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😎Gladiatorliftwear athlete 💎WBFF competitor 🇦🇺Brissi 💍 Engaged B.D 💊 Sarm_lab athlete (code Marcus1) 💪 Anytime sponsored athlete 🍻 21 years old

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Really struggling today.... i haven't felt this fucked in a long time... but here's a photo I took yesterday.


Mind on the goal! And only the goal!! Bought my first house with @_belladavis and moving in soon! Next step is buying the gym and getting my pro card. NEVER have I ever taken my eyes off my and @_belladavis ' goals. It's only the start but we will create our own empire!


107 kilos! Still on the bulk for the @wbff_aust show in May next year!


All finished!! Thanks @hsv.miguel.r8 you sick cunt for doing it all! The angel represents, the angel of my life @_belladavis. I love this piece not only does it have meaning but looks mint 👌 ( mind the stomach 😂😂 its swollen out when the photo was taken)


Here's a photo that shows injury doesn't matter. No reason to be a lazy ass! I have 3 slipped discs and 2 bulged and have arthritis in my pelvis. In pain everyday and lacked legs ALOT but Iv finally trained them with no squatting or deadlifting (because I physically can't) and I'm I'm 106 kilos of lean mass baby. Thankyou to @_belladavis for helping me through the journey and continue to help when I jump back on the @wbff_aust stage and thankyou to my sponsors @anytimefitnessgriffin and @anytimefitnesskallangur for letting us smash our sessions out at your gyms and helping me also. And one last thanks to @birchallkeith and @kennetwaalefitness both my coaches giving me guidance.


Mind the quality was taken in a club ahaha. But you are my other half my darling! You are not only my fiancé but you are my best friend. We have changed as people together and yes... we have had some VERY rough periods, most couples would never even imagine but we went through it and came out on top! I love this photo because it shows our true colours... how happy we are ... how much we love each other. Had such a great night with you my darling! Except when every second chick we walked past tried to grab me and you attacked them 😂😂😂😂! Also we aren't just in it for the fun stuff you are there when I'm injuries from the army play up, and I'm there when you are struggling and worked ridiculous hours so you could study, you are always there to help me train and comp prep and you will be the first I thank when I get on the @wbff_aust stage next may and hopefully get my pro card! And I am always walking. Ad food out of your hands so you can get up there when your ready my darling! I love you to the other side of the earth and back! P.S sorry that my arm is the size of your upper body haha (not really sorry, I know you love it 😘) @_belladavis


I will be jumping on that stage in MAY next year, currently 105 kilos LEAN at the age of 21, when comes down to it, No one gives a shit about all my injuries Iv had to battle through everyday to get to where I am (3 slipped discs and arthritis in the right side of my pelvis), they only give a shit on how you look on that stage... I'm here to prove that carrying all the extra baggage, I will still come out on top and will be aiming for first place!! Thanks to my sponsor @anytimefitnessgriffin and @anytimefitnesskallangur for helping me out so far!! And my other sponsors @supp_labs and @supplementcityaus Aiming for that top placing, driving all my hard work and dedication into making a physique that I’m proud of and and as close to perfection I can make it by May next year! and non the less will keep grinding it out until I become a @wbff_aust pro. My beautiful Fiancé and other half @belladavis supporting me and keeping me in check with nutrition and making sure I don't wind up in jail 😂 or do anything stupid and my brother from another mother @alekay_bbb helping me out while training and managing my injuries as I guide him in his goals!! What we love to say!! 'ain't nothin but a peanut!!! And one more thanks is to my coach who's fucking outstanding @kennetwaalefitness


I have been through thick and thin with this girl. Proud to call you my fiance! Been through ALOT of things a normal couple would never go through and yet still come out on top. Not only are we soul mates but also swol mates ❤️❤️❤️❤️ the queen of my kingdom! 👸 @_belladavis


Legs gains on point! Fighting for that first place and pro card, 104kg (WHILE STILL LEAN) and wanting to reach 110 before I shred for the MAY comp!!!


Working hard to maintain the leaness while stacking on extreme mass with the help of my sponsor @anytimefitnesskallangur and @anytimefitnessgriffin letting me train at there gym 24 hours a day! I love the family and bodybuilding environment


16-21 all that needs to be said!


After all the injuries I have stayed committed to achieve the perfect body! I have smashed this lean bulk as of far and going to continue it!! (Mind my rude head😂😂)


Keep your chin up brother. Your family! We are brothers, not by blood, but by mateship and loyalty! Love ya brother!!


Work hard, gym hard, sleep hard. Good sessions with @alekay_bbb , I'm helping this sick cunt with his transformation! @_alekay__


This gorgeous girl has been through thick and thin with me! @_belladavis


Killing the training! The lads at @supplementcityaus fuelling my workouts!


The other day! Killing the training 😎gotta love training at @anytimefitnesskallangur


Date night with @_belladavis

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