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Most girls chase boys.. I RACE them! 🏎💨💨💨 • Supercar Owner & Entrepreneur • >> #LiveLoveRACE << • Snapchat: m666ya

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~ 🍏 Track Attack 🍏 ~ When it comes to shizzle, this is the dizzle. Feisty, hardcore, wing-ing eco friendliness. Well... kinda. It’s green after all. Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace at Geneva International Motor Show


~ 🚙 Smurf-tador 🚙 ~ Is this Pappa Smurf?? Or should it have black wheels to be the Big Daddy Smurf? Keep up, (and get your smurf on) boys! #LiveLoveRace at Sloane Street


~ ☀️ Heat On ☀️ ~ The orange pin stripes stopped me dead in my tracks. I’m loving this black contrast number. How to spec a better track beast for daily antics? Roof scoops are a must!! Which colour schemes work best..?! Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace at Jumeirah Lake Towers


~ 🌹Black Beauty🌹 ~ And what a fabulous Valentine’s Day it is... 🏎🔥 Happy Singles Awareness Day to all the #LiveLoveRacers ! I’m going to spend it with my true love... Food! 🤣 Keep up (with the morbid lifestyle), boys! #LiveLoveRace at Geneva, Switzerland


~ 🌎 Natural Habitat 🌎 ~ For my McLarens... it’s definitely the workshop. 🤣 Keep up (with the repairs), boys! #LiveLoveRace


~ 🐞 Flight Monster 🐞 ~ Yarp, my kinda lady bird. Minus the black spots, but with extra horsepower. So, what is everyone up to this weekend?? Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace


~ 🦇 GeeTeeTwoRrrSss 🦇 ~ Raw Filthy Sex Appeal. Sprinkle that sh!t everywhere when speccing, and then you get this. A carbon snout that makes you drop to your knees. Over and over again. Keep up (with the sprinkling), boys! #LiveLoveRace . #OnceYouGoBlack #YouNeverGoBack #ToARubbishDetailer 💦 #YouAreAllGutterMinds


~ 🦇 Black is Back 🦇 ~ Here she is... Shizzle on fire! Full black with carbon bonnet & contrast red interior. Who said black ruins the GT2 RS sex appeal?!! Wait to see this Batmobil terrorising the streets.. and the Nürburgring! Keep up (with the spec game), boys! #LiveLoveRace . #DontNeedColouringCrayons at Geneva, Switzerland


~ 👃🏻 Look down your Nose 👃🏻 ~ If you’re a P1, this is what it looks like to poke a Spyder up the backside. Not that you’d wanna poke the Duracell Spyder booty, as it would just crawl all over you. Or into your nostrils. Just saying... Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace . #LetsPokeSomeHoles #OrJustGrabThatAss at London Hilton on Park Lane


~ 🐞McLadyBird🐞 ~ IG is full of self-portraying, pouting IG famous wannabes these days. Don’t be distracted by fake lives on social media. Keep it real - be a bad a$$ with a fine ass. Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace


~🏎💥💥💥 ~ Live. Love. RACE! Even better when it’s with manual transmission. I’m blessed to live life with octane in my blood & horsepower in my stable. Keep up, boys! #LiveLoveRace . #FoughtWithALion #NeedNewTrousers


~ 🍓 Forbidden Fruit 🍓 ~ As if! If you want it, GRAB IT. Disclaimer: If what you grab is attached to a hand which slaps you, it’s clearly forbidden but ya didn’t move fast enough, slow coach ... or it’s playing hard to get, so go in for seconds (and duck)! 🤣 Keep up (and don’t get slapped), boys! #LiveLoveRace . #ThoseSexyEyeSockets

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