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Which year do you prefer?😦 - Did you guys ever like victor krum and hermione together? I didn’t - Comment HERMIONE letter by letter for a follow back! ❤️ or start a conversation below about this question!! What ship did you hate the most and did you ever think harry and cho Chang were good together ? - Comment thoughts!💚🔥


Which do you prefer? - If you guys happen to have the original photo of my pfp please let me know! And dm it to me thanks!! - Qotd: what’s your hogwarts house? Aotd: slytherin 💚 🐍


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cute! - That’s cool he got to keep it right? Memories are good especially since it made him famous ! - Your recent emoji is what Daniels face looks like if you meet him ! Mine:😍 - Double tap loves❤️


this is so sweet 😢 - I love Harry Potter ! It’s the best series out there! How many times have you guys read the series? I have 5 times lol😂😂 - Double tap for good luck😂


I love Emma so much she’s amazing! - Tag your favourite actor below!! Comment and like for a follow back 😀🔥🔥 - Double tap ❤️🥂


WOWZA DOUBLE TAP! - That would be nice to make that much money wow!! 😍😍 tgat a few friends you would want this much money :) - Qotd:would u wanna be a actor? Aotd:yesss - Double tap and follow me for a chance to win millions 😂


tag your best friend! - These guys are so cute I love it!! Like this for a chance of a shout out xx❤️❤️❤️ - Qotd: who’s your bff? Aotd: dont got any rip - Tag a few friends below 🌙


THIS IS HILARIOUS I CANT EVEN - So guys I’m gonna start doing my own edits! I’m going to do those inside the phone things I hope you’ll enjoy 🤗 - Qotd: who’s your hp crush? Aotd: harry for sure x - tag a few friends below that would laugh ;)🎊


wowow I’m speechless - This is absolutely amazing that she did this for her fans even though she isn’t the most famous actor it’s so good to have good people out in this world it’s amazing and I know how hard cancer can be many of my my family has sadly passed away from it 😞 we love you Maggie!❣️ - Qotd: fav professor? Aotd: lupine I think haha 🌙 - tag a few friends below and speed MAGGIE letter by letter below for a followback don’t get interrupted!!🤩


this is so cute I absolutely love Emma Watson🤩 - If you guys ever need to talk I’m here for you just dm and I’m sure to get back to you guys!! Thanks even though we are loosing followers thanks for staying with me if anyone would also like to do shout out for shout out dm me or comment below! - Qotd: Emma Or hermione (personality wise) Aotd:Hermione 💛 - tag a few friends and comment EMMA letter by letter below for a followback ⬇️


😻😻😻 which year?? - I may be hosting a huge giveaway any big Harry Potter accounts can join! Comment below “I’m in!” Or dm me! - Comment your three recent emojis 😂❤️😻


Daniel or Tom?😻 - Sorry about not posting this account is so deadddd😭😫😩 - Tag a few friends below!🔥


Comment what you prefer!🔥🔥🔥😆😆 tag a few friends below!❣️❣️


Which do you prefer?? I like the good old oldies ! Comment below what you like most 😆‼️ - Tag a friend!😀




HOLY GLOWUP SHE IS A QUEEEENNNNN😍😍😍😍 - Tag a few friends your recent emoji is your reaction to Emma saying I love you!❣️



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