be “too black”? The carbon performance pack seems to be completely lost including the gorgeous carbon roof, but black is so Batman. Comments by carrier pigeon or send a black unicorn, my little pickles. Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace at Geneva, Switzerland


~ 🔥 On Fire 🔥 ~ Luckily, not literally. But wow, Saros Grey is fire. Like damn right ridiculously sizzling hot. Like can’t-resist-to-touch-it outrageous. Anyway. I’m officially confused now. Would you spec Saros Grey or Metallic Black (because that looks stealthy as fvck)⁉️ Keep up, boys. #LiveLoveRace at McLaren Geneva

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