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Onyi Ebelechukwu Stellamaris

Looking for braided wigs ?we deliver worldwide 🌎 Business page β€’||β€’Trendy custom made braided wigs πŸ’¦. πŸ“©βœ‰οΈπŸ“¬πŸ“ž08173091475 Similar users

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Revamped or nah ? I’m having fun revamping wigs for sure 😩😍 I had to take out the spilt ends and save the rest of the hair #revivial #wig #treatment #styling #flossing #trending #mariscabello #mariscabellobraidwigs #nunu


We all get to vote at least 10 times following the link on my bio so please let’s do this for our own 😘


Hello guys it’s time to help our own win the crown . Please keep retweeting on Twitter @missuniverse until you can’t anymore 😘😘 or kindly click the link on my bio 😍😘


Okay my favorite owambe designer is doing a giveaway which means I can now get a dresss for free only if you people like this picture 😩 please mbok I’m sorry if I have offended you guys but please just like it so I don’t have to buy the berry frill dresss 😩😭 God bless you guys 😘❀️ @houseofsolange @zee.opara @lyndzynora @deedeeo_ @daizysuzzy @mahris_ @lilianne95_ @lilswankyjnr #baad2017


Braids haven 😍 #braids #braidstyles #BAAD2017 #neat #styleblog #stylish #protective Hair style


Sometimes you have to weigh your options and take out the shaft so you don’t settle for less .full outfit from @liciousintimates


Savage response πŸ˜‚ she was supposed to be sending me so weaves to wig for her and she also sent an old wig for me to treat and in her words β€œyou can throw it away if it can’t be saved” I swear this particular customer does the most πŸ˜‚ I love her too much . She called me immediately I sent the wig and said β€œbia Stella whose Hair is this” πŸ˜‚ I just love her but please still send the Chocolate you promised me πŸ€ͺ😩 #trending #savage #wigmakerinlagos #wigmaking #wigmaking #slayallday


She sent her wig and had it re wigged, customized and colored πŸ’ yes we make wigs ! Only I never post them because I don't know how to take pictures for the gram ! And I always have to deliver almost immediately so there no time to take pictures 😘 #wig #wigged #wigs #protectivehairstyle


Ugbegbe new age 😍


Hair goals 😍 I just had to take pictures before sending them off to the owner😩😍 #braids #trend #braidedwigs #braidideas #braidstyles #braidsatlanta #london #uk #america #dubai #hair #wig #stylish #slay #queen


My beautiful and smart cousin @serbia_w did justice to the wig as per usual 😍

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