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My lastest story about Mawlynnong, a village in northeastern India, attracts throngs of visitors eager for a slice of village life, lush gardens and a tradition of cleanliness. Hidden in the lush greenery of the East Khasi hills of Meghalaya State along the Indian border with Bangladesh lies the pristine village of Mawlynnong. The rolling green hills and topaz watering holes serve as a backdrop for 500 residents, a number that swells during high season with a couple of hundred tourists daily. At a time when major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are facing a growing waste crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned the spotlight on this pristine village as a source of inspiration, highlighting Mawlynnong as a model for the rest of the country in a monthly radio address in 2015. Most of those who live in Mawlynnong are Khasi people, part of one of the oldest matrilineal tribes in the world. That means that children take their mother's last name, and traditionally mothers hand down their property to the youngest daughters. Special thanks to @ravimishraindia for working with me on this! Please find link in bio! at Mawlynnong


A few lifetimes ago on Rockaway beach. Back when digital photography wasn’t a thing and all I wanted to shoot with was a Holga.


Yoga 🧘‍♀️ time 🌸


This might be the best baby cradle I have ever seen. Backstage with the Sai Yong Hong Chinese Opera troupe in Bangkok. at วัดไผ่เงินโชตนาราม


This place ☝🏾❤️


My midsummer makeshift studio 🌸📷 by @asmeretasmeret


Battery Park City’s annual celebration in New York City is the largest Midsummer Festival in the world outside of Sweden. The Swedish holiday welcomes summer and the season of fertility. Traditionally people make flower wreaths to greet the incoming season, in the belief that they garner nature’s supernatural power. I went to Battery Park City to ask attendees about what is special about Midsummer to them. You can get to our tap story on the @nytimes site in bio. Special thanks to @joannanikasnyc @blumysden for bringing this together!


Picture by @mishkusk aka my magic pixie 🧚‍♀️


Backstage with the Sai Yong Hong Chinese Opera troupe in Thailand 🇹🇭 Bangkok. #chineseopera #thailand


I Gusti Mangku calling his family to prayer for Pagerwesi, a holiday celebrated every six months in Bali. at Bali, Indonesia


Portrait of I Gusti Mangku Sasak, a 76-year-old Balinese healer. He considers part of his practice healing mostly local patients, who donate what they can afford in exchange for treatment. “People that come and see me are sick and are already having problems, and if you force them to pay, you make their situation worse,” he said. “And that’s not healing.” Find link in bio for the full story! #bali #usada #healing


I Gusti Mangku Sasak, in front of an image of his deceased father, I Gusti Ngurah Sasak. I had the great privilege in March to spend time with I Gusti Mangku Sasak, a 76-year-old Balinese healer, and Usada Bali practitioner. I Gusti Mangku is one of about 8,000 healers, or “Bailians,” versed in Usada Bali, the ancient practice of using medicinal plants, oils, herbs and spices, as well as hands-on holistic therapies and ancient teachings, to treat physical and mental pains. He and his family graciously opened their home to me and you can now find the full story online @nytimes (link in bio). #bali #indonesia #usada #healing at Bali, Indonesia

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