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Chicago via Vancouver. Actor writer.

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Link in bio folks.


So I wrote this twisty-turny poetic murder mystery that in the past has been staged in the pitch black. For the foreseeable future, theatre artists need to go on ‘pause’ or find new and innovative ways to tell their stories live. We’ve spared no expense in making this audio experience pure and high-quality (I’ve upgraded to deluxe internet even!). You can plug in your speakers or headphones, turn off the lights or close your eyes, and join us in a live, communal experience, which is what theatre is to me. We run Thursday-Saturday this week and next week. It’s pay what you can, and I’d rather you see it for free than not see it at all. Help us in our exploration of discovering new forms for gathering in story. Also, it’s a different thing to do with your friends on the weekends stuck at home. (Link in bio).




#tbt to @itsazooproductions Debts and the time we put @katedionrichard’s head in a pot and made us a stew.


Social distancing.


How ‘bout some good news... #bernie2020


Love that @jonflahr has just been posting my career retrospective lately. Thanks for all the work (got anymore??).


The time @jonflahr and @thebnoth and I made a commercial with Dennis rodman. Last time I posted it was cropped weird. If it happens again I’m just gonna leave it. Sorry Jon!


Hi Super Tuesday. Please help me think of this as a lucky shirt. #bernie2020


Old friends, new towns, old tricks. #switchyface


I remember thinking, “I’m not sure what to do with my hands.” #eavparty2020 @loungeworks #loungeworks