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| ✨18 | 📍 Sydney Australia | 🙏🏽 Beyond Blessed | ♡ Sani

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iphone Editor🤞🏽⚡️
Tiana Waru ️



My baby brother gives me life😭🤣❤️ #WhenLifeGivesYouLemons #YouMakeOrangeJuice at Good morning




My Right Hand Hype Man💍 Swipe That Way➡️ @douglasmasani12 at Surfers Paradise, Queensland


I tired🤣 📷 cred: @tanaya.pritchard at Wet'n'Wild Sydney


SHWIPE🔛 at La Perouse Beach Sydney


It was honestly so hard to accept myself without makeup, it made me feel insecure about my skin and tbh my colour as stupid as it sounds like I couldn’t even go out in public without my face baked or glasses and a hat. Makeup was my way to feel more beautiful and feel to be liked by others. I compare myself to others when I know I shouldn’t but it’s hard when you want things that other girls have and you don’t. For instance... NATURAL BEAUTY that’s stunningly perfect, perfect eyebrows, perfect skin and just a perfect everything. But after awhile of spending so much on makeup products and time it took for me to do it (Don’t get me wrong I have a passion for makeup)... but it could of went to better things like getting what my baby brothers/parents need as well as getting what I needed. After the breakouts and 48,293 tissues with makeup stains it was time to rest it abit. Meeting my partner @douglasmasani12 was all about trying to be perfect. Being that girlfriend that had to look good 24/7. He made me realise that I was beautiful without makeup and reminded me everyday from the first day I met him. For that I am thankful because of him... I wouldn’t have the confidence to even take this photo and post it. He LIKED me with makeup but LOVED me without it. So clear skin... here I come hehe, but makeup... I’ll be back to use you now and then. Off to wash my face with 1,937 face products hehe But in other words you don’t need people to tell you “you look better without makeup” it’s all up too you sis, you do as you please just as long as you remember that REAL BEAUTY IS WHATS WITHIN, NOT ON THE OUTSIDE. So to all you girls that wear or don’t wear makeup, YOUSE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL... no matter what colour, skin type, nationality or religion you are because God created you to be the best you only you can be and that’s the greatest part of beauty there is. Keep slaying and stay smiling❤️ Here’s to the people asking what I look like without it and I can honestly say I’m loving it.. with or without your approval 😊 #MyLifeStory #DoubleTapAndGo #LoveYall #HappilyTaken #ByDouggie #SelfLove




Better half🤞🏽 at Yarra Bay Bicentennial Park


My strength ❤️ at Pancakes on the Rocks




Thank youse for today, love youse loads family ❤️ @katrinaaperea @markyy_boyy1 @roseteiotu at Gunnamatta Park


I say I’m ok but I guess I’m a liar😝


Happy Halloween peeps🎃


5 more hours till Melbourne✈️ @douglasmasani12




The bro be at it again😩🔥 Anyways goodnight☝🏽


@seenaylors track be on repeat😩❤️

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