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“God gave me a voice to sing with, and when you have that, what other gimmick is there?” -Whitney Houston 📷: @blakeephoto at Los Angeles, California


I live 1500 miles away from the most incredible man I have ever known. Dad... you are a walking example of a true man. You are humble, graceful, and love me unconditionally. I can’t believe I get to call you my dad. @lwat2717, thank you for setting the highest example for me and serving me daily. 😭😭😭 at Los Angeles, California


smiling through the pain of 267393 degree weather OKUURRR and it made me wear ORANGE EYE SHADOW today cuz why not


rollerblading is definitely my favorite hobby😊 at Venice Boardwalk, CA


✨FRIDAY MOOD✨ Haven’t listened to “Movin” yet? LINK IN BIO 🙌🏼 (send me your videos bustin a move) ————————————————— Makeup: @alexisoakley (she is not only my good friend but the most talented makeup artist in the industry ok thank you bye) at Los Angeles, California


I debated posting this for hours because I felt like I was “being dramatic” or “felt weird” doing this... but I realized if I could encourage one person it would be completely worth it. So many people have seen my “success” on my single or think I am “doing amazing” because my Instagram page looks that way. I just want to let you in on my life so you can see the depths of my heart and I can hopefully encourage someone. The past couple days have been some of the absolute worst days of my life. I almost lost my mom and grandma in a car accident, I was really hurt by one of my closest friends, and other things have happened in my life that have made me feel helpless. I looked on my page yesterday and was so discouraged at social media because not one person would ever know that about my life. People sometimes tell me they wish they had my life because it seems perfect.... I am talking to someone who is reading this and I want you to know that I probably feel how you feel, hurt how you hurt, or feel like I have absolutely no control in my life like you do. I want to tell you that you are valued, loved, and you have a helper that is waiting for you to lean into him. God has created you with a purpose and will not leave your side through anything you are going through. He thinks about you more than there are grains of sand on the earth. He knew whatever you are going through was going to happen and he will heal and restore your heart. A verse I am clinging to right now is Psalm 121:1 “I lift up my eyes to the hills. Where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. I am not writing this for sympathy or answers to fix this time in my life. I am writing to those of you who are scrolling through Instagram thinking you are the only one struggling. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are still breathing because you are so valued and loved. I adore you guys. Thank you for letting me be fully transparent in a time where we are all trying to look and seem at our best.


First time performing “Movin” and it was for 14,000 people😭 THANK YOU @walmart for making my dreams come true✨ #yeahwemovin #teamwalmart at Bud Walton Arena


APPRECIATION POST😭 All you guys see is the final product and I can not take credit for any of this without these amazing humans!! (beware of this long list.. but you will see how it takes a full team to make something come to life✨✨) ____________________________________ @courtneyelizabethmatthews : no words. Friend. Creative Director. Graphic Designer. Stylist. Everything.. I love you _____________________________________ @domliberati you produced a banger track... I mean who are you and why are you so talented _______________________________________ @avalonyoung , @res3an , @michaelmorganxx : you guys each had a piece of this and guided me to make this song so dope😭 _______________________________________ @walmart - Mark Henneberger and all the Walmart staff who helped, encourage, and worked hard on this music video _______________________________________ @pennyjaneee- @addison.craig @brooklyncoke @mia.lefevre @kayleigh.emma08 @parisdub @kath_litaker @melliott88 @isabelleroig @ally.setser @zoenicole___ @canaanblansit @dyllandollabill @ellie_sharpe @kimber.harlan @lil_lawsen___ : I mean what. Penny you created such fun choreography and absolutely picked the best dancers to join me in this music video. You are such a light and the most fun choreographer. DANCERS YALL ARE STUPID TALENTED AND IM BLESSED TO KNOW YOU 😭 _________________________________________ @mrsnikkigibson - MY HAIR. What. You have loved and believed in me since day one. I adore you. Thanks for taming the fro _________________________________________ Extras: ARKANSAS ROCKS! Thank you guys for being a part of this video 😭 I had a blast dancing with you! @kakes104 killed the behind the scenes footage. @flaurap for doing everything under the sun ☀️ ________________________________________ @red_barn_studio KILLED PRODUCTION THANK YOU!! ________________________________________ @gogosqueez your products were sooo tasty Spatti we loved your makeup product💞 IN CONCLUSION I AM SO HUMBLED BY PEOPLE WHO LOVE ME AND HAVE SERVED ME. I can’t wait to continue to make music for you guys 😭✨🙌🏼


ITS HERE: MOVIN MUSIC VIDEO link in bio✨ (so grateful to everyone who was apart of this fun video!!!) Thank you @walmart for letting us "flash mob" in the store 🙌🏼




MOVIN’ out everywhere: Spotify, Apple Music, YOU NAME IT, ITS THERE FAM!! LINK IN BIO


ITS OUT😭😭😭 LINK IN BIO #yeahwemovin

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