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Digital Content Creator - film/photo🎞📸 Based in Europe - Budapest📍 Contact✉️ [email protected] DREAM. CREATE. INSPIRE. Similar users See full size profile picture

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I thought the snow wasn’t so deep here🤣❄️Love this place🇫🇮 at Lapland (Finland)


First day of Lapland, Finland🇫🇮 Riding on a sled with huskies was such an incredible & unique experience which I’ve never done before. At this point -15 celsius felt like -30 because of the driving wind❄️🤣🤙🏾 TBH I’m also fell in love with these cuties🐶 More posts coming from this trip. at Lapland (Finland)


Everyone says that you cannot know what the future will bring. This is true, but you know what direction you wanna to move in the future or what to do. Many don't dare to take the first steps. They are afraid of failure or that they won't be able to perform as expected of themselves. This is normal because we make mistakes. That's what we are human and we can build from these. Don’t deal with this. Go where you see the light and never be afraid to start. Have you already taken the first step towards your dreams?🌠 at Budapest, Hungary


💥Goodbye 2018.💥 It was a very meaningful year for me. Went to lots of places, made a ton videos but most importantly, I’ve enriched with many experiences and learned from my mistakes. I'm so excited for what will 2019 bring for me. Thanks for this fantastic year🙏 KEEP PUSHIN’ ON🔥🔥🔥 at Budapest, Hungary


December. The last month of the year when everyone tries to catch up. Finish things that they all were lazy about in the whole year. Sometimes I just sit down and see how crazy people are. Everybody rushes just to pick up a gift for everyone for Christmas. It's not about that. I'm trying to do my things the same way as before, not forcing anything because it will never be perfect. Leave yourself time and do everything when the perfect time comes.✨ P.S. If you haven’t known it I am big coffee lover☕️ at Europe/Budapest


With the coming of winter time, sunsets are shorter than normally, they only last 15 minutes. 🌅 It's therefore more difficult to take pictures or shoot videos because there is only a very little time to find the right angle or mood.🌞 So I recommend that take advantage of every single minute of your day, because you never know when you missing an important moment.🎒📸 New video on the way, wearing quality fitness clothing by @attilapparel ✌️👖 @attila 📸 at Europe/Budapest


Full day trip around a natural area with my good friend @imprezza95 . Visited beautiful places, captured epic moments & have some fun.😎🎥 📝side note: As you see, I do not post very often. The reason for that I'm never satisfied well enough with my work.😅 Thats why I spend many days to edit the perfect photo or video. I want to change this in the future to create more content more frequently.🙌 Whats your favorite hiking spot?⛰🌋 at Lillafüred, Miskolc, Hungary


Lake Balaton - Summer 2018🌊 A short edit of my biggest summer project in 2018. 5 days of shooting & endless hours putting it together.🎞 As a filmmaker I can say that this project has given me a lot of experience.💫 First, it is much more different if you plan something ahead. On location you will only have a short amount of time to waste for unnecessary things. Secondly: if you truly believe in your purpose, just fight for it even it takes a million attempts. Believe me, it will be worth it.🔥 Last one: In the creative industry, you have to push yourself to face new challenges every single day. This is the only thing that makes you stand out & that leads you to becoming an iconic person. Many thanks to everyone who helped me making this happen & for following my work. It is just the beginning. More content on the way🙌📸 @simonmarcsi @takacsgabr @nuheadz_management at Balaton, Heves, Hungary


As a kid , I didn’t have the oppurtunity to travel places I wanted to visit. For this reason, I learned how to work with what you have and make the most out of your adventures. You don’t have to go thousands of kilometers away to get a perfect hike & explore: Pick up your boots, find a place not too far from your hometown & just go with the flow. Nature has surprises you never tought about before. ⛰🌊 Of course I have my own dreams as well as everyone else. Travelling to the USA is one of my biggest wishes.🇺🇸 Hoping that I don’t have to wait a long time for this. But never forget: The longer you wait, the more you appreciate it.🙏 at Europe/Budapest


“Storms draw something out of us that calm seas don't.”🌪 at Europe/Budapest


Since I had the first skydiving of my life, I’m not afraid of heights as much as before. I’m trying to climb higher and higher places to get another adrenaline impulse with every occasion. I think you have to push your boundaries in life to find out what you capable of and what the maximum is that you can get out of yourself. 📸 @adddam4 #mvmt #jointhemvmt #landscape #photography #travel #travelphotography #filmmaking #view #heights #rocks #mvmtwatches #visual #myvisuals #creative #europe #place at Europe


I've been planning a big project for a long time to create an unusual visual. In the near future I will need a lot of help & have to put all my knowledge to it which I collected in the past years. But I think it will worth it.🔥🎞📹 Wanna share with you in the end of this year or at the beginning of 2019. But for now, let's take a look at one of my favorite pov photos, which I shot in a horrific place. Anyone waiting for halloween?🕷🎃🦇 Whats your creepiest story?😈 #mvmt #jointhemvmt #europe #photography #travel #travelphotography #night #street #light #filmmaking #visual #myvisuals #creative #creepy #place #view #pov at Europe


Winning in all aspects of life is not easy. Make 100 percent of each activity you do sometimes more than impossible. But you have to fight them, because it will make you unique and unforgettable in real life. Getting up, start doing your work and say at the end of the day that I did my mission again: perhaps this is one of the best things in the world. This is my passion❤️ #filmmaking #jointhemvmt #mvmt #mvmtwatches #beautifuldestinations #travel #travelphotography #photography #mik #video #europe #creativity at Europe


Hiking outdoors. This is one of the activities where I really feel that there are still some really valuable moments in our world.⛰ The purity of the forest, along with the birds' chirping, guides me to an epic atmosphere. I rarely have the opportunity for this because of the everyday rush. New video is live, that I've worked on over the past two months. Link in bio!😎👊 📸 @adddam4 #jointhemvmt #travelphotography #filmmaking #hiking #forest #photography #mvmt #mvmtwatches #woods #travel #beautifuldestinations at Europe/Budapest


It's been a while... On the 6th of June, @mvmt announced a unique watch collection with my greatest idol in the film industry, @sam_kolder . I've missed the first release, but fortunately they restocked it for a short amount of time. Finally I got my Voyager edition and made a short vid about this amazing product. This watch is not just a simple object, but it carries a message. Thank you Sam, for making this happen! Hope that we will be a part of your journey for a long time.🙏 "Live everday like it's your last" (All footages shot on the 1DX mark II) 📸 @barbara.gll #samkolder #jointhemvmt #mvmt #mvmtwatches #filmmaking #photography #travel #travelphotography #street #video at Europe


Back in August we spent a couple days in a croatian town, Zadar. Had a beautiful poolside at our hotel, delicious foods and lot of memorable moments. Cannot wait for the next spot.🌊 #jointhemvmt #beautifuldestinations #filmmaking #poolside #travelphotography #pool #croatia #zadar #hotel #view #photography #summer at Zadar


A recap of my first ever skydiving. A couple weeks ago I have the oppurtunity to face one of my biggest fears.💀 We went up to 4000 meters, opened the plane door and jumped off to experience the coolest thing in life. Never felt such a freedom like this, cannot describe the power that surrounds you up there.🔥🔥🔥 Now I can say that I'm not afraid of heights as much as before. Maybe I will get a skydiving license?! Who knows?🤔 Many thanks to my bae @barbara.gll for contributing to this amazing feeling, it will be an eternal memory.😍 More videos coming‼️ #mvmt #jointhemvmt #mvmtwatches #skydiving #skyjump #plane #filmmaking #gopro #travelphotography #video #sky #instagood #instaphoto #capturemoments at Europe


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