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I’ll be right here until summer


Merry Christmas to my fellow Ethiopians and Eritreans! Yeshareg, (10) and her sister Sisay, (11) holding a candle before sunrise on Christmas morning. They walked together with their father for 6 hours from their village to attend the celebrations in Lalibela. #gena #christmas #ethiopia #lalibela at Lalibela, Ethiopia


🚂 at Fort railway station


Bali beach days ❤️ at Bali, Indonesia


35 🎂 I made it! at Bali, Indonesia


Children celebrating on the eve of Geez New Year in Eritrea back in September. Swipe right to hear audio. at Eritrea


My grandmother used to sell fruits on the streets of Asmara, Eritrea and now several decades later, me, her grand daughter returns to her home country as a reporter for the New York Times, after the border historically re-opened with Ethiopia. This story was so surreal for me in so many ways. I want to thank Gregory Winter for making this trip possible, Josh Keller for his patience and guidance, and Jonathan Huang and Meg Felling for all their efforts putting this together. I feel lucky to be part of an organization that is pushing the boundaries of visual journalism! Please watch our interactive on the @nytimes Homepage. You can find link in bio! at Eritrea


My latest story is now online on how during the last few decades henna ceremonies have regained popularity in Israel’s Yemenite Jewish community, as an expression of pride in their heritage and traditions from Yemen. “I am Yemenite on both sides, and it’s a celebration of my wedding,” the bride, Meyrav Yehud, 24, said. “These are my roots.” Special thanks to my editor @joannanikasnyc for your support and to @noavi for working tirelessly with me on this! Find link in bio!


❤️🇹🇷 at Istanbul, Turkey


I sat next to Halil on a flight back to Istanbul. He was returning from Giresun, Turkey after burying his wife of 59 years and securing a plot for himself next to hers. They met as teenagers in a remote village in the mountains. Halil is an orphan, so her family objected to their relationship, and they had to run away to be together. For ten years his wife struggled with cancer and Halil was her caregiver. He said that caring for her was nothing in comparison to the love she gave to him during their marriage. She had to be hospitalized for the last three months of her life, and Halil refused to leave her side and made the hospital set a bed for him next to hers. ”I loved her just as much as the first time I saw her until her last breath.” May we all be so lucky ❤️ at Giresun


I think I’ll just stay here for a bit! #turkey #foundmyspot at Karabörk, Çanakçı-Görele

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